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Realm of Terror I6: Ravenloft Appendix I Ravenloft Campaign Setting I The House on Gryphon Hill Appendix II Domains of Dread Appendix III Darklords VRG to Vampires Feast of Goblyns Howls in the Night Islands of Terror VRG to Ghosts Ship of Horror When Black Roses Bloom Forbidden Lore VRG to the Lich Lucina is horrified and Validar declares that he has won, or so he thinks.

Basilio makes a sudden appearance, revealing that he survived his near-fatal wounds, and Robin stands back up and attacks Validar, revealing that due to a premonition , they knew what was going to happen and prepared countermeasures to prevent it. Chrom also stands up, mostly uninjured, since Robin held back some of their power.

The duo proceeds to take down Validar once and for all. After killing Validar a second time, a mysterious black figure warps in and takes on the appearance of Robin, revealing that they are the Fell Dragon incarnate. Grima explains that he is the Grima from the future Lucina came from in the body of Robin of that timeline and has come to stop her so he can continue to reign supreme. Grima proceeds to finish the ritual to awaken the Grima of the present form, causing the temple to collapse.

Chrom and Lucina manage to get out of the building, but witness the rebirth of Grima. However, all is not lost: during their escape, Robin managed to snatch the Fire Emblem back from Validar's corpse. Chrom is deemed worthy by Naga to receive her power and unlocks the Falchion 's true potential as the Exalted Falchion.

However, Chrom learns that he cannot fully slay Grima, as the only one who can do so is one with Grima's own power. Even with the power of the Falchion, he can only put Grima back to sleep for a thousand years. Naga points Chrom to Origin Peak where Grima lies, growing stronger. Upon arrival, Robin realizes that if they deal the final blow, Grima would be "killed by his own hand.

Chrom does not want Robin to sacrifice their life, but they feel that it may be necessary. The Grima-possessed Robin jumps onto Grima's back and instantly casts a spell on all of Chrom's army, severely weakening them. After Grima gives Robin the choice to accept his powers or not, Grima pulls Robin into a dark void. Chrom and the rest of the army yell to Robin to return to them to finish their task. After Robin breaks free from the void, Naga heals Chrom and his army and they proceed to take down Grima. Depending on Robin's choice to deal with Grima, one of two endings will occur.

If Chrom is chosen to finish Grima, Grima is put back into a deep slumber. Robin feels guilty that they did not sacrifice themselves, but Chrom assures them that the entire army agreed and that in the distant future, their descendants will be able to deal with Grima once more. Chrom's army is saddened by their sacrifice but, remembering Naga's words, Chrom reminds everyone that they will return as long as their bonds are strong.

Chrom, in the meantime, vows to search for Robin while their countries recover.

Conquest (The Dark Lord's Handbook, #2) by Paul Dale

After an undisclosed amount of time, Chrom and Lissa find Robin and welcome back their old friend, in a scene mirroring the one at the start of the game. After the war, Chrom was welcomed as the new Exalt of the halidom. He ushered in an age of peace with his perseverance and his wife at his side.

Chrom appears with other characters from Awakening in a free DLC episode. While pursuing a group of phantom soldiers, Corrin and their party encounter the Outrealm Gate. While they first suspect that Corrin's group are from Plegia, the phantom soldiers appear and the group work together to defeat them. During optional conversations, Chrom reveals that he heard of Hoshido and Nohr in myths and legends.

After the enemy is routed, Corrin thanks Chrom for the help, as he thanks them in return.

Chrom mentions that it sounds like their country is in trouble with beasts like this, and offers that Corrin and company stay here for the time being. He mentions two legendary treasures; the Hero's Brand and Exalt's Brand, that may help them return, but Frederick and Lissa warn he must first ask Emmeryn. Corrin declines wanting to take such precious items, but Chrom insists that Emmeryn would hear them out and want to help above all else. Corrin then accepts the gifts, and the two promise to meet again to discuss about each others countries. After Corrin and their party return to their world, Lissa wonders who those mysterious people were, but Chrom feels like they will meet again somewhere, which Lissa will agree to.

Lissa says Corrin was good at tactics, and Chrom remarks they could really use a good tactician. At the end of the scenario, Chrom, Lissa, and Frederick notice a collapsed person in the distance and they then encounter Robin, leading into the opening of Awakening. Chrom is a direct and committed person, unflinchingly charging forward to achieve that which he believes in. He cares greatly for those around him and in his service, paying close attention to them and their needs. He believes that as a leader, he must show strength in the face of fatigue and the burden of great work, so as to be an example and inspiration to others.

He is protective of his sisters, especially Emmeryn, but, despite his protests, never argues with Emmeryn's final decisions. While he has the utmost respect for Emmeryn's pacifistic ways, and following her death seeks to honor her legacy, he believes that in the end force will be necessary to counteract those who would endanger a peaceful world and that if he must, he is willing to fight and kill to defend the peace.

