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It's thought all activity is held on file for a year and, if the person continues to download files, more emails will be sent. Although many won't like the thought of this data being held by a government-backed company, the user who shared this warning didn't seem too concerned. Maybe they will educate some people who did it by mistake or did it just once but for someone like me there is no hope. But at least the campaign is not aggressive. If you are concerned about the warnings Sky has launched an incredibly helpful new webpage, explaining that it has signed-up to the Get It Right campaign.

Get It Right also has its own website that aims to provide answers to some of the most asked questions about torrents, peer-to-peer sharing, and copyright material. In an effort to lower piracy rates across the UK, leading Internet service providers will send out emails from the Get It Right campaign to those who have download copyrighted material online.

The email cautions subscribers they have 20 days to stop downloading copyrighted material using peer-to-peer websites. Should your Internet service provider detect more illegal activity from your IP address during the 20 day grace period — another educational email from the Get It Right campaign will be sent. It mostly an argument to scare you into paying fast and without asking any questions. However, make sure to see the difference between the different fees mentioned in this document.

Now this is a little tricky because it is true that some scam letters e. However, most often than not, the warning letter for illegally downloading copyrighted content is a real one coming from a real law firm who represents company like Viacom, Sony, 20th Century Fox, etc. This is the German equivalent to a cease and desist letter that the law firm wants you to sign to prove that you recognize yourself to be guilty of the accusations.

Do not sign this document and do not send it back! Cease and desist letter for Downloading Deadpool source: Quora. There are different courses of action you can take at this point and i guess it depends on how bold you are and how good you are dealing with a possibly nerve-racking situation. While curling yourself in a ball and hoping that it will go away might not seem like the mature and adult thing to do, this reaction might still have a few arguments for it. Reacting this way is basically counting on the weaknesses of the system; those German law firms are very busy you see.

If they do follow-up, additional legal fees might occur and it can be enforced. This is a risk you take if you pick this option. They come at you with legal weaponry? Judging from the cases i have heard around me and in forums around the internetz, this seems to be a popular option. Fees for doing so with German lawyers specialized in copyright infringement cases can vary.

Payment is secured and all communication made in English. I wish you good luck in fighting against the odds. I hope this post helped you understand your situation. Considered one of the bests on the market, safe and easy to use, it works well for this kind of use too. What are the chances to be caught and receive a letter? Answer: There are no rules defining the probability that you could get caught, and also no way to tell the delay with which you can receive this letter.

Only time can tell.


Answer: This post is about torrenting and streaming. I cannot answer about any other means or technologies. Disclaimer : this post is purely for informative purpose about what to do when caught illegal file sharing in Germany. Please make sure you fully understand your situation before taking any action. Sources: 1 , 2 , 3, 4. Also a big thank you to Oliver from the Frankfurt Expat blog, whose post on the legality of streaming helped me fine tune some details of this article. I downloaded gayporn at en-gay. Hey Paraka.

Anyway, now about torrenting, direct download and streaming. Torrenting is bad, because you need to share. It is not about the downloading issue, but about the uploads, which they get you, because you help with the distribution of pirated material. Streaming and direct downloading is a grey zone and so far nobody is hunting you down for such, as you are not helping to distribute pirated material, but they may change the law in time, as torrenting was popular in the early days, but now is dying in Europe and North America, because of the lawmakers.

Still very common in Asia and Russia. To be safe, you may sign up for a good VPN service and pay a yearly fee.

Available on

If you sign the letter, you agree, that you have been notified, done something illegal and pay the quoted penalty. They most likely will send it to you with signature required to have the receipt that you received their proposal of the fine. What about a direct download? Please help. As mentioned above, it is not about the download, but about the upload, which is considered distribution of pirated material.

So direct download is safe so far. Limewire Pro used to be one of those clients in those days, which you could customize it for zero upload. Hey there. I understand you all told about the law,but i want to ask something else. IF you have in your google drive account some movies,and you are allready in Deutchland,be allowed to download this movies to your person computer,i meen from your google drive to your pc?

Hey George. As i have replied many times before; this post is about torrent and streaming, not direct downloads. No,not exactly. Is the law same or no. Hi there! I wanted to ask you something. So I want to know if this is risky, and how can I get caught? Cause when I created the account I changed the IP adress and the informations of the account are not mine!

How do they know who I am and where do I live…. Hey Marina. This is just way beyond what this post is about. I have a question regarding the grey area of this whole subject of i llegal downloads. So, reading some materials on the internet I understood that the main issue is file sharing, rather than direct download for your own use , right? Is it legal? Can you be fined for downloading subtitles from those websites since you do not share them? Hey Mike. This post is about streaming and torrenting. Direct downloads are not concerned by what is said in the post.

Hello, i have downloaded the Episode 1 from One Punch Man Season 2 and when it was over i deleted it and the file , it is a Korean anime. How About watching a movie on web but not downloading it?

Just like Youtube or Netflix but free. Hey Lukas.

