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Chicken Big []. Pip's trip []. Janet Morgan Stoeke. Is everyone ready for fun? Who's next door []. The Secret Chicken Society []. Chicken Little []. Rebecca Emberley. Extraordinary Warren, a super chicken []. The runaway egg []. Hen lake []. Frances O'Roark Dowell. Chick-o-Saurus Rex []. Lenore Jennewein. Where, oh where, is Rosie's chick? Counting chickens []. Peepsqueak []. Leslie Ann Clark. Blue chicken []. Deborah Freedman. Are you ready to hatch an unusual chicken? Unusual chickens for the exceptional poultry farmer []. Louise, the adventures of a chicken []. Chicken in space []. My dog's a chicken [].

Susan McElroy Montanari.

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Chicken in the kitchen []. Peep and Egg : I'm not hatching []. Hens for friends [].

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Nora's chicks []. Patricia MacLachlan. A hen for Izzy Pippik []. Chicken, Pig, Cow's first fight []. The red hen []. Beautiful Yetta's Hanukkah kitten []. Daniel Manus Pinkwater. Sonya's chickens []. Letting go []. All by myself! Cheerful chick []. Martha Brockenbrough. But then, one year, he is visited by the ghost of his former partner Jacob Marley who warns Scrooge of the misery he is piling up in the future. Can Scrooge change his ways?

And what will Christmas be like afterwards? Paired with the original illustrations by Arthur Rackham this is a gift edition for all ages. In addition to the familiar spreads, this edition has the addition of flaps which open to reveal all kinds of hidden surprises which have never been seen before including some Wally Watchers. There are games to be played and a poster to keep as a reminder of the pleasure of the book! Now she must work at the Fairy Glen sweet factory rather than study. The future looks bleak but in fact it is the beginning of a new chapter for Opal.

Meeting Emmeline Pankhurst and the suffragettes shows her the new opportunities for women that are on the horizon. And she falls in love…When everything is thrown into turmoil by the war, Opal has her share of grief but finds there are new horizons waiting for her afterwards. From the remarkable imaginations of bestselling authors Cassandra Clare and Holly Black comes a heart-stopping, mind-blowing, pulse-pounding plunge into the magical unknown. The Iron Trial is the first in a planned series. This thrilling follow-up to the highly-acclaimed novel, The River Singers, will transport readers into a vivid world of riverbank creatures, where excitement and danger are never far away.

With beautiful black and white illustrations throughout by Simon Mendez these combine with great storytelling draw the reader into the sights and sounds of the riverbank and the world of the vole. And it starts with his terrible name. He goes on to blame them for being so boring, being so mean to him about letting him play out and, above all, for never giving him an exciting birthday party!

Parenting is far harder than Barry had ever imagined! David Baddiel is at Hay Fever! The author, screenwriter and comedian invites you into the hilarious world of The Parent Agency. Barry has always hated being called Barry. Stella Saxby is the unfortunate owner of the awful auntie! Throughout her life, the dreadful aunt Alberta has squandered the family fortunes. Resourceful Stella is determined to stop her aunt and she charges through every adversity thrown in her way to do so.

Pairing up with a resident ghostly chimney boy turns out to be the key to resolving a family mystery too. Exploding euros and exciting elements - join Itch, Jack and Chloe on their latest adventure. Itchingham Lofte, teenage element hunter and unlikely hero, has had enough excitement to last him a lifetime.

Author: A. Amanda and her imaginary friend Rudger have the best of times playing together. He is only visible to Amanda until the sinister Mr Bunting and the pale girl who travels with him turn up on the doorstep. Mr Bunting is searching out imaginaries with sinister intentions. When Amanda is hit by a car Rudger goes on the run and learns the rules of being an imaginary.

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To celebrate the enduring popularity of the bear from Darkest Peru, this is a very special treasury complete with slipcase which brings together eleven of the original Paddington stories delicately illustrated by Peggy Fortnum. It makes an exquisite keepsake gift to be treasured. Their mission is deadly dangerous. Not only do they have to contend with the dangers and risks of the freezing conditions but they also have to fight off hungry polar bears and wolves who will do anything to get something to eat.

Throw in their human enemies and the full danger is exposed! A thrilling and richly atmospheric story. It is a brilliantly funny handbook that will have boys and girls with enquiring minds completely hooked. Dangerologist Doctor Noel Zone shares his danger notebooks with all comers! A great believer that risks are everywhere his attitude to dangers of all kinds - even the most extreme ones - is hilarious. Whatever the risk and whatever the danger, Chris Judge illustrates them all brilliantly.