Chrom deeply cares for Lissa's well-being as well, making sure to take care of her while they are off at war. Chrom has the utmost faith in other people, particularly his friends and allies. No matter the circumstance or risk, he will attempt to aid anyone in need he encounters, fully aware of and willing to risk any potential consequences if it means. His interest in aiding people goes beyond merely helping them: he is always seeking to forge new bonds of friendship and that doing so improves himself, his army and the people of the world.

He believes strongly in the power of unity, attesting that a united front tightly bound by friendship and trust can together overcome even the most powerful of individuals. Walhart notes that Chrom follows the Path of Kings: a person who lives with and for the people, as Chrom himself states that his strength comes from his comrades.

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By his own admission, Chrom will help anyone in need without a moment's hesitation. He trusts anyone after witnessing them in action, having given his trust to Lucina before her revelation and to Robin, despite other people's warnings. Chrom shares a special bond with Robin, especially with the female Robin if he is married to her, and unwaveringly believes in them and trusts them implicitly even after finding out about their true heritage.

Not considering himself superior to anyone else just because of his royalty, Chrom much prefers to lead his Shepherds into battle than perform formal duties, finding the life of a royal to be stifling and a hassle at times, though he becomes aware that such a luxurious life shouldn't be taken for granted. After becoming Exalt, he assumes a more serious posture, aspiring to follow Emmeryn's ideals, though not taking it as far as she does.

If Chrom has not achieved an S-Support by the end of Chapter 11 , he will be automatically married to one of his marriage candidates as long as they have not been married or incapacitated. The order follows, assuming all five are unmarried and have achieved the same support level with Chrom at the end of Chapter Chrom will only pass down the skills Aether and Rightful King to his potential children: Lucina and his other daughters Cynthia and Kjelle will inherit Aether, while any of his sons Brady , Inigo , and Morgan inherit Rightful King, even if Chrom has not learned those skills or does not have them equipped in his last skill slot at their recruitment.

As the main Lord of the game, Chrom is one of the best units you will have. Given his mandatory usage in all chapters, Chrom should have no problem leveling up and getting good stats. His good strength, speed, luck, and skill will make Chrom a formidable offensive force in your army, and he can get rather good defense as well, but he should be wary around mages due to his low resistance growth. Upon promotion to Great Lord, Chrom's attributes stay the same but with higher caps. Chrom also gains the ability to use lances, giving him ranged options with Javelin weapons.

He will also learn Aether , his primary attacking skill, and one of the strongest skills in the game. His second Great Lord skill is Rightful King , increasing the activation rates of several skills that Chrom can have. Compounding his Great Lord skills gives Chrom's offensive role more prominence, further solidifying him as a primary offensive unit. Chrom also has the distinction of being one of four characters to have a personal weapon.

Chrom starts with the Falchion , which deals effective damage against dragon units. Though the Falchion cannot break, it is only as strong as an Iron Sword , with a lower hit rate. While it is reliable and eliminates the need to pay for replacements, Chrom may have to use stronger swords if more damage output is needed from him until Chapter 24, where he will perform the Awakening and obtain the Exalted Falchion, which is much more powerful, as the name suggests.

In addition to being a very strong weapon outright, the Exalted Falchion gains the ability to deal effective damage against Grima , making Chrom's role in the final chapter more important. It will become Chrom's primary sword and is the second strongest sword in the game, surpassed only by Mercurius and tied with Tyrfing and an un-forged Alm's Blade. However, unlike the other swords, the Exalted Falchion retains its unbreakable property, making it almost infinitely more useful. Chrom can also now use the sword like an item to replenish 20 HP, eliminating his need to carry Vulneraries or Concoctions as well.

Also, Chrom serves as the only Supply Convoy unit in Awakening. Since the Convoy in Awakening can carry an indefinite amount of items, he will need to be used if the player starts the battle and needs to resupply weapons, staves and miscellaneous items for other characters. Chrom's additional two class sets are the Archer and Cavalier, and rarely enough, Chrom can perform well in nearly every promoted class he has access to.

Unfortunately, few of the skills from the Archer class tree are particularly useful for Chrom. The only other skill from the Archer class tree that may interest Chrom is Bowfaire , which provides him with a great offense as either bow class, either of which Chrom can do fine in; as a Sniper, Chrom loses access to his coveted Exalted Falchion, but becomes capable of epic Longbow or Double Bow poking thanks to his strong offensive skills in Aether and Luna.

While Bow Knight is a more lackluster class in general, it grants Chrom the use of both his signature sword as well as his strong, Bowfaire-boosted ranged attacks. While Luna might seem unnecessary alongside Aether, seeing as the latter is essentially an upgraded version of Luna, running both actually boosts Chrom's potential to activate one of them: while Luna has a higher activation rate, Aether will always out-prioritize it, meaning that if Aether does not activate then Chrom has a high chance to deal extra damage per attack—especially in conjunction with Rightful King.

