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    Our commissions. Sighthound Races. The next generation of the FCI. Mission, Vision and Values. Founding members. GA How to establish a national Youth canine organisation. How to organize Youth activities for cynological venues.

    "breed" in American English

    EIA found that some companies are issued licenses to breed endangered animals, including the South China Tiger. Sir William Stanley used to breed some fifty pointers yearly.

    We breed and fatten a large number of pigs on the clearings round the shanty. The dog owner does not as a rule think it worth while to post himself on the history and points of the breed. They can be buried in the earth, till they breed worms and stink.

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    Breed s of poultry are usually divided into three separate classes, depending on the place where the breed originated. Original notion of the word was incubation, warming to hatch. Sense of "grow up, be reared" in a clan, etc. Related: Bred ; breeding. Of persons, from s. Breeds to produce and maintain new or improved strains of domestic animals and plants.

    Genetics a group of organisms within a species, esp a group of domestic animals, originated and maintained by man and having a clearly defined set of characteristics.

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    Genetics a lineage or race: a breed of Europeans. Verb 1. To produce or reproduce by giving birth or hatching: Mosquitoes breed in water. To raise animals or plants, often to produce new or improved types: breed a new type of corn. Noun A group of organisms having common ancestors and sharing certain traits that are not shared with other members of the same species. Breeds are usually produced by mating selected parents. Examples: breed of bees [a brood], ; of duckling, ; of thinkers; of wits, Switch to new thesaurus. To produce sexually or asexually others of one's kind: increase , multiply , procreate , proliferate , propagate , reproduce , spawn.

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    To be the biological father of: beget , father , get , procreate , sire. To cause to come into existence: beget , create , engender , father , hatch , make , originate , parent , procreate , produce , sire , spawn. Idiom: give birth to.

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