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There is …. The great cellist shares his philosophy of living. Turning fear into joy. Performance as hospitality and communal witnessing. Beauty as a transfer of life. Sound as visual. How music makes us better. The great cellist Yo-Yo Ma is a citizen artist and a forensic musicologist, decoding the work of musical creators across time and …. Nothing is helping us more right now, as we watch human tragedies unfold on the U. Nobel physicist Frank Wilczek sees beauty as a compass for truth, discovery, and meaning.

A child of the Kennedy clan in the Camelot aura of the early s. Derek Black grew up the heir apparent of a prominent white nationalist family. David Duke was his godfather. He is a refreshing, redemptive thinker who counsels all kinds of people and projects on the front lines of …. What does it mean to be human? How do we want to live? Who will we be to each other? These questions have been at the heart of On Being from the start — as it grew from a radio project into a thriving …. We understand the world made by kisses, or things like kisses: happenings. Carlo Rovelli offers vast, complex ideas beyond most of our ….

Anthropologist Helen Fisher explores the biological workings of our intimate passions, the brew of chemicals, hormones, and …. Flutist and vocalist Nathalie Joachim is a magnetic voice of one of the unexpected aspects of our globalized world — new generations reclaiming and falling in love anew with the places their parents ….

For him, secularism opens …. Oceanographer Sylvia Earle was the first person to walk solo on the bottom of the sea, under a quarter mile of water. She has …. Movies delight and inspire and repel. They change our lives and our life together. Get out the popcorn for this …. The tensions of our time are well-known. But there are stories that are not being told, because they are not violent and not …. She is beloved for her …. The poet Christian Wiman is giving voice to the hunger and challenge of being religious now.

He had a charismatic Texas Christian upbringing, and was later agnostic. He became actively religious again …. We often find ourselves talking to poets and writers about the vivid connections between art and faith. This special hour came out …. Mysticism is the birthright of every human being, says Br. David Steindl-Rast.

He speaks of the anatomy and practice of gratitude as …. And that purposefulness …. A singular writer and thinker, Rebecca Solnit celebrates the unpredictable and incalculable events that so often redeem our lives …. The wise and lyrical writer Adam Gopnik muses on the ironies of spiritual life in a secular age through the lens of his many …. No challenge before us is more important — and more potentially life-giving — than that we come to see and know our fellow citizens, our neighbors, who have become strangers.

Journalist Anand …. A Jesuit priest famous for his gang intervention programs in Los Angeles, Fr. Greg Boyle makes winsome connections between service and delight, and compassion and awe. He heads Homeboy Industries, which …. Ta-Nehisi Coates is a poetic journalist and a defining voice of our times. The new field of epigenetics sees that genes can be turned on and off and expressed differently through changes in environment and behavior. Rachel Yehuda is a pioneer in understanding how the effects ….

Her unconventional studies have long suggested what neuroscience is now revealing: Our experiences are formed by the words and ideas we attach to them. Naming something play rather than work — or …. Her unconventional studies have long suggested what neuroscience is now revealing: our experiences are formed by the words and ideas we attach to them. But Roshi Joan Halifax says this is a form of ….


But Roshi Joan Halifax say this is a form of …. I believe that with all my heart. This Irish poet, theologian, and philosopher insisted on beauty …. In the s, Nikki Giovanni was a revolutionary poet of the Black Arts Movement that nourished civil rights.

Commemoration of National Day of Persian Poet Mowlana

She had a famous …. Life as an improvisational art, at every age. This idea animates the wise linguist and anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson, whose …. Steeped in cutting edge research around the social lives of networked teens, danah boyd demystifies technology while being wise …. But he …. Forms of religious devotion are shifting just like every institution right now. Rabbi …. We explore a topic our listeners have called out as a passionate force and a connector across all kinds of boundaries in American ….

