Foreign Flowers An African Journey

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Symbolic of wealth, prosperity and fortune, the flower of friendship. Alstroemeria stems grow from rhizomes underground stems that are. Aster - The official flower for the month of September. Despite the common name, this plant from the mint family Lamiaceae is not from Ireland,. This exotic, tropical flower is well known for its characteristic bird-like appearance. The Bloomie flowers are generally a little larger, while most Santinis have an anemone shape.

Button Pompon Holland Dutch type novelty pompon is composed of only disk petals and is also called Dots The size of the flower head is about half of the size of a Cushion about 2 5 cm in diameter. The stems are smooth and leafless. There is hardly a group of flowers which possess such rare beauty as does the large genus of Campanulas The genus includes nearly species from dainty miniatures to stalwart uprights Campanula is a Latin word that means Little Bell derived from t. January's Flower Symbolizes pride and beauty. The earliest Carnations bore flesh-coloured flowers which gave rise to the name.

Carnations are flowers appreciated for their ruffled appearance and clove-like scent. Learn about the different varieties. POMPONS - Chrysanthemums - Many different flower forms and colors are available, and breeders are continuously offering new varieties, including novelties. Pompons are spray chrysanthemums that have been made by pinching the center bud of the Chrysanthem. They come in shades of white, yellow, and lavender, and disks are usually yellow sometimes greenish in color.

Marches Flower: The Daffodil. Symbolizes regard and chivalry and is indicative of rebirth, new beginnings and eternal life. Delphinium flowers are 2. There are also branching types with several flower spikes on one plant. Stems could be as long as cm. Flowers are available in a variety of different colors.

Disbud one single large flower per stem produced by removing all side buds when plant was young There are two types of Disbuds Spiders and Cremons A Spider is distinguished by its tubular petals Any disbud without this characteristic is a Cremon. Unlike most other flo. Fuji A variety of the spider mum except that it s not a spray flower Chrysanthemum sp is the genus scientific name of all pompons mums and disbuds. Gladiolus - The Official Flower of August is a genus of flowering plants in the iris family Iridaceae. Common names include "glads" and "sword lilies", which refers to its leaves which are long, thin and pointed.

Godetia, also known as Satin Flower or Silk Flower, is a funnel or trumpet shaped flower consisting of four petals that are arranged on the terminal spike. The Gerbera daisy Legend says that the daisy originated from a nymph who transformed herself into a charming but unassuming wildflower to escape unwanted attention.

Since then, this April birth flower has had the flower meaning of implicitly and modesty. Greens - used to enhance floral bouquets and arrangements. Popular choices are Leatherleaf, Tree Fern and Boxwood. Remarkably, the Hydrangea can change its color on its own from blue to pink and pink to blue naturally induced by the environment or by the grower. The colour can be altered based upon the Ph level of the soil. Originally found in Western Asia the popularity of Hypericum has increased dramatically over the past five years and is now grown in many locations across the globe Hypericum has also become better known for its medicinal properties it is harvested an.

Many tiny flowers are produced on branched stems giving a lacy, snowflake appearance. Baby's Breath comes in pink and white. From ancient times the stately Iris stood as a symbol of power and majesty This flower was dedicated to Juno Interestingly it is thought that it was the origin of the scepter The Egyptians placed it on the brow of the Sphinx and on the scepter of. Larkspur is the official flower of July and is a poisonous hardy annual Delphinium Hybrid. Flowers are 1" across, on a long spike measuring 8 - 24" in length. Liatris is noted for attracting wildlife; Butterflies are particularly attracted to the nectar-rick blossoms and birds will also visit as they enjoy the fall-ripening seeds.

Delta Sigma Theta realized the need for advocacy in the United States, and throughout the world. There are currently more than 1, chapters and , members. Jabberwock, an annual variety show consisting of cultural expression and talent — such as music, skits, and dance — was initiated by Marion Conover-Hope in in Boston, Massachusetts. Locally produced Jabberwock shows served as fundraisers for many chapters of the sorority. May Week was created at the second national convention in at Wilberforce University. Local chapters began to observe it beginning in A week in May is set aside for programs highlighting academic and professional achievement.

