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The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell Comedy War. My Favorite Brunette Comedy Crime Mystery. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Bob Hope Henry Dimsdale Phyllis Diller Golda Jonathan Winters Police Sgt. Ellie Barton Jill St. Monica Stacey Gregg Linda as Stacey Maxwell Kevin Brodie Steve Robert Hope Mike Glenn Gilger Andy Avis Hope Dana Debi Storm Lois Michael Freeman Mark Austin Willis Pomeroy Peter Leeds Genres: Comedy. Language: English.

Filming Locations: N. Larchmont Blvd. Runtime: min. Color: Color Technicolor. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Final film of Richard Reeves. Goofs When Dimsdale is standing and talking to his girlfriend in the living room of the house he and the children are hiding in, you can see all the children in the backyard playing. The dining room is also visible and you can see a man in a dark suit sitting at the dining room table.

Beauty On The Lam (Or When You're Moving And Your Life Is Crazy) | Gloss and Dirt

The man is obviously not a part of the movie. Quotes Monica : Where you going? Pomeroy : Back to my wife. I can't stand her but at least she's loyal. Monica : Hm! You just can't trust a married man. Add the first question. User Reviews Sporatic fun Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this.

Edit page. Like the single parent would be the hero; the heroine would be a secret agent police officer, firefighter, whatever or a sports hotshot or a badass jailbird on the loose and the hero would be an innocent bystander an artist, baker, craftsman, whatever, by profession caught in trouble.

Maybe it's my luck, but the books I read so far were not Not so long ago, reviewing one of those contemporary romances with single moms, I said how I'd like to read romance novels where the roles were reversed. Maybe it's my luck, but the books I read so far were not working the way I thought it would be. In fact they were awful. The Escape Diaries restored my hope in finding something different but still readable in the romance genre. It is not the realest book out there, but then again it's categorized as chick-lit and you know how it's anything goes with chick-lit, so I tried not to look for sense and reason in everything happening to the heroine.

The beginning was captivating. It's when Mazie just escaped prison, and she has nobody to rely on to get away but herself. Later on, it was fun and interesting to read, but as Mazie kept escaping the authorities always by a hair breadth, so did the suspense sort of waned down. Something crazy convenient would happen and she'd never get caught, no matter how close the police came. The romance between Mazie and Ben felt sudden and out of place, like it was decided last minute to make them lovers.

It was just weird view spoiler [and a bit creepy if you think about it. I mean for four years he was obsessed with her case ever since she was convicted , he wrote her when she was in prison, called her his dream woman and they never even met before her escape! That is stalking, weird as fuck and it's not romantic hide spoiler ]. I loved Mazie. She's awesome, she wouldn't take shit from anybody and she's hilarious. Following the story from her point of view was a hoot! So, even though some events were a bit too unbelievable and I wished there just hadn't been any romance at all gasp , The Escape Diaries was a wild ride and a lot of fun.

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View 2 comments. What a great start to a series. The Escape Diaries is a little different from the norm, in that the main character Mazie Maguire starts out the book in prison for murdering her husband, but after a freak tornado, she manages to escape by means of an errant roof! What follows are a few hilarious encounters, and a load of witty observations about how life has changed on the outside since her incarceration, while Mazie tries to prove her innocence. Sort of like the Female version of Harriso 3.

Throw in a mad mother-in-law and a U. For a first book Juliet Rosetti, displays an awful lot of talent. Looking forward to book 2 — Crazy For You. ARC provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review. Nov 06, meltem rated it really liked it. I can't believe I never heard about this book before! This is a hidden treasure folks, come and read it! Okay, let's get started.

Mazie is in prison because she killed her husband. There is a video tape which shows the murder and there is her nightgown with her husband's blood all over it. But in fact she's innocent. When a tornado hits the city she escapes from the prison and she's determined to find her husband's real murderer. But the road has too many curves. Her pictures are everywhere, the I can't believe I never heard about this book before! Her pictures are everywhere, there is an award for any information about her and she has a revenge seeking mother-in-law and a US Marshall behind her neck I really loved Mazie!

She was so sweet, clumsy and a little lost and clueless sometimes but she's brave. She was a loveable character and this is one of the most important things when I'm reading a book. I loved her relationship with Ben too. I really enjoyed her and Ben's little adventures and wished there was more of them.

Life and Love on the Lam Series

Overall the story was good too. There's no unanswered questions left at the end and I liked the way things resolved. I have no idea what else to say about this book, I was expecting a enjoying read but I wasn't expecting this funny, suspenseful story with these witty characters. I was expecting something dull and this book has surprised me. Definitely recommended! Dec 12, Dianne rated it really liked it Shelves: action-and-adventure , humor , fun-read , adult-fiction , netgalley , romance. Who would ever think an escape from prison and running for your life while trying to find your husband's real killer could be so funny at times???