Chris and I, via the delusions of the world's premier only dangerologist Docter Noel Zone, are delighted to get this opportunity from Puffin to terrify children with tales of awful made-up things that could happen. I mean, are you completely sure that your cat isn't a baby dinosaur? Fifteen year old Honey flies off to live with her dad in Australia. After all her troubles at home, Honey is determined to make a new start. Honey starts a new school and even makes new friends.

Is this all going to be better than her life before? Disaster strikes Honey when she makes a bad mistake about an online friend. Soon someone is spreading terrible things about her all over the internet. Does she really know who Riley is? And at home, she soon realises that her father is not quite the good guy she had imagined; she learns a dangerous secret about him which she will not let go lightly.

Honey returns to Tanglewood wiser and more experienced. It's Halloween and Finch is returning to Tanglewood - Skye can't wait to see him. But Finch has a secret - will he find the courage to do the right thing? You can find an extract here. Author: R. A collection of quotes and wise words, one for every day of the year.

It includes funny, insightful, inspiring thoughts from Wonder's fans, famous authors and personalities - from Roald Dahl and Paul McCartney to Anne Frank, Tolkien and Popeye - and from the novel itself. Against a background of first the ordinary ups and downs of life at school followed by an amazing fairy tale trip to New York with her wedding-planner parents and very best friend Eliot, sensible Penny records the rollercoaster emotions of being a teenager.

When the going to particularly tough, Penny shares what she feels on her blog. Through responses to her posts Penny finds support for herself while also learning how much emotional strength she is giving her thousands of followers. The whole team was bursting with excitement at the prospect of working with Zoe, and we know her fans — and the rest of the world — are going to fall head-over-heels with her writing.

Ada lives in Ghastly-Gorm Hall, a place where magic rules and nothing is quite what it seems. Celebrity chefs with some very remarkable magic tricks will be competing. But, when a group of vampires swoop down for some tasty action of their own, it looks as if all the plans will be scuppered. NOTE: Parents may wish to check the content is suitable for their child. The author slams the corrupt and immoral and highlights the worthy and good in this often outrageous and wonderfully eye-catching book.

Brand manages to combine a chillingly creepy Piper and some pretty ghastly characters with quite a lot of toilet humour so repulsively descriptive it makes you gag and want to put a peg on your nose! The old Pied Piper tale is thoroughly stomped on but the morals remain firmly in place. This is a book that actively encourages you to think, it is also likely to make you chortle, gasp, flinch and screech in shock and horror. Yet love it or hate it, it will remain in your mind long after finishing.

Richard Adams' cult classic, reissued with a new introduction from the author to celebrate its 40th anniversary. This brilliantly inventive fantasy epic by the award-winning author of Watership Down immerses the reader in a medieval world complete with created languages, detailed maps and elaborate traditions and rituals. A gripping tale of war, adventure, morality and slavery, horror and romance, Shardik is a remarkable exploration of mankind's universal desire for divine incarnation, and the corrosive influence of power.

Recently ranked in the top bestsellers over the past 40 years by the Sunday times, Shardik is a book for our age. Richard Adams is the author of 19 novels but he regards Shardik as his most profound work. He wonders how he got there but no one knows. You are plunged into the action, just as confused and frightened as the characters you meet. There are no rules — or none that make sense — but gradually you learn to survive, and to hope. Or is that another trick? This is brilliant, nail-gnashing stuff. This set includes the three books in the pulse-pounding Maze Runner series..

Time is running out for the demi-gods in their fight against Gaia, the all-powerful mother earth. She needs these demigods for their blood and she will stop at nothing until she has them! Percy, Jason and their brave-hearted crew have miraculously survived every challenge that has been put before them. Now, the Feast Of Spes is nearly arrived. Two demigods will be sacrificed to provide the blood Gaia so badly needs and, once she is awake, there will be no future for the Percy, Jason and the rest.

This is a challenge they have to win. Can they? This is the fifth and final book in the bestselling spin-off series, Heroes of Olympus, set in the high-octance world of Percy Jackson. Cork, and a newspaper report he came across during his research about a small child being spotted on top of a piano floating amongst the wreckage. Michael will share this extraordinary story and answer questions from the audience. He will also talk about Dreams of Freedom, a book of inspirational quotations about human rights, published with Amnesty International, for which Michael has written an introduction.

