Dogs Hate Sweaters (A Funny Rhyming Books For Kids and Parents)

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Reluctant Reads - Ages 7+

Now, I can't draw and I admire the people who can. I just think more whimsical and realistic drawings of dogs would add to the fun of this book. This is not one I will pick up again any time soon. Apr 26, Katie rated it it was ok Shelves: picture-books. A trippy crayon tour of the solar system that I badly wanted to like, this creative attempt to combine science via an appendix of planetary facts and fantasy dogs in helmets and jet packs "shed hair in zero gravity"!

Plus, without an updated edition: Houston, we have a Pluto problem. Mar 19, Amanda Walz rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-books. This is a cute fantasy book to read to children learning about space and planets. The dogs fly through space and visit each planet in order from the sun. It's a funny idea, dogs in space, and it has rich colors on a black background. Sep 07, Ayoca rated it it was ok.

This book can be used for k-4 to teach about the Solar System. Can be used to teach about all different types of dogs that went to the different planets in space. All the dogs explained how the planets were after visiting them. Jan 26, Katie rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books , storytime. I would like to use this for an outer space storytime, but its a bit dated now. Jenni rated it liked it May 01, Dana rated it it was ok Aug 26, Tiffany rated it did not like it Aug 09, Jody rated it really liked it Aug 06, Deb Reddy rated it it was ok Mar 21, Lisa rated it it was ok Oct 14, Nancy rated it it was ok Oct 15, Aspasia rated it really liked it Oct 16, Andrea rated it liked it Nov 06, Piper rated it liked it Jan 10, Jason Beyer rated it liked it Sep 16, Joelle rated it liked it Jan 21, Elizabeth rated it it was ok Dec 29, Maddie rated it it was ok Sep 03, Charlene rated it liked it Aug 21, Jenna rated it it was ok Dec 16, Catherine Joy rated it really liked it Nov 25, Nikki Glassley rated it liked it Apr 25, Lisa Hanson rated it really liked it Sep 30, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Nancy Coffelt. Nancy Coffelt. Nancy Coffelt is an author and artist from Portland, Oregon - best known for her work on childrens' and young adult books, including Fred Stays With Me and Listen. She often features dogs in her work, and a lot of her stories revolve around dogs. Her art has been featured in galleries, and she illustrates several of her own books. Books by Nancy Coffelt. Trivia About Dogs in Space.

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Baldacchino and Malenfant craft a story about modern gender norms that feels neither preachy nor prescribed — only necessary. It centers on Morris, a creative, fun-loving boy, who finds a tangerine dress in his classroom costume bin. A must-read for anyone who needs some urging to stay on their own course. The illustrations, particularly of the colorful characters met along the way, are effervescent. Watch how CJ, urged by his grandmother to listen to the guitarist play, is whisked off into a world of music. Zak skips the part about lions and gazelles, focusing instead on giving his stuffed animals the low-done on how he was donor-conceived.

If you want to teach your kids about sharing — and avoid ending up on Hoarders — show them this fable about a wealthy, wasteful Lord Cat who refuses to abandon his possessions until he find himself destitute and starving is a good place to start. Think of it as mixed-media collages meet meaningful life lessons.

The act of waiting is such an essential part of being a kid. You must wait for dinner, for bedtime, for dad to get home. A little girl, clad in a red hood, plucks flowers on a walk home with her distracted father. Each flower, she decides, is a gift to bestow. Her journey and good deeds soon prove that simple acts can be splendid things. His words are embodied in this beautifully illustrated tale of a sheep who, out of pure luck, becomes king of his kind.

Louis, said sheep, quickly morphs into a tyrant and the tale that follows serves as a microcosm for the playground struggles all kids encounter. Consider it required reading for any child who flirts with, or is seduced by, power. What it truly concerns, and explains in both sharp prose and wonderful acrylics, is how the tuft-eared creature ended up near said sandwich in the first place.

And that involves a ride in the back of a truck that brings him to the big city and a string of fire-escape climbing adventures. The characters of Du Iz Tak are all bugs, including two damselflies, some beetles, a pill bug named Icky! What follows is a tale of soul searching that leads to not only self-acceptance but a better understanding of the Native American identity. The premise here is simple enough: a cat goes for a walk.

