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It’s official: 12222 had the hottest June ever recorded

We'll sacrifice numbers for a really good culture. Facebook groups as large as the Whiskey Tribe can take a lot of time to moderate. The Whiskey Tribe admins know and enforce the rules; rule-breakers are given a swift and final boot out the door. So everybody gives each other the benefit of the doubt, because whiskey is a thing. But if somebody gets abusive or somebody gets really inappropriate, then just remove them. You don't need to debate the merits of a post with somebody that may be drinking.

Instead, they filmed a video explaining what the Patreon was about, then posted it on their social media accounts. So, they looked for ways to build upon what was already successful for them. It's the people who have rallied around us. So how do we shine a spotlight on them? How do we leverage that in a way that people are excited about and feel like it's even more inclusive and get to go to a deeper level and participate even more?

What we’ll cover in the next sections of this guide

That planning set the stage for the rest of their efforts. Here are some of the guiding principles and specific strategies they implemented along the way. You need to have a vision of the future. What would be really cool if you get enough like-minded members of this tribe together?

9-year-old Evan and his dad have turned their love of toys into a seven-figure YouTube business.

What can we pull off? What would be ridiculously awesome? For them, it broke down this way:. Takeaway for creators: Before you ask supporters to join you, understand where you want to take that project and communicate your vision and excitement to potential supporters.

Make sure that vision includes both the big picture idea and practical milestones. Because they knew their greatest strength lay in their community, Rex and Daniel crafted their rewards around enhancing that sense of community and granting their supporters an even better experience. To set up those experiences, the pair brainstormed as many reward ideas as they could, then implemented everything practical.

All the rewards they offer are summarized in this handy chart:. The tier options and benefits are made perfectly clear to their supporters. For example, they never thought anyone would sign up for the demigod tier. The first just thought it would be fun and wanted to be known in the community as a demigod , so he signed up for a short period of time, then transitioned to a more affordable tier. The other wanted to sponsor their efforts and signed up anonymously so he could do that.

That said, money is what keeps everything going. And that money will stop coming if they lose the loyalty of their fans. A signed certificate acknowledging the membership of Carl Morse in the Whiskey Tribe. We decided to create these certificates that Rex and I signed. We had never promised the lowest level of patron that they would ever get anything in the mail.

And so that very first time, we spent almost the entire Patreon income on fulfillment of things we had promised and things we hadn't promised. There was almost nothing left over for us to actually work on the distillery. Rex and I had to sign like a thousand documents and then me and four others spouses, employees, friends… were stuffing envelopes for three days and hand delivering them to the Post Office.

The pair spent time studying Patreon campaigns that went well and ones that went poorly. Takeaway for creators: Focus on winning over your supporters, even if it means you take home less money.

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But Rex was quick to point out that their community is really what keeps them going:. It's humbling. They are so deeply ingrained in our business. We get to do this together. I'm super looking forward to growing this business now because it's not a job. This is just fun.

The Money Masters - Full Documentary

Yes, it's a lot of work, but we get to do it with some of our favorite people who totally get who we are and what we're all about. Jared says that his experience making videos with his son has taught him the importance of embracing his inner youth. Will they think this is cool? Will they find this funny? Anyone can make videos about their hobbies or passions, but in order for those videos to capture a large audience, your viewers need to get something of value out of them. Are they likely to share it with others?

Then I would let Evan fill in the blanks with his own commentary and antics. I might add some special effects or we may do a little comedy sketch. The formula seemed to work. Everyone contributes and has their special roles.

Meet The Father-Son Team Making $ Million On YouTube

Family is the driving factor behind everything we do on YouTube. But never in my wildest dreams did I think one of them would be making a living creating videos while doing fun things with my family. This is definitely one dream job that is going to be hard to top. Have you got more questions about turning your passion into a business?

Submit your questions here —our reporters will answer your questions all week.

The Complete Guide to YouTube Ads for Marketers

By Michael Grothaus 8 minute Read. For one father, all three of these dreams are a reality. Know your audience and connect with it One of the keys to growing your YouTube channel is to attract repeat viewers, Jared says. Embrace your inner youth In the videos, it may look like Evan is having all the fun, but in reality, Jared loves the toys as much as his son.

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    YouTube Profit Master YouTube Profit Master
    YouTube Profit Master YouTube Profit Master
    YouTube Profit Master YouTube Profit Master
    YouTube Profit Master YouTube Profit Master
    YouTube Profit Master YouTube Profit Master
    YouTube Profit Master YouTube Profit Master

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