Mazie Maguire was falsely accused, convicted and imprisoned for killing her spoiled Momma's Boy, cheating husband. Not funny, he probably deserved it, anyway. Mazie sees an opportunity and escapes prison when a tornado hits and chaos is all around her. Her travels and escapades become the stuff of urban legends as she flees for freedom!

She beco Who would ever think an escape from prison and running for your life while trying to find your husband's real killer could be so funny at times??? She becomes a folk hero in the eyes of America and a thorn in the sides of both law enforcement and the real killers! Her perils and pitfalls to freedom are told through her POV with snark, humor and heart.

Our convict hides in a TV van that is returning to the city. So, she is now in the clear, right? Nope, Ben, a TV cameraman knows she is in the van, says nothing to his partner, being intrigued with her story since she was on trial 4 years prior.

Ben becomes her cohort in crime, her savior, her hero and manages to steal her heart along the way with his gentle kindness, wit and brains. Mazie manages to end up right where everything started in search of the truth, but not until she has stolen cars, bikes, and money, all while getting help from everyone from senior citizens to senior high students, as well as a hot cross-dresser.

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She even manages to uncover the reason for her husband's murder! The irreverent way this tale is told by Mazie will have you laughing out loud and cheering for her all the way! This copy was given to me by NetGalley and RandomHouse in exchange for an honest review! Dec 04, Pat rated it really liked it. Maizie Maguire is in a Wisconsin prison, for murdering her husband. She has been there for four years. Maizie still insists she 's innocent; no one is listening.

On a hot September day, our heroine is working garden duty. The sky darkens, there is lightning, and the winds become frightening. Before the prison officer can get them inside a tornado rolls through the prison yard. In the confusion, Maizie's on the run. Readers, hold onto your hats, it's going to be a very bumpy ride! The rest of this Maizie Maguire is in a Wisconsin prison, for murdering her husband. The rest of this crazy , funny story is like being dropped in an amusement park running!

A harrowing drive in a stolen car ,lots of crazy characters, guns, explosions, and a dog. Oh I almost forgot, the police, and a very determined U. The one bright spot in this chaos, is when she is rescued by a reporter who actually believes she's innocent! Not to mention, each chapter is a different tip on escaping. We all need to escape at one time or another. I laughed out loud, cringed, and sighed through this whole novel. It is a very enjoyable read, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh with their adventure.

I am definitely going to read it again because I know I missed parts while I was laughing. Pat Fordyce Feb 01, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: murder , humor , netgalley , mystery , action-adventure. This was a fantastically humorous murder mystery. Wrongly convicted convict, Mazie Maguire, is picked up by a tornado while in prison Desperate to keep her freedom and to prove her innocence Mazie plight is a haphazard trip into a crazy and unbelievably funny adventure.

A good but not over done love interest, a cult fan club following, great characters, a marvelous plot, very funny antics and a strong mystery make The Escape Diaries and absolutely marvelous book. Dec 09, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , netgalley. A dazzling debut! For the past three years Mazie has been in prison for killing her no good husband.

When mother nature provides her with a freak opportunity to escape, Mazie seizes it. Little did she know it was the first of several escapes she would have to engineer over the next several days. As the feds hunt for Maize so do reward seekers. She also becomes a media darling as half the population cheers her on. With a little help from a hunky journalist, Maize has an epiphany. She needs to find A dazzling debut! She needs to find out who really killed her husband. This leads to a run in with her crazy mother in law, and puts her in more danger.

It's not easy to get a laugh out me. A smile or chuckle maybe, rarely do I laugh out loud at a book. But, this one really had me going. A break neck paced caper with loads of zany characters. A good mystery, a sweet romance, and a Happily Ever After! I hope Maize has more adventures in store for us in the future. I still have a big smile on my face. Overall this one gets an A.

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Apr 07, Connie N. I had no expectations from this book and really didn't know anything about the series or the author, but now I'm a fan. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to like it since the main character escapes from jail right at the beginning. We don't know anything about her and don't know what to expect. And her escapades are so over-the-top 1 in the Life and Love on the Lam series What fun!

And her escapades are so over-the-top that they are hilarious reminding me of Stephanie Plum. As Mazie amazingly eludes police, the FBI, and the bad guys, she becomes a cult figure through the country, occasionally being helped along the way, but mostly escaping from the worst of her problems by chance or dumb luck. There were definitely a lot of laugh-out-loud moments, and I smiled all the way through. The romance was secondary to the story, but just enough to keep things interesting. Lots of fun. Aug 23, Colleen rated it it was ok Shelves: adult , books-for-my-map , 21st-century , chick-lit , mystery.