On one side, if I remember rightly, there was the ship going down, on the other a skeleton, selling tickets to the passengers. The medal has long since vanished, but ever since those two images stayed with me. I learned later that the ship was torpedoed by a German U Boat, 12 miles off Kinsale, in the south of Ireland. It was at the time the greatest single wartime civilian disaster in history. I discovered too that three hours or so after the sinking, the grand piano from the dining saloon of this luxurious liner was found floating on the ocean, in some reports, with a child still clinging on.

That was my inspiration for Listen to the Moon. It is a story of love and loss, of family and community fractured by war, of the power of hope, and above all of the will of the human spirit to survive. It is a supremely beautiful book from a storyteller at the very height of his powers and a testament to the transforming power of storytelling itself.

Listen to the Moon is just perfect. Here, in her own voice, she tells of her journey from her early days as a clever school girl to her exceptional life as an international speaker on the rights of girls to get an education. Growing up in a village in the Swat valley in Pakistan Malala and her friends faced persecution from Islamic fundamentalists who believed women should not be educated. In , Malala and her two school friends were targeted and shot when travelling home from school one day.

Fortunately, Malala and her friends survived. From that day on, Malala campaigned for the rights of all girls to get an education. Hearing her tell her story is inspirational. Tells us the story of the book! Told by none other than Book himself, this work begins with stories told from person to person, to writings on clay tablets to the development of parchment, right up to modern day and the ebook.

But Book's not a straightforwardly chronological chap; he can't help musing - and his musings, whether they're on the evolution of the alphabet, libraries, book-burning or blurbs, are delightful and thought-provoking. Years of reflection and observation have gone into this charming title - John Agard signed the contract with Walker 16 years ago! Written by the winner of the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry, this is an utterly original, unique story of the book. It features coming of age stories on the theme of closeness to home, deftly interwoven with illuminating autobiographical pieces on the inspirations behind the fiction.

It is a beautifully produced jacketed hardback edition with black and white vignette illustrations. All that lovely black print; those lovely straight lines and paragraphs and pages. But stories are living things, creatures that move and grow in the imaginations of writer and reader. They must be solid and touchable, like the land, and must have fluid half-known depths, like the sea. These stories take place in a real world — but in fiction, real worlds merge with dreamed worlds.

Real people walk with ghosts and figments. Earthly truth goes hand-in-hand with watery lies. This is your chance to play a crime solving sleuth alongside one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time, because the clues are there, ready for you to unravel them. Even if you haven't come across Young Sherlock before, this works really well as a standalone novel despite it, technically, being the 7th in the series. Enter Oxford and a fascinating world of body part snatchers, houses that move position overnight and a particularly vicious weapon wielding monkey. Sherlock is at his best with an accomplice alongside and Matty is particularly adept at the more crooked side of life.

The author allows you to work alongside the Young Sherlock, to observe as he learns his craft, to meet the intriguing people who shape his life. This is a hugely enjoyable cracker of a read. This is it; this is the end, the concluding part, the final outcome and as the curtain comes down there is a moment of hush, of quiet, of stunned silence before the applause starts, quite simply because this is the most incredible ending a series could ever wish for.

Be prepared for anything and everything; sniggers and cackles, gasps and groans, tears, shock and wonderment. Mr Landy, you wonderful wordsmith you…may you never walk through doors! Skulduggery Pleasant 2. Playing with Fire 3. The Faceless Ones 4.

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  3. Theodore and Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom?

Dark Days 5. Mortal Coil 6. Death Bringer 7. Kingdom of the Wicked 8. Last Stand of Dead Men 9. The Dying of the Light. At least according to the twelve fabulous stories about love of all kinds that are included in this collection. No one ever said that love was easy but it can be fun and, here at least, even the pain can be entertaining. Camping on a beach near home as a break from school and its pressures, a group of teenagers, minus their friend Ella, come across Orpheus, a wandering musician.

No one knows where he comes from or whether he will appear again but his music is so special that Claire plays it down the phone to Ella. And Ella is entranced. But who is Orpheus? The power of love and the terrible danger it can pose drives this exceptionally touching and thoughtful story.

It is fearless, free and full of wonder and I am changed by reading it. It has changed the way I look at the world. Diverse, complex, accessible, experimental, page turning and heart-breaking, they bring young readers the world on a single shelf. There are four quarters to this story; they travel across time, yet somehow are connected and can be read in any order. The writing is clever, each story has a main character, each one different to the one that has gone before, yet linked in a vital way. If you do choose to read the stories in a different order to the one the author has chosen, will your experience be different, will you have an altered understanding, will you feel the same when you turn the final page?