The sorority's first nationwide effort to provide library services in the rural South was the National Library Project, which it authorized in The Job Analysis and Opportunity Project began in Some of the project's goals were to improve working conditions and to improve black women's opportunities to acquire a job. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. During the membership intake period initiates are members of the Pyramid Club.

The term soror , which is Latin for " sister ", [33] is used among members of the sorority when referring to and addressing each other. Many Delta women have been recognized as leaders in community activism, athletics, business, education and scholarship, entertainment, media and literature, as well as in government. Educators, politicians, lawyers, and professionals in medicine, media, and business count among its members. They excel in these roles at the local, national and international levels.

NW in Washington, D. NW in Dupont Circle. The sorority headquarters is currently located at property located at , , , , and New Hampshire Avenue , N. In , the sorority began to organize its chapters into geographical regions. Each of the seven regions is led by a regional director and a collegiate regional representative, who provides a voice for the sorority's college-based members.

Delta Sigma Theta has provided assistance to address the challenges faced by people in the United States and internationally as well. Over the years, the sorority has established programs to provide and improve education, health care, and international development, and strengthen the African-American family. Delta Sigma Theta uses the Five-Point Thrust as an organizing structure as it creates programs to benefit the African-American community.

Each program's development and implementation operates cooperatively, coordinated by committees, the national executive board, and national headquarters staff. In , the "Delta Challenge: DST Homeownership Initiative" was created to assist sorority members, family, friends, and the general public with owning their homes and investing in homeownership. The Delta Challenge offers mortgage loans, insurance, and other home buyers' discounts through The Delta Chase Initiative. Financial Fortitude was designed to help sorority members and local communities to attain personal wealth and financial security.

Financial Fortitude helps participants to set and define goals, to develop a financial plan to achieve goals, and to put their plan into action. Workshops are focused on topics such as debt management and reduction, retirement, financing for college, investing, insurance, estate and home ownership, savings, and entrepreneurship. Alumnae Chapter and Delta's Housing Corporation planned and constructed Delta Towers as a multimillion-dollar, ten-story building.

Delta Towers is an apartment building for elderly and disabled individuals. The Washington D. Delta Towers II will provide additional safe and affordable apartments for low to moderate income senior citizens. The Sorority established the Delta Hurricane Katrina Relief Task Force to facilitate the needs of gulf Coast residents affected by the national disaster. The Hurricane Relief Task Force is responsible for creating strategies to address the numerous difficulties impacting persons displaced by Hurricane Katrina as it relates to housing, health and wellness, emotional and financial needs.

Betty Shabazz , wife of Malcolm X. It is for girls who demonstrate the potential for success, but may not have support systems or access to financial resources. Delta Academy's symbol is the dream catcher. In Native American culture, the dream catcher possesses power to capture bad dreams and entangle them into a web. The good dreams pass through the dream hoop's open center into the person.

Betty Shabazz Delta Academy Program. Nearly 20, participants were enrolled in postsecondary institutions. Both informal and empirical data suggests that the vast majority of African-American males continues to be in crisis and is not reaching its fullest potential educationally, socially and emotionally. EMBODI is designed to address these issues through dialogue, and recommendations for change and action.

In honor of the 22 Founders, on January , Members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, as a part of the four-day celebration of the Sorority's 90th anniversary, then national president of the sorority, Gwendolyn Boyd, presented Howard University President H.

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The Distinguished Professor Endowed Chair Award, established in at the 34th National Convention as a perpetual trust fund, confirms and extends the Sorority's longstanding commitment to educational excellence through quality instruction at historically Black colleges and universities. Delta Sigma Theta's purpose it to support and sustain these historical institutions, supply assistance to enable the expansion of educational opportunities, and to give long overdue recognition to distinguished Black instructors and professors. The Total Woman: Mind, Body, and Spirit Lifestyle Change Initiative impacts the well-being of sorority members and members' families and communities at-large.

The Lifestyle Change initiative was started in by the Health Taskforce, providing physical and mental health expertise. Through the Initiative, the sorority is working to combat the high incidence of women's obesity. The program's first component is a challenge to chapter members to achieve and maintain healthier weights. Ian K.