The more I think about it, the more creeped out I get. This is the story of Mazie Maguire who was wrongly convicted of murdering her husband. One day when she is out on work detail, a tornado hits and she manages to escape. She goes on the run, attempting to avoid being recaptured while she tries to prove her innocence. Of course, that also draws the attention of the real ki 2.

Of course, that also draws the attention of the real killer and puts her in even more danger.

The love interest was farfetched. The mystery element took a backseat to the other malarkey going on in the story.

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But where the story really lost me was when it got a bit Deliverance and then tried to make attempted rape into a humorous situation. She does manage to trick him and escape, but the story tries to laugh it off and make it into a comedic scene. There is also a part earlier in the story where she pretends that she was sexually assaulted in order to trick someone into helping her. So that was bit sketching too. Frankly, it was disturbing that the author tried to do that. No amount of manliness or protectiveness was able to make me forget that.

It was also instalove and not sexy. There are plenty of other books to read. Aug 27, Thenia rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , series , , contemporary , romance , mystery. A quite original story of how an escaped felon tries to prove her innocence. Mazie Maguire is serving a life sentence for the murder of her husband when a tornado hits at the right place at the right time and allows her a window of escape. With almost nothing to lose, she grabs the chance and flees, and we follow her adventures as she uses the wisdom of her former inmates to evade the police, makes new allies, uncovers truths and nearly dies a time or two.

She was a little naive to trust view spo A quite original story of how an escaped felon tries to prove her innocence. She was a little naive to trust view spoiler [her husband's senator cousin whom she believed to be her good friend, but was in fact the one who killed her husband for blackmailing him after discovering that he was involved in drug trafficking and other illegal activities. He was also the one who paid her lawyer, ensuring that the truth is buried and that she rots in prison.

When she goes to him for help, he tries to learn whom she confided to before burying her alive. She proves to be resilient and doesn't die, so he sends his henchmen to off her instead. Luck is on her side, however and she escapes once again, and with the help of her new allies, manages to bring the truth to light hide spoiler ]. Fast paced and quite amusing, it kept me entertained throughout. Mazie's story continues in Crazy for You.

Feb 21, Margaret Fisk rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed. Oh my gosh. This is a wild ride full of personality and laughs with hundreds of quotable lines to share with whoever happens to be around. Mazie is not brilliant but she is gutsy. She takes chances and lives through disaster after disaster with the support of her favorite movie characters and an amazing number of people who are charmed by her innocent and enthusiastic nature.

Whether absorbing that a rich, handsome society man has chosen her to marry, a girl raised on a dairy farm, or suffering the consequences of being falsely convicted of killing her husband she adapts to her environment, makes friends, picks up an amazing collection of useful criminal tips, and takes the openings God, who she envisions as Atticus Finch, offers without more than a moment of hesitation. With minor corrections for clarity and typos, the above review is what I wrote in the Notes section of my Kindle the moment I reached the last page, already regretting the end to my journey.

This book is a tribute to the changes eBooks have made to the publishing environment. Though traditionally published, it does not follow the traditions of romance novels, especially not in the female protagonist. I could be wrong, but traditional publishing does not have much of a reputation for stretching the boundaries of genre as this book does.

My only suggestion would be to try and do your reading where you can share some of the lines you find precious, because a shared laugh is a laugh tripled. I mean the feeling of wow that was an awesome book or wow I couldn't put it down. I started the book on Sunday night trying to finish the book before it came out, but life was against me. So, I was able to finish this book this morning. With this kind of start you I'm beating you want to know what this awesome story is about.

Mazie Maguire was accused of murdering her husband Kip Vonnerjohn a few years back. Convicted and sent to prison, because of an incompetent lawyer. Now with no way of getting out, Mazie has accept her lot in life. However, luck was on her side one day when a tornado struck the prison and she had found her way out. Now on the run and trying to out smart the law, Maize needs to figure out a plan.

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Actually, nobody seems to care enough about you all of the sudden. No, what you wanted was the good without the bad, as we all do. No such thing as a lover without some cons to their pros. But who are you kidding? What you miss is the feeling of being loved, the connection, the passion, the reassurance, the acknowledgement that you exist, and that someone out here in this chaotic world cares about you. Funny thing is, all men will say their girlfriends are crazy if they manage to stay with them long enough.

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Crazy for You: Life and Love on the Lam Crazy for You: Life and Love on the Lam
Crazy for You: Life and Love on the Lam Crazy for You: Life and Love on the Lam
Crazy for You: Life and Love on the Lam Crazy for You: Life and Love on the Lam
Crazy for You: Life and Love on the Lam Crazy for You: Life and Love on the Lam
Crazy for You: Life and Love on the Lam Crazy for You: Life and Love on the Lam
Crazy for You: Life and Love on the Lam Crazy for You: Life and Love on the Lam
Crazy for You: Life and Love on the Lam Crazy for You: Life and Love on the Lam

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