End of The Pirate Bay? Shock warning WILL put you off using torrents again

I am not a copyright expert so my guess is a good as yours. Streaming is addressed in the post. Hey there have a question,what about Plex? However he was not there at the time of the facts and can prove it easily. He hired a lawyer since he is the one attacked. The lawyer told him that it was very likely that the lawyers who wrote the letter would not look further to find the real person who downloaded. Is it true? Or should I also already hire a lawyer? Do you already hear some cases like that? Hey Louise. You have obtained professional advice and probably paid for it.

They have the experience. I am an international student and I am coming to Germany soon. Will there be a risk if i bring my laptop full of downloaded torrent files and I uninstall my torrent software before reaching germany? Like I just keep the media files only. Of course you can. Many of my friends bring terabytes of data into Germany. No one is going to hack your computer in order to check for media files xD How can someone now what is on your computer if your are not sharing your files, and who can say that you didnt pay for those movies while you were in your country. After 2 years got new warning letter about these old case, when they scarying you about going to court etc.

In that situation, I have no idea what to do. Did anyone heard about similar situation? I contacted my lawyer, I am supposed to see her next week we have to oppose the court order within 2 weeks , they ask for euros… What did you do? Hi, I messed up, I admit it. I was not aware of this policy in Germany so I had downloaded some new movies in my first week here in Germany. I am sure I will get the Abmahnung letter worth thousand of euros in coming weeks.. And I am just a student!

Depends on how many movies, from how many copyrights holders, how often, etc. Thank you for reply. The lawyer I contacted said letters usually arrive in two weeks after downloading.

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Do you share opinion with him? Hi , just received Waldorf-Frommer cease and desist letter. I never did streaming neither file sharing. I did nothing but paid my Netflix account. Hey Dounia. If you have done nothing at all, check first that there no wrong uses of your WiFi by someone else than you. I have a couple of questions: — I read that some videos on youtube are banned in Germany.

Given that there are numerous movies available on Germany, what if we watch a movie on youtube, is is considered as illegal? I always thought any content on youtube was fine. For example, there are many Russian streaming websites and we are used to watching movies or series on such sites but I never asked myself what is allowed and what is not… Any ideas? Hey Cedric.

Again just an opinion here. Watching content on Youtube is fine. An example for a legal streaming service would be Netflix or Hulu. I am in Berlin for several months and I have a mobile roaming connection of another european phone company of another country I maybe will need some patches for softwares,. If I use my mobile connection, there is a possibility of been caught? Teamviewer is traced? If I will control a my pc in my native country to send me something on my mail, to download here in Germany, there are any risks?

Direct downloads are much harder to trace in my opinion.

  • Fast, legal filesharing.
  • Stream torrents while you download?
  • The Cambridge Companion to Rossini (Cambridge Companions to Music).

I got caught downloading a movie and received my letter. I deleted everything but will i still have problems with those other movies i had on my laptop? Hey Lina. This post is about Torrenting while being in Germany. Hi, First of all, thanks for your great post, which provides me a lot of helpful information thanks to all of commenters, too. Are you sure this platform is trustworthy? It feels so bad and so stressed.

Hey Alighiero. Jurato is legit yes, but still you should get decent service. Hi, i am an international student and currently living in Cologne, Germany. Should i be worried since these files are from an account in Twitter? Is that considered illegal to have some videos offline in google drive? This would be considered direct download i guess. Hello hello, sooo i have moved to germany for some months ago and on the 28 december i downloaded movies from thepiratebay.

One from warner bros that i got a charge on euro I got it yesterday So my question is should i contakt a lawyer and tell them about it or whats the plans? I had no idea it was this strict…. Greetings Krillow. Yes, you should be worried. If you also get caught for the other movies, you will get a letter for each of them. Each of those could be processed as separate cases. Good luck with this! Me and my girlfriend are aware of fines and that is why we are never going to use totrent or any illegal site for watching or downloading …we have vodafone internet and as any other modem we can share homebox to other users of vodafone , we got mail about some movie we didnt watch or hear about it.

What should we do…can vodafone check that for us. Or can we do anything else to fight so we do not get punished bicause of someone else being bad person. Thank you. Hey Fukasve. Depends if the modem has dynamic IP and other stuff i suppose.

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If that is truly a mistake, you can still hire a lawyer to decide the best course of action. I have history from all devices connected in my flat and i will go to vodafone to ask about MAC address ,ip address tells me its not any of my devices and MAC will just confirm it more alongside with history proof. Hi Fukasve, I just received similar letter, with exactly same amount of fee reduced to euros from And they claim I watched some movie I have no idea about for 7 mins, which I didnt do.

Last Night BitTorrent Saved Her Life Last Night BitTorrent Saved Her Life
Last Night BitTorrent Saved Her Life Last Night BitTorrent Saved Her Life
Last Night BitTorrent Saved Her Life Last Night BitTorrent Saved Her Life
Last Night BitTorrent Saved Her Life Last Night BitTorrent Saved Her Life
Last Night BitTorrent Saved Her Life Last Night BitTorrent Saved Her Life

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