On that walk he encounters a number of creatures, including a child, a fish, a fox, a flea, a worm, and a mouse. How the cat appears on each page, however, changes based on what creature is looking at the cat. To the mouse, the cat appears as a monstrous thing; to the worm, he is but a series of vibrations. In shades of Goodnight Moon , this tale tells the story of Great Big Bear and Little Bear, the latter of whom just wants to stay up a little bit longer. So the two snuggle in and we sweep through the jungle at night time, where everyone is yawning and preparing for bed.. The story follows a young boy who finds a stray dog.

Told by his parents that he is not yet mature enough for the responsibility, he gives the dog to a shelter. The boy, we can tell, loves the dog. But he is never ready for the responsibility. Not the most positive beginning. For a while at least. A little girl spends all day playing with her favorite toy, a stuffed animal named Planet. Once she goes to bed, her loyal companion goes off on his own journey. In this case that means distracting the family dog with a cookie and joining a mouse for a moon-snatching adventure.

The story brilliantly imagines a world children already inhabit: one where their stuffed animals are not only alive but bold. Jeffers created this book, a set of instructions on how to see the world, for his young son. In it, he waxes poetic on everything from the stars to terrain to humanity, distilling it down to the bare bones beauty. Everyone knows that Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. But what happened afterward? Here, Dumpty is a bird watcher who takes his famous tumble while looking for them from atop a wall. Or to see the things he wants to see. Luckily, Humpty is able to overcome his fear and Santat is able to explain to children the importance of dusting yourself off and putting yourself back together again after even the most catastrophic falls.

Little, Playful, Full of Joy; that's who I was as a little boy. Stress free, shy, but so full of glee. Until Heaven took him away from me. I miss you, Dad. Worrying, crying, bullied for so long. Regrets Healed Over. Blood Isn't as Thick as You'd Hope. Boys and Girls she had.

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Many of them gathered round. Love she spoke, yet love we didn't feel. Love we didn't see. In the footsteps of the trees, we grow. Propsering flowers and bees, we grow. A little sapling at birth, we grow. Looking to find our worth, we grow. Now a toddler tree, we grow. Spark of curiosity, we grow. Your age. Your face changes. But me. How did I change? A Work of Art. Dark Room. Out of My Hands. Perfect Girl. Shower Confidence. Support System. A girl to love, that sounds like fun but sadly they go one by one That leaves me with a whine for stability someone to bring me tranquillity.

Thief of Love. Too Much. Pity Me.

Reluctant Reads - Ages 5+

Look Down On Me, as i look up to my dreams as i begin to start planning my schemes though for you, not enough it seems. Bring Me Down,. When Memories Change. This Is Who I Am. Back in the day when I was a young girl, They said my teeth should be white as a pearl. They said I needed makeup to be glam, But now I know that this is who I am. In middle school, they said I was too fat,. Yellow Balloons. On the last week of third grade, All of what we knew came to fade.

Our blue sky had turned to gray. We were told that he would never see another day. As a Day Goes By. In the morning, I wake up and all these problems come about All of these problems cause me to act out Parents, parents, parents, what a pain. Not a Child. I'm not a child anymore I can comb my hair and dress myself, I couldn't do that before. I'm not a child anymore, I stand tall and I speak up, I've grown inside a lot more. I'm not a child anymore,.

The Returning. A new place to achieve my ambition A new place to explore ny future Though I am risking with this transition My anxiety can be cut with knives. I know I am grown when I'm alone. I know I am old when I call the doctor on the phone. I know I am getting up there when my skills start to hone. I know I am aged when money for school is on loan.

I know I am ancien. Summer Nights. How I've Changed. In my mind I capture A time when I was less mature. At an age Where I could barely talk on stage. With time, I learned to rhyme. Cheesy, cheesy Pizza. It was just a cheesy, cheesy pizza running down the street Every other pizza laughed because of all her cheese No one realized that cheesy, cheesy pizza was the one to be eaten first. Her Shifted World. A bright world which was her own, That is what she knew. Once it changed, She realized she did too. Toys and games,. Not a Kid Anymore. The Age of Innocence. No more little playgrounds to play on, I'm a big girl now, At the crack of dawn, I'm up and learning who, what, when, where, why, and how.

No more silly jokes for me,. Fake to real I had no choice. It was stand still or project my voice. Innocent to vulnerable with decisions choose wisely or be judged. Judged on everything so choose your heart don't hold a grudge. When, the autumn leaves lost their red, i spent more moments living inside my head, i learned to appreciate my bed, i knew i wasn't the same as i was. When, i noticed the injustice,. On the radio I hailed,. Growing Up Fast. Black Girl Magic. Chivalry is Not Dead. Choose to grow within the treacheous weather.

