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Sandra Novelly reviewed on on Aug. Absolutely loved this book and the next one, Blood Sport.

Fatherhood used to be a matter of faith. What changes when science makes it a matter of fact?

The characters were so much fun. Can't wait to read more from this author sorry I waited so long to review. Gayle Duckart reviewed on on Aug. Australia takes on a whole new meaning Buy them all you will not be disappointed. From free to 2. Connie Krohn-Pickrell reviewed on on July 30, My fingers moved too fast last time! Didnt get to rate the book.

Connie review of free book. Believable, loveable country folk like me!

Can' t wait to see if Tess and Finn get together! Now reading Heller. Thanks JD Connie review of free book. Erin Hoock reviewed on on July 25, Great book! JD Nixon has a way of writing that sucks you in. Unfortunately, I had a few days of falling asleep at work because I couldn't put the book down at night. I had read the Heller series and wasn't sure this could compare.

I was wrong. It is a definite must read especially if you enjoyed Heller. Thanks for another great read! Dorothy Koch reviewed on on July 15, Great book - truly a page turner. I couldnt' wait to see what would happen to Tessa. Can'd wait to read more of Nixon's books! Fern H reviewed on on June 21, Theodore Borrego reviewed on on June 20, This and its companion book, Blood Sport, are just a complete hoot. Wonderful reads, and memorable characters. I started it, wasn't sure that I'd manage to get all interested in a small-town Aussie cop, but a few pages in, and I was hooked, bought the second book and finished it in a day.

When do number three, four, five come out?

I'm waiting. Thanks for the delightful story. Billie Jackson reviewed on on April 23, At first I had some reservations about choosing this book because the description seem kind of negative. I kept going back to it though and after reading the Heller books, I just couldn't wait.

LOVED it. Tessie is tough and bad things, most of them in the past, do happen but there a some wonderful people in this town. Of course having hunks around doesn't hurt either. Once Sarge got wised up, I like him more than the gorgeous Jake. Stephanie M reviewed on on April 20, Great review of free book. Jody V reviewed on on April 13, Great read. Melissa Fenske reviewed on on April 11, I can't believe that JD Nixon has written these 2 great series in the short time that she has been writing. I am on pins and needles waiting to see what happens with Tessie and the Sarge!

I can already feel it building. Brilliant story line. I can't wait for the next in this series!!! I really loved this book. I definitely would reccomend to a friend and i loved both books!!!!! Jess Voght reviewed on on April 3, Love it! I couldn't put the book down and fell in love with these characters and can't wait to see what happens next.

These are a great series and I can't thank JD enough for her talent and allowing me to enjoy these great books! HookedonNook reviewed on on Jan. JD is multi-talented new author whose books are outstanding. This series has quirky characters, long- suffering heroine, conflict which kept me turning pages all night.

This one is free-try it. Then get "Heller" free. Heller has different flavor but also delicious.

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All Nixon's books worthy of our time, support, and money. Book 3 due spring.

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Can't wait. Couldn't put it down. The physical abuse poor Tess goes through and she still goes to work everyday like it's no big deal. Couldn't decide who was funnier Have already got a couple of my friends to download it and would recommend it go anyone who likes suspense and humour together. I really like reading JD Nixon's stories.

They have great characters, plots and action. She writes the story in such a way that you feel you are actually in Little Town. My issue with the book is not that it was poorly written, but that the characters frustrated me. Especially Tess' relationship with Jake Bycraft. Their relationship doesn't make sense to me.

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I understand family ties, but when your own brother wants to rape and murder your girlfriend, and you sit back and let the family harass her, that is just ridiculous. I still loved the book and her writing, and cannot wait for the next book because I am anxious to see what will happen next. Sue Erickson reviewed on on Oct. WOW, I have to say this is the best book that I have read in along time!!! Fiona, she was so funny!! Tess, I felt so bad for her I just loved her. So looking forward to more of your work, PS.. Would of gave you ten stars if I had my choice.

RJ Parker reviewed on on Sep. Further to my previous review, I only just discovered that JD is a female, so exclude the Mr. Nixon and add Ms. Nixon I hope she's not like Fiona lol RJ Parker reviewed on on Aug. An excellent book, brilliant writing, great story. This author has a wonderful sense of humor and several times I had to stop reading as I was laughing so hard.

I love the character of Tess Fuller and will most certainly add Mr. Nixon to my favorite author list. Excellent book, cant wait for the next one! Brilliant and funny!!! Butterfly reviewed on on Aug. First of all, I can't believe this book was a free download - There are 1, pages!! The Bycrafts have bullied and harassed and even murdered the Fuller women for generations.

When Tess Fuller returns home to Little Town to help take care of her dying father, she is the entire Bycraft Clan's number one victim. Usually, a family has at least one black sheep, but the Bycraft's are the opposite Even with the well know feud between the families, they fall in love. Blood Ties is filled with adventure, challenges, and of course romance!!

Will their love be strong enough to overcome the hatred of their families or will Tess be this generation's Fuller victim?? Nora Lee reviewed on on Aug.

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  • The characters in this Australian tale are over the top. The good people of Little Town are eccentric to say the least and the bad guys are pure evil. Character development is great and there are many characters on both sides. I did notice a few missing words, maybe a dozen or so, which isn't a big deal to me in a , plus word book, but I do suggest the author take the time to edit and put them in. The main characters are interesting and their conflict as they grew to know each other was well balanced between dislike and affection.

    Both of them harbor dark secrets they are unable to share. I'm looking forward to a Little Town sequel. Robert Schobernd reviewed on on Aug. I've just finished Blood Ties and am very impressed. The editing is not perfect, there are several words missing, in my opinion, but it is good for a book , words in length. Character development is very good and the storyline is intriguing. Some of the action scenes could have been a little better choreographed, but overall were acceptable.

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    I'm looking forward to additional books by J. Nixon and have already downloaded Heller. This was a good story with entertaining and memorable characters. I immediately returned to the Smashwords site to download Heller. Ready for the next Little Town book. Report this book. The snake's bite had awakened powers that he never knew he had, lying hidden in his blood from his serpentine ancestors. It took him a few hours to even begin to realise the full extent of his powers. He soon found that he could speak to and even control the snake, and shortly afterwards he found that he could also control other animals, as well as mimic snake-like traits ref.

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    For example, the first Harry Potter book introduced us to four groups of Hogwarts wizards, developed the relationship between wizards and nonmagical humans and included a variety of goblins and half-giants and guard-dragons. Spotlighting kickass women action heroes is one of their missions. Use the crosses to help you keep things aligned Once you've drawn their faces, go ahead and sketch in the rest of their heads. Keep in mind though - depending on how your character looks So I wanted to take that on, to direct every aspect of the story.

    Collaboration is wonderful, but sometimes I just want to be the sole voice ref. Lipchitz, Jacques. They went off to Wizarding sections of the world and hardly interacted with the normal world.

    Blood Ties (Little Town Book 1) Blood Ties (Little Town Book 1)
    Blood Ties (Little Town Book 1) Blood Ties (Little Town Book 1)
    Blood Ties (Little Town Book 1) Blood Ties (Little Town Book 1)
    Blood Ties (Little Town Book 1) Blood Ties (Little Town Book 1)
    Blood Ties (Little Town Book 1) Blood Ties (Little Town Book 1)
    Blood Ties (Little Town Book 1) Blood Ties (Little Town Book 1)

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