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Also, Lara Jean's communication tool of choice—love letters—is just so pure and lovely in a time when we need things that are pure and lovely. I've never felt the urge to write a love letter, but after watching To All the Boys I want to send out thousands. I'm not the only one, either. In honor of the success of To All the Boys, Netflix tweeted out a challenge for its viewers. And the people delivered. Netflix published several of the anonymous love letters fans wrote to the special people in their lives.

Others were more personal, like this letter someone wrote to their office crush: "We've known each other for four years now and I've been head-over-heels in love with you from the moment I saw you at a meeting.

Letters For Noah: Outpouring Of Encouragement Saves Bullied Teen’s Life

We each wrote Noah a letter a year ago, on his first birthday. Today I am sharing this letter with you.

I wanted it to express some of my hopes, wishes and dreams for the little bear, but more importantly, I wanted it to reflect the love, life, joy and wonder I feel for this child. I am in the process of writing the letter for his second birthday, which is today! I know that this is a rather personal post but given that I am on the constant lookout for inspiration, especially in areas of motherhood, I was hoping my personal words to our little one could inspire some of you to take the time to do the same.

And there is no harm in sharing some pictures from Noah's cake-smash-for-breakfast event and his travel-themed and beach-located birthday party A little love letter to my dearest first born on his first birthday. It's hard to describe the magic, joy and wonder you have brought to our lives. One whole year has passed since we were gifted with your presence in this world and it's been the most magical of years. I never once questioned my ability as a mother but in a way, you made it so simple for me.

Fiercely independent from the beginning, you led me.

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It felt effortless. You took your place so naturally, that it is hard to remember life without you in it. Motherhood — for me it was like entering a foreign land but landing right at home.

This year has felt both long and short; long only in that we did and saw a lot and short, just way too short. Little bear. You have been the best addition to our lives.

Dear My 8th-Grade Self | Noah's Story | construction2style

As husband and wife we thought we knew unconditional love but it wasn't until you were placed in our arms that we truly understood its limitless meaning. Thank you for that, for making us a little family and for so much more. You have brought more love, more laughter and more emotion into our lives than we could have ever imagined. And our love just keeps growing! You have made our life so much more colourful and purposeful. It has done wonders for my soul. Even before you were born, Noah, your paps and I always wished the best for you.

That you inherit the best of both of us and that the world gives you nothing but the best of everything that it has to offer.

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It's often the first thing that people notice about you, after your dark blue eyes of course. You've inherited both of our strong wills although some may mistake this trait for stubbornness. Regardless, you know what you want and with determination and dedication, you go after it. I love that you are so fearless, inquisitive and compassionate. So much of this you are innately born with, which is amazing to see.

As your mother, I hope to foster curiosity and a joy for learning. I hope to give you that feeling of safety and comfort in order for your confidence to flourish. Be bold, take risks, follow your heart and know that learn from your journeys is ok, no matter what the outcome may be. The path is not always obvious.

Lean into the unknowing and trust yourself to figure it out. You will. The world needs you to become who you were meant to be. Speaking of journeys. This year has literally been a journey across not one, not two, but FIVE continents. You have seen more of the world than many people will only ever dream of. You are a happy and content child that is excited to explore its world.

You are patient, calm, gentle, understanding yet so confident and independent. Infinitely curious and very cheeky at times in the best of ways. You are so loving, cuddly and affectionate.

A Letter to Noah A Letter to Noah
A Letter to Noah A Letter to Noah
A Letter to Noah A Letter to Noah
A Letter to Noah A Letter to Noah
A Letter to Noah A Letter to Noah
A Letter to Noah A Letter to Noah
A Letter to Noah A Letter to Noah

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