Smith and State Farm Insurance , began a partnership, encouraging members to become healthier by exercising and eating properly. Heart disease is the leading killer of women and of women of color in the United States. Delta Days is an annual legislative conference to increase sorority members' involvement in the national public policy-making process.

In addition to Delta Days in the Nation's Capital, each state organizes annual events in which members discuss and advocate state and local issues with their state legislative bodies. National Council of Negro Women , Inc. Keep the Promise," Delta Sigma Theta promotes workshops, programs, and information dissemination. Concerns about inadequate prenatal and maternity care for women in Africa prompted Delta Sigma Theta to invest in health care for women in Kenya. The sorority began planning for a larger facility in the early s, and financed construction of Thika Maternity Hospital.

The first hospital to open after Kenya gained independence in , it is now known as Mary Help of the Sick Mission Hospital. Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary operate the facility. In , Delta Sigma Theta members visited the hospital. They were able to see the positive results of an increased population and improved infant mortality rate in and around Thika.

Foreign Flowers An African Journey by Peggy Rogers

Mary Help of the Sick Mission Hospital now has beds, and provides affordable prenatal and postnatal care, nutritional education, child immunization, and family planning. The hospital gives prenatal care, including lab work, blood tests, and examinations for women each day.

The facility also has a special-care nursery for newborn babies. The hospital serves to educate nurses and midwives. Over 66 students are trained each year. In October , a serial rapist in the Dallas area was reported to be targeting Delta Sigma Theta alumnae, attacking four alumnae in their mids to mids over an eleven-month period.

The case was featured on the December 9, , episode of America's Most Wanted. As of , no arrests have been made. At Western Illinois University in January , a Delta pledge was hospitalized due to torn skin on her lower back and buttock from severe beatings by Delta women. She sued the sorority for an undisclosed amount. At Norfolk State University in February , a Delta pledge was hospitalized in an Intensive Care Unit after a series of physical beatings and strenuous activities. Nine sorority members, two of whom were about to graduate, were expelled from the university in May. At McNeese State University in September , the sorority was found guilty of severely hazing pledges.

The university banned the sorority from campus for four years. At the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, April , one Delta was arrested on two counts of simple battery and several other Deltas were disciplined for the physical and mental abuse of pledges. One pledge was admitted to the hospital due to internal bleeding and stomach pains she developed because of physical abuse by members of the sorority. At Northern Kentucky University in , the chapter was suspended from campus for beating three pledges repeated and severely with paddles.

At the University of Tampa in , three high-ranking Deltas of the university's chapter had a complaint filed against them by the university in a circuit court for hazing pledges.

Delta Sigma Theta

These three Deltas forced pledges to run long distances, do push-ups, squats, eat garlic wrapped in Big Red gum and drink hot sauce, hold a match between their fingers while reciting a pledge, had rocks and grass thrown at them and paddled them. The Deltas accused of hazing filed a petition against the university stating they were unfairly targeted as black women because all-white fraternities on campus engaged in similar hazing rituals, including tasering pledges, but were collectively sanctioned and given probation for one semester.

The Hillsborough County Circuit Court dismissed their petition stating that the university was not at fault. At East Carolina University, November , Delta pledges Victoria Carter and Briana Gather died in a traffic accident around am on the way to a hair appointment that had been set up to prepare for initiation.

Gather and Carter had undergone a number of grueling hazing activities that week, including the "Delta TV," in which the pledges were forced to get into and hold a push-up position, do "wall sits" and maintain that stance for a long period of time, and do the "Delta Chair": standing on one leg and holding heavy bricks over their heads. The pledges also wore "Delta Lipstick": hot sauce rubbed on their lips, and ate a "Delta Apple," a large raw onion; they were also asked to eat large amounts of cottage cheese, and drink buttermilk. The driver of the vehicle, a fellow pledge who survived, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.

According to the lawsuit filed by the family, she was suffering from "excessive and overwhelming fatigue, exhaustion and sleep deprivation and fell asleep behind the wheel" due to the pledging exercises. The night and morning hours prior to the accident, the pledges had been practicing the "probate death march," an aspect of the initiation ceremony. They did not have the opportunity to sleep as a result of the long hours of practice. Members of the sorority were also accused of lying and attempting to destroy all evidence of hazing throughout the investigation process in the lawsuit filed.