Choose to bloom throughout the rain and grab a sweater. I cannot lie, it won't be easy. But choose to be the purple flower, not the puny seedling. I Am Not Yours to Keep. Is my soul not enough for you to keep. The Exact Surrender to a Teacher. Two voices one song. Why can't you see? There was a time when I was so quiet The silence it came from the fear of a riot Occuring so fast and caused by my blast Of words I couldn't contain For if they remained Inside me the same.

Drag Queen. My First Job. Bees are like kamikazes and. Smart and Beautiful. Young and free Happy as can be Drawing on walls And playing with dolls Grow a little older Things are colder Getting called names Can't play some games Because your ugly and stupid. Coming Home. Thank You, Teachers. Every day is planned out to the minute Most of us have never had teachers that cared this much You have always taught us in spirit With a special, caring touch. Broken hearts. Condemned and Shunned, My mind can function no longer. Battered and bruised, Like life on the battle field It can fight no further.

Reasons why. We go to great measures, Just to ensure we have the right gestures. For in a world where we have to earn, Shows us how much we have to learn. The Angst of Depression. What is the meaning of this? Personal Growth. My life is full of expectations Some parts have altercations I love the loyal I hate the royal You rise to the occasion. Grown Now. Perfect Perfection. Perfection is always a goal Crushing a person's soul Trying to be worth gold Slowly crumbling under the mold Souls gathering up building a cult Trying not to get a single insult.

Grow i n g Up The day I turned 18, I announced my independence from my parents. They nod in agreement. The day I turned 18, I announced my independence from my parents. Cold Coffee. My best friend Courtney.. Am I lost? I must have been lost,Wondering if what should be its costHave I lost my mind? Cause baby, you're always filling me inside. High School Do Over. Always planning the future, and missing out on the present. If these were the best days of my life, why does it feel like a bunch of knifes? I nev. Growing out of Insecurity. At the age of thirteen my whole life changed.

I walked into the kitchen and on the table there was something strange. What I saw was a grenade lying there ready to grab. So, I walked over and held it in my hand. My Life part 1. Rainy Days. I've Moved On. I treasured you; you're all that I knew at one point in time. I gave you all of me and then some, down to my last dime. Starting University My future filled with uncertainty High hopes for my engineering courses.

Twilight Skies. Twilight Skiespassing by. Wish I could stop to say "hi,"but I travel with time. Not smiling at smiling me from the DMV. Not watching an R without all of the PG. Not even checking the squares of democracy. Im not sorry mom. I'm sorry I have disappointed you, mom You think it was so sudden like a bomb It wasn't for me And that I can guarantee I have taken time to know for sure That I don't need a cure Love is not a choice.

What I Have Become. Brought Up. Butterfly Effect. Head down in a book, Hiding my braces, Fearing they may look, Always so abrasive. Things to Miss. Faded memories of moving trucks and tire swings, a driveway filled with old Chevy's and other broken things. Simple pleasures like going to Chuck E. Cheese, It only took words to put me at ease. This I Pray. The ones you love,.

Respect My Name. She said she can do it. She said she can do it but in reality she's loosing it. Its funny, i've been playing life like a game of rummy. Year by year i watch my days pass, as if im wathcing my life from behind a glass. Derealization is what ive got, I'm in control.. Black Is Growing thoughts and "One Days". Hearing you've gotten taller, was such a simple thing And being an adult had a nice ring However, as you grow you'll begin to see All the different changes around thee Your Mom and Dad begin to gray. Growing Leads to Glowing.

I started in a nest, My messy hair stayed a mess. My Mom always knew I could not follow rules. I tried to touch the sky Long before I could fly. I cherished giggles and fun. Ocean in My Mind. The water consumes everything around Sinking, sinking, I continue to drown Screaming, fighting, and yet there is no sound.

Growth Of The Bitter. This rage of my screaming pain I writhe in my own agony of the stains The stains it has caused in my mind and oh so many fabrics The blood stains of bitterly depression. True Freedom.

Hip Hop Dog by Chris Raschka

It's awful, this thought that brought it up keeps on coming. The laws, the media, the repeating cycle of what's new. It's causing poverty, and honestly, we are consciously lost.