Leads the Shepherds. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening. Therefore, it may not work for everyone. Base Falchion grants Chrom an innate Renewal 2 skill, healing him every three turns, and deals effective damage against Dragon units. He has Aether , a slow charging attack, but immensely powerful, though he is not the best user of the skill. He has Defiant Defense for his Skill A which increases his Def bulk when lower on health, but ultimately is not quite as useful as many other A Slot skills.

Spur Defense increases his allies defenses when in combat near him. Chrom possesses the lowest SPD of the five Falchion users, making it easy for units to double him, especially mages who can tear through his low Res. Bulky blue units like Ephraim , Tana , and Effie also similarly counter him as they can endure his strikes and retaliate with Weapon advantage. Reposition is his most balanced option support skill and is his preferred one if using a Brave Sword. His high Defense makes him a great candidate for Bonfire as its faster charge than Aether is more reliable for maximum damage.

Death Blow synchs well with Brave Sword since it's bonus attack only happens when he initiates. Drag Back or Hit an Run offers interesting spacing when he attacks while Swordbreaker takes some of the threat away from enemy sword units whom most will have higher speed than he does. Master Blighter Tombs of the Desolation 3. Master Dust Walker Tombs of the Desolation 3. Master Slayer of the Dead Tombs of the Desolation 3. Master Beguiler Terrible Beauty 3.

Master Cat Sith Terrible Beauty 3. Master Eternal Guardian Terrible Beauty 3. Master Harbinger Terrible Beauty 3. Master Keeper of the Flame Terrible Beauty 3. Master Morrigan Terrible Beauty 3. Master Muse Terrible Beauty 3. Master Nightstalker Terrible Beauty 3. Master Spellweaver Terrible Beauty 3. Master Troll Hunter Terrible Beauty 3.

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Master Greater Skinchanger Tooth and Claw 3. Master Horse Archer Riders of the Wind 3. Master Namer Power in a Name 3. Master Diabolist Exquisite Agony 3. Master Witch Hunter Exquisite Agony 1. Novice Priest of the Maiden Uncertain Faith 1. Novice Priest of Revel Uncertain Faith 1. Novice Priest of Summer Uncertain Faith 1. Novice Priest of the Seer Uncertain Faith 1. Novice Priest of Witchcraft Uncertain Faith 1. Expert Gothi Uncertain Faith 2. Expert Juggernaut A Glorious Death 3. Master Cryomancer A Glorious Death 3.

Master Seer A Glorious Death 3. Master Skald A Glorious Death 3. Master Doppelganger Stolen Lives 1.

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Novice Adept Forbidden Rules 4. Legendary Paragon Forbidden Rules 2. Expert Grease Monkey Godless 2. Expert Preacher Godless 2. Expert Raider Godless 2. Expert Road Warrior Godless 3. Master Bone Picker Godless 3. Master Daredevil Godless 3. Master Gunslinger Variant Godless 3.

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Master Pyromaniac Godless 2. Expert Occultist Paths of Power 2. Expert Sorcerer Paths of Power 2. Expert Spellbinder Paths of Power 2. Expert Warlock Paths of Power 2. Expert Wizard Paths of Power 2. Expert Agent Kingdom of God 2. Expert Flagellant Kingdom of God 2. Expert Red Cloak Kingdom of God 3. Master Anchorite Kingdom of God 3.

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Master Dragonslayer Of Fire and Venom 2. Expert Bounty Hunter City of Chains 2. Expert Saboteur Caecras 2. Expert Trooper Caecras 3. Master Mage of the Tower Caecras 2. Expert Hellion Between Two Worlds 2. Expert Satyr Between Two Worlds 2. Expert Jester Uncommon Courage 2. Expert Auspex Demon Lord's Companion 2 2.

Shadow Lord Awakens (The Legend of Dread Book 2) Shadow Lord Awakens (The Legend of Dread Book 2)
Shadow Lord Awakens (The Legend of Dread Book 2) Shadow Lord Awakens (The Legend of Dread Book 2)
Shadow Lord Awakens (The Legend of Dread Book 2) Shadow Lord Awakens (The Legend of Dread Book 2)
Shadow Lord Awakens (The Legend of Dread Book 2) Shadow Lord Awakens (The Legend of Dread Book 2)
Shadow Lord Awakens (The Legend of Dread Book 2) Shadow Lord Awakens (The Legend of Dread Book 2)
Shadow Lord Awakens (The Legend of Dread Book 2) Shadow Lord Awakens (The Legend of Dread Book 2)
Shadow Lord Awakens (The Legend of Dread Book 2) Shadow Lord Awakens (The Legend of Dread Book 2)

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