In , the sorority was banned from Winston-Salem State University for ten years following a hazing investigation, however, the suspension was lifted 5 years after the initial ruling. The sorority was previously suspended for endangering pledges and other hazing activity. At Baylor University in , the sorority was placed on suspension by the university for a few years due to reports of hazing.

Delta Sigma Theta and Alpha Kappa Alpha were the only sororities on campus suspended for hazing between and Women pledging were physically and verbally punished if any forgot information they were asked to remember about each of their 54 "line sisters. As a result, the sorority was placed on suspension until at least June and the pledge line was dropped. The sorority was found guilty of hazing and violating the university's codes of conduct.

As of , the chapter at Louisiana State University LSU is banned from campus until July for repeated hazing violations and putting eggs, whipped cream and syrup in their pledges' hair. Five members of the cast were Deltas that complained about death threats and harassment they received from other Deltas who were displeased with their appearance on the show. The expelled members maintain their innocence and feel like they were mistreated by their former sorority. The Delta cast members were the only cast members that had their sorority memberships permanently revoked.

In her lawsuit it states the sorority never reprimanded members that can be traced publicly harassing her and sending death threats, never expelled a celebrity sorority member who starred in similar shows on VH1 , she never claimed on the show to represent the sorority, and she lost many paid opportunities due to the sorority involvement in vilifying the show and getting it cancelled.

As the plaintiff in the lawsuit, she is seeking to be compensated for lost wages and for mental and emotional distress. It is no coincidence that Delta Sigma Theta was founded in the year That year was a pivotal year for issues regarding race and equality in the United States. In January of that year, African-Americans celebrated the 50 year anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. In March , the Women's suffrage march occurred, and the United States lost one of the most prolific freedom fighters the country has ever seen, when Harriet Tubman died in New York.

In May, Samuel Owensby, a Black man in Hogansville, Georgia was lynched near the local jail, after which his body was riddled with bullets. The nation's justice system condoned lynching in both southern and northern parts of the country. The Sorority's Golden [50th] Anniversary was no exception.

The celebration occurred in , the same year as the infamous March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Delta members vowed commitment to, and participation in the march, and came out in very large numbers. The Golden Anniversary Celebration was not about resting on the laurels and past accomplishments of Delta Sigma Theta, for they all knew there was much work to be done. SA enjoys an abundance of sunshine, with 7. A pleasant Summer time stretches from October to April, which is the rainy season in most parts of SA, with usually short afternoon thunder showers, followed by clear skies and sunny days.

In the southern Cape region, rain can be expected the whole year through. In the Cape peninsula, the rainy season is during the cold Winter months of May to September. Pretoria enjoys one of the best climates in the world , with temperate conditions, enough rain, and not subject to heavy winds. In the southern parts of SA, rains can be expected during the Winter months. South Africa is the ideal holiday destination of the world, and can be visited right through the year.

Homo Sapiens is said to have evolved from these early southern African inhabitants, Australopithecus africanus of more than 3 million years ago. Dr Ron Clarke and colleagues have in recent years discovered a complete skeleton in the same caves. Tracks of early Man found recently near Langebaan in the Cape are estimated at years old. Some 2 million years ago, the meteor impact sites of Vredefort Dome and Tshwaing Crater uplifted the horizontal strata plates containing gold and platinum, chromium, nickel, copper, palladium, and many other minerals, to form the east-west mountain ranges around Johannesburg and Pretoria and expose the rich layers, for enormous productive exploration and mining in the area.

The stone age brown San Bushman people have lived all over southern Africa for the past 20 to years, then were gradually displaced by the southwards migrating, iron age, black African people, from middle Africa, who settled in the northern parts of SA as early as until at places like Mapungubwe National Park, another one of the eight World Heritage sites in SA , which was the centre of the largest kingdom in southern Africa, with a thriving gold and ivory trade with China, India and Egypt.

Europeans arrived from onwards at the southern tip of Africa. In , the Dutch East India company from the Netherlands, traded with the Khoi Khoi people in the southern Cape, and settled to provide fresh produce to the passing ships. Since the middle 's more black African migrating immigrants started to form nations in South Africa.