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Gains and Growing Pains. Step one Look up to your brother he's in your corner And has a back when you've got none, don't let him down. I don't know I'm just a kid trying to be an adult. Wait, let's go back to freshman year when College wasn't on my brain at all I just wanted to live life and party till I fall. That name you speak is not for me. I am stuck in the age that you love to mock, but it wasn't my fault I couldn't stop the clock. Two thick braids have unraveled into soft curls, grinning crooked teeth turned to bright whitened pearls.

Temporary Dreams. Do you ever wish you could go back to sleep? A place where you've already achieved All your hopes and dreams? Do you ever wish you could be asleep Instead of being awake, And wanting to scream? Dear Students. Students Aren't human Schools only pretend To give a shit And be prudent Because in their eyes You're only a statistic. Moving Forward. As I wake every morning I thank God I'm alive. Because the decisions I've made shouldn't have let me survive. You and Me or You and Her. Ding Dong as the bell floats away, Acqua Di Gio surrounds you, The taste of your lips on mine, My blood boils as it touches your face, Finally my worries are lost.

Verbal Filter Glow up. I glow and I grow everyday a new way when I was young I had no filter a slip of the tongue too common. The Sun and the Color Yellow. Favorable Change. There once was a British Indian girl, Who lived in British world. Eating her fish and chips, But still loving her Indian dips One day she was told, That she would have to leave her usual mold. He walks just as honorable as he stands He talks with intelligence and compassion He has the determination to withstand, The actions that take a toll on his passions.

A gold mirror always hung on my wall, I've never seem to think of it at all. The Unknown. The way he looks at the other guy I am truly unhappy, but it's unclear why Nevertheless my wife approches my side. Give Up Your Illusion. Roses are red, Violets are Blue- Bubbles are all the colors of the rainbow Just like me and you I lean in for a kiss Then you push me away But that's more than okay Becuase you'll love me one day.

Proud to be an American. From George washington's cherry tree, to the JFK incident that we heard on the the seven o'clock news. Promised by Donald Trump to build a border wall all the way out to the sea,. God's Love. Heaven Can Wait. Did you know you ruined my life? I heard you laugh while you did it, Did you know you ruined my life? With your words so insipid,. For years I lived in the pages Of other places, of other ages. I lived alongside heroes so brave I helped countless lives be saved. I lived in the pages of books young and old And in stories not yet told.

Like the crew of a ship whose captainHas never sailed beforeTo unfamiliar shore. Overcoming Adversity. I come to the same house everyday and act like a different person And yes I said house Because a home is where love and dreams prosper and a house is made of brick, wood and dust. I wish I could write. I wish my pain could write a song, powerful enough to save all the broken hearts that were done wrong.

If only I could find a place, quiet enough for my mind to not give way,to chase. A Girl's Dream.

A girl always wants what she dreams. The mirror is her biggest foe. One day she is beautiful,. Everything comes to an end. Whether it be falling into the water, or hearing your heart shatter, your car of life will drive around the bend. Your heart will not beat, and you'll breathe your last breath. When You Dig A Hole. When You dig a hole, where does the dirt go? And do You dig it fast or do You dig it slow? In the end, a hole is a hole But once You are in, it is time to console. To get out of the hole, here is a clue:. Digital She. She is not really brave curdles life never mind the grave like a teen fancy life she crave confined in a cocoon she feels when 'they' deny her thrills Deeply travel she seeks an outing off the shores.

The underneath of my heart solely encampeth the own you, buzzing with joy,as if never leapt leaping with love,as if never to yield Love that won't just stop about seeking the clarity of,. Years of change. Freshman year, with glasses sheek. She walked with tears, and an orchestra geek. She had a crush, that broke her heart. He made her blush, but not enough. Left quickly as a dart. How Much I've Grown. Have you ever felt that you had the best of friends? That you and your friends could get past al the twists and bends?

That no matter what you went through, you would still be entwined? Grow With The Flow. Life begins to zoom. Growing up too soon. Been six years in school. Not my first crush but closest to first love. Went through things no kid ever should've. Years of off and on revealed to be.