He has appeared in over films, including Apocalypse Now. But Martin Sheen, …. And …. A thrilling, mind-bending view of the cosmos and of the human adventure of modern science. In a conversation ranging from free will …. Black Lives Matter co-founder and artist Patrisse Cullors presents a luminous vision of the spiritual core of Black Lives Matter and …. We need to be ready to let others surprise us, offer forgiveness, and ask hard questions of our own part in this moment. This …. The moral life, Marie Howe says, is lived out in what we say as much as what we do.

But in this public conversation at the Citizen University annual …. But how is …. Human memory is a sensory experience, says psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk. Through his longtime research and innovation in trauma …. Marilyn Nelson has taught poetry and contemplative practice to college students and to West Point cadets. She gives winsome voice to …. A passionate translator of the beauty and relevance of scientific questions, Margaret Wertheim is also wise about the limits of ….

White Evangelical Christians helped secure the election of President Trump. Many said that his views on abortion were decisive, overriding concerns they had on other matters. But to be Evangelical is …. This conversation about Christianity and politics with three generations of evangelical leaders — Shane Claiborne, Greg Boyd, and ….

We take in the extraordinary wisdom of Congressman John Lewis on what happened in Selma on Bloody Sunday and beyond — and how it might inform common life today. A rare look inside the civil rights …. The extraordinary wisdom of Congressman John Lewis. A wildly popular blogger, tech entrepreneur, and Silicon Valley influencer, Anil Dash has been an early activist for moral …. Silence is an endangered species, says Gordon Hempton. He defines real quiet as presence — not an absence of sound, but an absence …. This interview is edited and produced with music and other features in the On Being ….

Two legendary Buddhist teachers shine a light on the lofty ideal of loving your enemies and bring it down to Earth. How can that be realistic, and what do we have to do inside ourselves to make it more …. Singing is able to touch and join human beings in ways few other arts can. Alice Parker is a wise and joyful thinker and writer on …. Ignatius of …. James Martin is a Jesuit priest and editor at large of America magazine.

In an unsettled political moment, at the end of a divisive campaign, the late, great civil rights elder Vincent Harding is a voice …. This political season has surfaced our need to reimagine and re-weave the very meaning of common life and common good. We take a …. Natasha Trethewey was the 19th U. This is a strange, tumultuous political moment. With columnists David Brooks and E. Dionne, we step back from the immediate …. Dionne …. He says that the most boring question you can ask of any religion is whether it is true. But how to live, how …. Alain de Botton is the founder and chairman of The School of Life.

The history of rebellion is rife with excess and burnout. But new generations have a distinctive commitment to be reflective and activist at once, to be in service as much as in charge, and to learn …. Jimmy Wales is the co-founder and promoter of Wikipedia and chair emeritus of the Wikimedia Foundation. Movies, for some of us, are a form of modern church. The Argentinian composer and musician Gustavo Santaolalla creates cinematic …. A devout Catholic and …. He founded La Maison Thomas Philippe that provides retreats ….

Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Zen monk, poet, and peacemaker.

The Four Great Discoveries of Modern Science That Prove God Exists - Program 1

Cheri Maples served in the criminal justice system for 25 years, including as an Assistant Attorney General in the Wisconsin …. He also owned a ….

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“Science and Islam Are Wings of the Same Bird”, Meet the Great Philosopher Muhammad Iqbal

Jennifer Michael Hecht is a poet, philosopher, and historian. A transformation of medicine is underway, a transition from a science of treating disease to a science of health. Mark Hyman is a family physician and a pioneer in the new discipline of functional …. He is also the founder and medical director of the UltraWellness Center. Ann Hamilton is a visual artist and self-described maker. This interview is edited and produced with music …. The organizational psychologist Adam Grant, who many know from his New York Times columns, describes three orientations of which we …. Adam Grant is a professor of psychology at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is the ….

When we talk about the relationship between colleges and the world, we tend to focus on economics. But what is the place of …. Greek philosophy was translated to Arabic and further developed by thinkers in the Muslim world, who adapted the tools of logic and the insights of neo-platonic and peripatetic philosophy to the intellectual questions of their own tradition.

