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Jonny's now a published author, a playwright and an architect, he's coded two of Twitter's most popular bot accounts, oh, and he's studying for his doctorate at a little place called MIT. Heard of it? Dude is super smart, super funny and while normal people like us have to practice and study to get better at things, he probably learns like Trinity in The Matrix learning how to fly a helicopter.

So this week Alex Schmidt and Daniel O'Brien are joined by Jonny in-studio to talk about his book full of typos, juggling being an author-internet celebrity-architect-playwright and the state of internet cultures in JonnySun: look. JonnySun: "i just want to go home" said the astronaut. Coyote Interactions. Light bulbs stuck in butts! Heroin-induced erectile dysfunction! The first three episodes are available now, and you can hear the rest of season one every Wednesday by searching for "Cracked Gets Personal" in your podcast app of choice, or click here to find it on Apple Podcasts.

Join hosts Tom Reimann and Abe Epperson for insane behind-the-scenes stories, crazy fan theories and silly games about your favorite movies. This Thursday, listen to them recap the Dark Knight Trilogy. Search for "Cracked Movie Club" on your podcast app of choice or click here to subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Los Angeles! New York! If you're looking for some great back-to-school threads and want to show your support for The Cracked Podcast, check out the awesome Cracked Podcast merch we've got at PodSwag.

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  • Please type the following code. Don't make me do this again. Forgot Password? Sign in with Facebook. Don't have an account? The theoretical consequences of this discrepancy are far-reaching.

    How Our Favorite Twitter Alien Is Handling This Bizarre Year

    They and others offer these possibilities:. Researchers elsewhere have discovered a host of other anomalies and surprises. Miaki Ishii and her colleagues at Harvard have proposed that the core is more of a Matryoshka doll than standard two-part renderings would have it. Not only is there an outer core of liquid iron encircling a Moon-size inner core of solidified iron, Dr.

    Ishii said, but seismic data indicate that nested within the inner core is another distinct layer they call the innermost core: a structure some miles in diameter that may well be almost pure iron, with other elements squeezed out. Core researchers acknowledge that their elusive subject can be challenging, and they might be tempted to throw tantrums save for the fact that the Earth does it for them. Most of what is known about the core comes from studying seismic waves generated by earthquakes.

    Close Encounter - SNL

    As John Vidale of the University of Washington explained, most earthquakes originate in the upper 30 miles of the globe as do many volcanoes , and no seismic source has been detected below miles. Granted, some temblors are more revealing than others. Ishii said. Ishii and other researchers have also combed through seismic data from the human equivalent of earthquakes — the underground testing of nuclear weapons carried out in the mid- to late 20th century.

    Why Most Alien Invasions Would Fail Quickly

    View all New York Times newsletters. Some researchers seek to simulate core conditions on a small, fleeting scale: balancing a sample of iron alloy on a diamond tip, for example, and then subjecting it to intense pressure by shooting it with a bullet. Others rely on complex computer models. Everybody cites a famous paper in Nature in by David J.

    Learning curves and teaching when acquiring nut-cracking in humans and chimpanzees

    Stevenson, a planetary scientist at Caltech, who waggishly suggested that a very thin, long crack be propagated in the Earth down to the core, through which a probe in a liquid iron alloy could be sent in. Ishii sighed. The core does leave faint but readable marks on the surface, by way of the magnetic field that loops out from the vast chthonic geodynamo of swirling iron, permeating the planet and reaching thousands of miles into space.

    For reasons that remain mysterious, the field has a funny habit of flipping. Every , to a million years or more, the north-south orientation of the magnetosphere reverses, an event often preceded by an overall weakening of the field.

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    As it turns out, the strength of our current north-pointing field, which has been in place for nearly , years, has dropped by about 10 percent in the past century, suggesting we may be headed toward a polarity switch. Not to worry: Even if it were to start tomorrow, those of us alive today will be so many particles of dust before the great compass flip-flop is through. The portrait of the core emerging from recent studies is structured and wild, parts of it riven with more weather than the sky.

    Earth assumed its basic layered effect as it gravitationally formed from the rich, chunky loam of the young solar system, with the heaviest ingredients, like iron and nickel, migrating toward the center and lighter rocky material bobbing above. Traces of light, abundant elements that bond readily with iron were pulled coreward, too, and scientists are trying to figure out which mix of oxygen, sulfur or other impurities might best match the seismic data and computer models.

    Cracked Time & Alien Interactions Cracked Time & Alien Interactions
    Cracked Time & Alien Interactions Cracked Time & Alien Interactions
    Cracked Time & Alien Interactions Cracked Time & Alien Interactions
    Cracked Time & Alien Interactions Cracked Time & Alien Interactions
    Cracked Time & Alien Interactions Cracked Time & Alien Interactions

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