Compelling yet often uncomfortable, sharp yet subtle, this will make you feel, think and question what you know; this, is a wonderfully fascinating read. A hugely ambitious work. The totally bizarre and freakily sane Skink joins detective forces with Richard, who is looking for his cousin Malley after she runs away with a man she met online.

With laugh until you gasp for air moments, mostly involving Skink, you quickly realise he is one of the most amazing characters to ever appear in print - would you actually want to meet him? Oh yes, most definitely! Some authors have that undefinable edge, that ability to take you right there, to the place of their choosing, Hiaasen most certainly has the gift. Set in the mid-nineteenth century, war has broken out between France and England as the two mighty powers struggle for global supremacy. With steam driven automatons, warships and hidden floating cities you are transported into a wonderfully created new world.

The beautifully drawn and explained pull out diagrams and plans of the steam entities pull you further into this sensational alternative reality. The adventures undertaken are tense, and the characters need grit and guts galore to try to complete their mission. A fabulous read! This is painful, often uncomfortable, yet utterly fascinating… this is quite simply a novel to bury yourself in.

Mara finds herself in a frightening new world, with the Messenger of Fear acting as her mentor she struggles to understand her role and the terrors that surround her. Mara has lessons to learn, memories to grasp and truth to recognise. This is not a story about an answer, this is a story about a totally gripping and compelling journey. Heart-pounding and thrilling urban dystopian fiction from an exciting young author.

A novel of non-stop suspense and twists and turns that you least expect. There's romance too and a heroine who is determined to fulfill her plans even when conflict seems the only course of action. A debut novel that will leave you breathless. The start of each story begins with an extract and a page of illustrations, which brings a graphic novel style quality to proceedings. The Players know who they are and they know which line they represent. They are just two of the twelve who, like all the rest, have been training for the deadly Endgame.

It is a challenge of strength and skill with unscrambling puzzles at its very heart. Each of the Players reacts differently to their fate and to the journey they have embarked on. Readers, too, will have to follow the clues to get to tease out this well-crafted and well-knotted puzzle. In a world in which everyone over fourteen is struck down by a hideous illness which ravages their bodies and turns them into frenzied, blood craving zombies, a group of children must do everything they can to survive. With the cities in ruins and full of hidden dangers, Ella believes what she is told — that the countryside is safer.

But is it? Ed knows that Ella is in the greatest danger. She may not even be alive. Can he gather together a crew willing to set out on a mission to save her? And will they succeed? Simply and clearly told but not in the slightest simplistic, this intriguing book looks at the third chimpanzee us…humans and makes you really think about how we came to exist and what we are doing to ensure our existence continues.

We are human, we do dangerous things, we communicate using language, we commit genocide - have you ever wondered why, when, how? Lots of answers are here, some more questions too, you don't have to read this in one go, you can pop in and out and read a chapter at a time. There are also some really interesting diverse snapshots of information scattered among the pages. You may well find yourself sharing passages of this fascinating book out loud with family and friends, as they will probably not only learn a lot but start to ponder a few significant things too!

As he is half-god - his father is Poseidon - and half-mortal — he is also a schoolboy in Manhattan - Percy is perfectly placed to give the inside stories! A fun and fantastic introduction to an extraordinary world. A review for Divergent This is a heart-pounding and thrilling urban dystopian fiction debut from an exciting young author. Divergent is a novel of non-stop suspense and twists and turns that you least expect. A must have for fans of the series!

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It is the first full-colour illustrated edition of a celebrated modern classic and international bestseller. Stunning and compulsive are two words that best describe the story of Fiver, of Hazel and the rabbit warren full of family and friends. Rejected by most publishers before eventually being snapped up by Rex Collings in , it was an instant hit and has since sold millions of copies the world over. Full of adventure, humour, excitement and sadness it will enthral as much now as it did when it was first published.

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    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently published the data on vaccination coverage among older adults in Nearly two-thirds of those over 65 got flu vaccines that year, the agency found, and more than 60 percent were vaccinated against pneumonia. But just 10 percent received the shingles vaccine. Rafael Harpaz, an epidemiologist at the C. Various factors seem to be preventing wider use of the vaccine, Dr. Harpaz explained.

    Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX) Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX)
    Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX) Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX)
    Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX) Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX)
    Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX) Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX)
    Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX) Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX)

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