Some even proposed philosophy as a complementary rational system of knowledge to the metaphorical system of revealed religion. While admiring some of their logical tools, Muhammad al-Ghazali d. Ghazali isolated four competing epistemological claims to evaluate whether they could lead to certainty: philosophy; theology as developed by Sunni Muslims ; the doctrine in particularly Ismaili Shia Islam of authoritative interpretation by an infallible imam; and the mysticism of the Sufis. Ultimately, al-Ghazali dismisses the possibility of acquired knowledge and the rational intellect leading us to certainty, true understanding and right belief.

Rumi largely agrees:. The philosoph winds up through doubt, conjecture In denial. Bash your head against the wall! Far-sighted reason — I have tested it. Henceforth, I'll make myself demented. Of course Rumi does acknowledge the value of human reason, and that intellect is a God-given faculty with real and useful applications.

The trouble is that any individual possesses only partial intellect, and can never attain perfect knowledge through it. Only the universal intellect, identified with the prophets or saints, can attain that. Rumi illustrates this with the famous parable of the elephant — a tale told by al-Ghazali and Sana'i in the 12th century, though it can be traced all the way back to Buddhist scripture.

Several people encounter an elephant for the first time in total darkness, touching different parts of the beast, groping for a rational conclusion about the reality they opaquely confront. Each come away with quite opposing ideas about the nature of the elephant, depending on whether he had touched the ear, the trunk, the back, the leg, or the tail. Only the light of universal intellect transcends their partial understandings to give a complete picture. This is why, for Rumi, true knowledge comes only through the Sufi path of following the prophet and the saints:.

The best explanation physicists have for the gravitational force is not that of a simple attraction between two isolated bodies but a force embedded in the very fabric of the universe. Here again Rumi has a say:. If the Sky were not in love, its breast would not be pleasant. If the Sun were not in love, its face would not be bright. If the Earth and mountains were not in love, no plant could sprout from their heart.

If the Sea was not aware of love it would have remained motionless somewhere. How does this divine cosmic love function? How is it manifested? Where does it take us? Rumi assigns a transforming power to love like nothing else. Through love, he says, everything changes in a positive way, and far more rewardingly than through other means.

Through love Bitter things become sweet. Through love Bits of copper turn into gold. Through love Dregs taste like pure wine. Through love Pains are healed. Sometimes we are stuck in a problem or in a conflict, and our ever-calculating intellect is unable to find a rational solution. In the alchemy of love, problems are not solved; they are dissolved. Reason says:.

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These six directions are the limit. There is no way out! Love says: There is a way. I have gone it many times. Reason saw a market and began to trade. Love has seen other markets beyond this bazaar. In that state of love, you are one with everything and you see everything as one. In other words, the seeker goes beyond dualities a quality of the mind that Buddhism also fosters and becomes one with the Beloved.

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This is neither body nor soul for I belong to the soul of the Beloved. An Out-of-the-World Citizen. Why is Rumi such a popular poet seven centuries after his life, and in different lands? Rarely a day passes that I do not come across a few verses from Rumi. They both have vanished in the world where I am.

Although his life was rooted in the Islamic and Persian culture, his constituency was the human heart. That is why his poems lift us from mundane situations and offer us the purity, clarity and beauty of a poetic vision — and when our feet touch the earth again, we feel, not relaxed, but relieved. Rumi does not view the divine love as an abstract subject for poets or philosophers; it is a foundation on which we should build our living. He views God not as a remote father in heaven but a friend doost on the Earth. Rumi spoke his poems spontaneously — oftentimes during the whirling dances or while listening to music.

And he appears to have practiced what he preached in his poetry. Out of respect, the monk prostrated himself before Rumi, and when he raised his head, he saw that Rumi had been prostrating himself as well, before the monk.

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When Rumi died on December 17, , on a Sunday at sunset in Konya, people of the town — Muslims, Jews and Christians, the poor, the rich, the learned, the illiterate — all came to his funeral and mourned. But the Jews and the Christians told them just as their Muslim friends had understood Prophet Muhammad through Rumi, they had also understood Moses and Jesus through him.



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