Lost Girl. Innocence, purity of the heart and soul. Distant from the grasp of reality. Untouched, unharmed, unphased by philosophical question. Who are we? Isn't It Crazy? The happiest point in my life, Is somewhere I'm supposed to be, Your youth shouldn't be filled with strife, Instead it should be carefree; But that has nothing to do with me, But I'm blessed with a family,. Divided we stand. Like when they blew up the Twin Towers or when we invaded Iraq. The Painting is a Mirror.

Too much on the mind but not enough to say There's something magical about writing And coughing on the foam of a latte Too much to say but not enough to see Listening to the people singing. Rainbow stripe skirt. When the doors opened, my back was turned But the voice that came in caused my skin to go numb. I peered towards the sound that rose up from a girl With a rainbow-stripe skirt and a tone unconcerned.

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Come live with me and be my love, I want to wear it like a glove; I will give you all that I am, My heart, my soul, with no exam. Don't care, they Care. Fear, the Animal. Dangling Above the Trees. I stared below at the thousands of trees That were so small they looked like broccoli I stumbled ahead while my knees shook heavily As if laughing at my attempted bravery. Thinking with my Heart. A Change Within. Past is Future. If we are ever to last We must learn from our fumbles And we must stay humble. Bubbling, rippling, boiling fears Red hot steaming ears. Anger from the little voice The one you have no choice To ignore.

He can shake you to your core. Soon you fear he is right. Overcome awkward - Meet people. What did I do to have met you? Breaking Free. I am the small voice that fades into the background, I am the cowardly dog who puts down their head, I am the thought that never gets to be expound,. Surrounded by Crowds. Moving Onward. My biggest fear, A most realistic dread-- Was once the day You would move away And leave me behind. A beloved sista,. I Pledge Allegiance. Stage Fright. March On. Soggy boots stomp on crumbled lands No tears are wept for their bloody hands Legs of lead and Hearts of steel.

Courage is the Key. Safety, comfortability, contentment Things we all long to feel. But we find ourselves in resentment Aching hearts we conceal. Fear, Risk, Uncomfortability Things people fight to avoid. What I Tell Myself. I tell myself to get out there And hold my head up high and long. To Not Be Alone. No, a chase? What If? If I could spell fear then I wouldn't, Given the chance, I'd scream it in its face, You would begin to stutter but you shouldn't, Fear was designed to put you in your place,.

Fills The Space.

Hip Hop Dog

My heart races Eyes blood red Loneliness fills the spaces Were happiness fled. You never touched me but I hugged you.

Call Me a Liberalist. Daughter vs.

See a Problem?

Dad Drunk Edition. My Dad drinks, I don't and I plan to keep it that way. Everyday at my house it's a battle. Roses are red Violets are blue, I was afraid to talk about sex with you. I didn't know what to say, I didn't know how Please me why this is such hell. Talking with trust. Scared of rejection Scared of judgement I'll stare at my reflection Every moment. The Hidden Impact. Standing, Front of the room, All eyes on you, As your sweat pours through your shirt, Shivering under the searing lights,. I May, I Will. Run as fast as your feet can tread When you get here I may be dead Use the force that God gave at birth Please use your endless mirth.

How to cure Metrophobia. Afraid to Fall. It was my first time dating, And I had no idea how good it would be. Teigra's Lament. Moon children we are of claw and fur, less I am without, cast away in their wrath. Burning, breaking, hurting, taking, Could we use a little more decision-making. The Familiar Voice. Overcoming the fear of mistakes. Black and White. Just words. Same Old Song. Confusing World. Comin' up in this confusing world You're not sure if you're a boy or a girl You told me not to tell your parents But could your haircut make it any more apparent? Somebody help me get through this.

Too Fat For Fame.

Dogs Hate Sweaters (A Funny Rhyming Books For Kids and Parents) Dogs Hate Sweaters (A Funny Rhyming Books For Kids and Parents)
Dogs Hate Sweaters (A Funny Rhyming Books For Kids and Parents) Dogs Hate Sweaters (A Funny Rhyming Books For Kids and Parents)
Dogs Hate Sweaters (A Funny Rhyming Books For Kids and Parents) Dogs Hate Sweaters (A Funny Rhyming Books For Kids and Parents)
Dogs Hate Sweaters (A Funny Rhyming Books For Kids and Parents) Dogs Hate Sweaters (A Funny Rhyming Books For Kids and Parents)
Dogs Hate Sweaters (A Funny Rhyming Books For Kids and Parents) Dogs Hate Sweaters (A Funny Rhyming Books For Kids and Parents)

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