Similarly, nations developed out of the white Europeans, and immigrants from the Orient. Human migration in Africa has influenced the latest composition of peoples in South Africa, and the latest estimate is that some 70 million people are now legally and illegally calling SA home, amongst them 4 million Zimbabweans out of a total of 12 million Zimbabweans.

The South African official population have grown from an estimated 52 million legal citizens in , to 56 million legal South Africans in Diversity South Africa has a spectacular diversity of plant and animal species, varied geography and ecosystems, diverse cultures, population groups and religions, luxury accommodation establishments, wine estates, farms, beautiful beaches, and unspoilt wilderness areas.

People of mixed race are known in SA as Coloured people, who remained largely in the Western Cape and Northern Cape provinces, and who are descendants of amongst others, slaves who were brought to South Africa from the East and Madagascar before , locals and immigrants from Africa and Europe.

People of Indian descent were settled mainly in KwaZulu-Natal province on the east coast, when the first group were brought to SA as indentured labourers in to work the sugar cane fields. After a five year contract, they could remain in SA or return to India. Today the SA Indians is the largest group outside India. The white population is made up of the early Dutch settlements and expansions, with additions of French Huguenots, German immigrants, English settlers and other groups from different European countries.

In the s, large groups of English settlers arrived in the new British colony of South Africa, and later, fortune seekers flocked to South Africa's gold and diamond mines. The most spoken language of the whites is Afrikaans, an indigenous language related to Dutch, but with many influences from the population of South Africa. Afrikaans is geographically the most widespread home language in South Africa. In Kruger National Park , as well as in Pilanesberg National Park , your days and nights are filled with discovery and variety out of this world, and it is best to spend a few days in the aura of these Parks.

The Blue crane is South Africa's national bird, the Ostrich is the world's biggest bird, the Kori Bustard the world's heaviest flying bird, the Southern Ground Hornbill is threatened endangered , and the Lammergeier Bearded Vulture can be seen in the Drakensberg Mountain range, the oldest in the world million years See the Big SEA Five Southern Right whale, Great white shark, endangered Bottlenose Dolphin, Blue Marlin, and Tuna The Cape Floral region is one of the eight World Heritage sites of SA, stretching between the southern coast and the Cape winelands, and extending northwards, harbouring the richest floral kingdom on Earth.

South Africa is the only country in the world with an entire floral kingdom within its borders. SA has within its borders 23 species of plants - greater a variety than that of the entire northern hemisphere. Namaqualand, the famous wild flower region , puts its most colourful cloak on during August and September each year, to beautify the semi desert area north of Cape Town.

South Africans live in a wonderworld of nature Religion South Africa has always had religious freedom , even through the years of Apartheid, which was a system of racial segregation which came to an end in the early 's. Languages You can get along easiest with South African English, which is closer in spelling and pronunciation to British English than American English. Eleven official languages plus sign language make up the lingo in SA. Some less spoken languages, like that of the San people, are yet not recognised as one of the official languages, but is known for its clicks, which have been taken up by many other indigenous languages, like Xhosa.

The cultures in SA comprise of at least nine African, three Asian, and half a dozen European cultures. The Big 5 animals are depicted on the Rand notes of 10, 20, 50, , and Rand denominations. These countries' currencies should only be used in their own territories, and will not be accepted in SA. Banking access Normal banking hours are to weekdays, and to Saturdays.

The banking system is sophisticated like in Western countries; five major banks do business, with many autoteller machines in virtually every town and shopping centre. Ask your Tourist Guide for the safest place to visit a Bank or autoteller machine. All major credit cards are accepted at restaurants, shops, and hotels.

Generally, fuel can not be purchased with a standard credit card. Foreign exchange Traveller's cheques and foreign currency notes from all major currencies in the World can be exchanged at any commercial bank. Bureaux de Change Foreign Exchange Bureaux are found in the Airports and major shopping centres, with the fastest service and best exchange rate at the Airports. Most hotels have exchange facilities.

Health requirements You do not need any international immunisations, like for cholera and smallpox, when entering South Africa, except for yellow fever , where the following rules apply: When you are entering SA within six days of leaving from a yellow fever infected country, you need a yellow fever vaccination certificate for any traveller over one year of age.

