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Understand the role of a deacon or deaconess in the church

Telling Travis he did pretty good after rescuing Vadim in Confidence Man. Carrington he must be the head of the unwelcoming committee.

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Humoring Tinker Tom 's paranoia. Using the "Misunderstanding" option with the first mate or ask him to calm down in Last Voyage of the U. Telling Joe at Bunker Hill that helping synths is a good thing. Giving the serum to Brian Virgil. Agreeing to help Bobby De Luca get off of chems in Dependency. Teaming up with Glory by letting her decide what to do or asking her to do it during Memory Interrupted. Defending the freedom of the press while speaking with Piper and Mayor McDonough. Killing Doctor Chambers during Human Error. Telling Hancock that Pickman Gallery was "horrific. Choosing any dialog option when speaking to Maria during Special Delivery after why she hasn't done anything.

Calling the Slog impressive when talking to Wiseman as well as calling it a great idea further into the conversation. Telling Initiate Clarke that he should just run in Duty or Dishonor.

Telling X that you don't need his help during Synth Retention. Telling Finn to back off. Saying "I feel you" to Hancock after he stabs Finn when you enter Goodneighbor for the first time. Telling Skinny Malone that Darla is the problem. Encouraging violence against Darla. Telling Supervisor White that robots need humans in the Graygarden introduction dialogue. Persuading Sister Gwyneth to leave the island. Giving Sister Aubert her note back. Saying that what Brother Devin does is nuts when asked by Zealot Ware. Agreeing to talk to Brother Devin when asked by Zealot Ware.

Saying that one does not want trouble when talking to the trapper during The Arrival. Saying sorry and agreeing to keep Captain Avery's secret after giving her own locket and skull. Saying that the people of Far Harbor are good people when asked by Teddy Wright. Helping Andre Michaud after talking to Teddy Wright. Helping Small Bertha for free and saying that she is remarkable. Saying anything for the family when talking to Mitch. Being sorry for Ada 's loss in Mechanical Menace. He also likes if one tries to frighten Speech check the men of Sinjin during this quest.

Threatening as the Shroud when talking to Sinjin no speech check. Choosing the sympathetic response when Blake Abernathy mentions the death of his daughter Mary in Returning the Favor. Telling Danse no, when asked to join at the end of Call to Arms. Sparing Danse in Blind Betrayal. Saying 'You hate everyone' and 'of course he did' in conversation with Doctor Carrington. Agreeing to attempt to communicate with Patriot during The Molecular Level. Joining The Railroad after completing Tradecraft. Calling yourself "Whisper" when Desdemona asks for your nickname at the end of the quest Tradecraft.

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  • Welcome to Deacons, Salisbury.

Telling Desdemona to protect the Railroad during End of the Line. Mourning the synth in Memory Interrupted. Saying "missed my goodbye" to Doctor Amari during Memory Interrupted quest. Telling Desdemona that one misses Glory. Being against the genocide of Synths during Human Error.

Rejecting Doctor Chambers ' deal during Human Error. Completing the launch of the ship during Last Voyage of the U.

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Lying to save the suspect after successfully interrogating the Suspected Synth. Telling Doctor Amari that you lost your chance to say goodbye to H at the beginning of Memory Interrupted. Telling Rei Nakano that even if her daughter is a synth, she needs help. Telling Kasumi Nakano that Acadia is worth protecting. Pretending to be Atom's messenger when talking to Brother Devin. Dislikes Asking for more money in dialogues. Using chems. Eating corpses. Giving drugs to Mama Murphy. Saving Pickman. Speaking without code to Old Man Stockton. Entering Lorenzo's cell after killing him or if the player character chooses to free Lorenzo.

Helping the Minutemen retake Fort Independence. Entering the town of Covenant. Returning the egg to the deathclaw. Saying it was an honor to work with Abbot during Painting the Town. Telling Brandis the rest of his team is dead. Bringing a HalluciGen gas canister to Fred Allen. Telling Initiate Clarke to turn himself in during Duty or Dishonor. Choosing to kill Initiate Clarke in Duty or Dishonor. Telling Ironsides to abandon ship during Last Voyage of the U. Siding with the Scavenger during Last Voyage of the U. Asking Sister Aubert to pay up.

Encouraging Devin or admiring his devotion when asked by Zealot Ware. Saying caps is the reason to help the people of Far Harbor when asked by Teddy Wright. Telling Ada that it's "not my fight". Going along with Cleansed 's explanation of Hubology. Joining the Brotherhood of Steel. Killing settlers and innocent people makes him turn hostile.

Executing Danse at the end of Blind Betrayal. Surrendering one's possessions to Brother Thomas. Activating Liberty Prime in Liberty Reprimed. Giving Proctor Ingram the network scanner in Outside the Wire. Killing Marowski , after being offered caps by Malcom Latimer. Killing Trish in Diamond City Blues. Describing Pickman Gallery as beautiful when turning the quest in to Hancock. Killing the accused settler in the Suspected Synth Minutemen radiant quest. Telling High Rise that Sole Survivor is not sign to babysit him. Killing Machete Mike during Hull Breach. Sniper rifle Pipe gun While working undercover, before finding the Railroad.

Brotherhood of Steel. The Institute. Elders lead ministry, deacons facilitate ministry, the congregation does ministry.

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That, I believe, is the New Testament model. The main difference between an elder and a deacon is a difference of gifts and calling, not character.

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Rather than a healthy, robust congregationalism, this church practiced congregational micromanagement. This book attempts to bring refreshment to the soul of anyone that has been laboring in the desert of ministry drought—and it is exceptionally successful. Purchase a Print Edition. Our work is possible by the generosity of our readers. Give Today. Resources Donate. You may unsubscribe at any time. Support 9Marks Our work is possible by the generosity of our readers. Recently Added.

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