If you travel through, or disembark in such an infected country, get vaccinated against yellow fever, before visiting the country. Medical and health services in SA must be paid direct, thus special travel insurance is recommended. Malaria and bilharzia areas are mainly restricted to the northern humid parts of South Africa, particularly in northern Kruger National Park, and the east coast.

Malaria appears predominantly in the malignant form, throughout the year, but is a high risk only during the summer humid months of October to April. Entry to South Africa Visitors need a passport valid for six months beyond the date of departure from SA. Visas are generally not required. Visitors must have an onward ticket, and show they can support themselves during their stay. Visitors receive an entry stamp valid for 90 days , and they are not allowed to take up employment. For visa requirements, see: www.

Electricity - Volt AC, using a fairly large 15 Amp 3 round-pronged male plug, or a smaller European standard 5 Amp 2 round-pronged male plug, at the end of the cord coming from the appliance, is used throughout South Africa as the standard. Most upmarket hotels and lodges provide for female adapters for these 3- or 2-pronged plugs. Otherwise it can be bought at major retail stores on tourist routes. Airlines are the best option between main centres, but can be very expensive to smaller airports. Intercity buses and slower trains are connecting the main centres and cities of SA, and in these main centres you may make use of the local buses.

Metered taxis are a better option, and available at the airports, hotels and major restaurants. Naturally, Touring South Africa is standing ready for any outings, excursions, and touring requirements. Be advised to avoid EVER using the local minibus taxis and non-city buses, which the majority of SA citizens use using, as they can be dangerous, reckless, overloaded and not well maintained -- unless you want to risk your life :- Remember to always reconfirm your onward flights with the airline, at least 72 hours prior to departure. Self-Driving South African vehicles have the steering wheel on the right hand side of the vehicle.

Be very careful and concentrate. Put on your safety belt. Drive on the left side of the road , like in most countries where the British influence prescribed the infrastructure development, like the UK, the Southern African region, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, etc.

The other car's driver may indicate a 'Thank you' with a hand wave or his hazard lights, after which it is courteous to indicate your acknowledgement by flashing your headlights. Remember, you are NOT OBLIGED TO do the above courtesy, and you may only do it during the daytime, on a tarred country road with only a single forward lane, which has a tarred shoulder, where you are certain that it is safe to do so for the next metres. If you feel uncertain, ignore the car behind you, do not get intimidated, keep in your lane, and keep by the speed limit.

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They help you park safely, look after your car, and help you when leaving, after your return to your vehicle. Many people depend on this self employment opportunity, and help to keep them from doing crime, while keeping an eye on your vehicle. Safety and Security South Africa has known safety and security issues, which are addressed by Government, but the utmost care should be taken, not to attract attention to your own vulnerability. Rather do not wear expensive jewellery in public.

Do not show off expensive equipment or a bulging purse in public. When in danger, call the South African Police on Hotels and lodges are fitted with safe deposit facilities, either in the rooms or at the Reception desk.

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Keep all valuables locked away when you leave your room. Rather keep your passport on your person.

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  • Keep your luggage locked , as well as all doors and windows locked when leaving the room. At wildlife areas, baboons and monkeys may enter your room and wreak havoc, while looking for food, if they can enter your room. Never feed any wild animals - they become too dangerous and a nuisance. Carry and use credit cards or traveller's cheques, rather than cash, for large purchases. Keep silver coin amounts, and a few notes, like a few R10, R20, R50 and R notes, handy for tips and small purchases, in a hidden place on yourself.

    No bulgy pockets. Tipping is recommended at a minimum of R5 for basic delivery services, like room service. See ' Tipping ' lower down.

    Foreign Flowers An African Journey Foreign Flowers An African Journey
    Foreign Flowers An African Journey Foreign Flowers An African Journey
    Foreign Flowers An African Journey Foreign Flowers An African Journey
    Foreign Flowers An African Journey Foreign Flowers An African Journey
    Foreign Flowers An African Journey Foreign Flowers An African Journey
    Foreign Flowers An African Journey Foreign Flowers An African Journey
    Foreign Flowers An African Journey Foreign Flowers An African Journey

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