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The Church of the Resurrection, Surfside Beach, South Carolina

David has taught church music, service playing, improvisation, and organ repertoire master classes for local, regional, and national events of the American Guild of Organists AGO , the Royal Canadian College of Organists, and at the Juilliard School, from which he received two degrees. David also received the Fellowship diploma, with both prizes for highest marks, from the AGO, which resulted in his joining the committee on professional certification, which sets the standards for the national organist examinations and grades them.

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The music program places special emphasis on the great works of Mozart, Haydn and their contemporaries, often offered with chamber orchestra, but also includes plainsong, Renaissance polyphony, Baroque music, and 20th-century works. For two years, the church offered choral evensong, featuring the 19th and 20th century cathedral repertory. In early music, David is also organist of the Clarion Music Society, and appears with various groups at the organ, harpsichord, and fortepiano.

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  5. About the Brombaugh Organ | Episcopal Church of the Resurrection!

Aaron Tan is a Canadian organist, pianist, and engineer. Aaron has recently been Organ Scholar at St. Inside, alterations were made to the balcony to provide risers for the choir. The acoustics were improved by removing all the carpeting in the nave and replacing the baffle design of the underside of the balcony by a hard, surface; also a large panel over the organ was erected to reflect its sound out into the nave.

Delivery, installation, and tuning took place summer and fall, with Bishop Johncy Itty dedicating the organ at an Evensong, Nov. The inaugural year featured several recitals: a dedicatory recital by David Dahl December 5, ; a duo recital by Julia Brown and Barbara Baird March 6, ; a concert by Liuwe Tamminga and Marc Vanscheeuwijck, cellist, May 8, Recitals continue to be given by visiting artists.

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Resurrection : organ solo

Betty Jean Bartholomew and the Rev. Jonathan Weldon, both of Church of the Resurrection, worked with John Brombaugh on the specifications for this instrument.

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See also facts about our organ above. This instrument has a twin Op.

The Day of Resurrection (ELLACOMBE) 2018

Background: With the advances in the uses of electricity in the 19th century, organs began to change as organ makers devised ways to apply electro-pneumatic principles to the construction of organs. Organs continued to evolve, turning eventually into something that no longer resembled the instruments for which the vast repertoire of organ music had been written. It became evident to some musicians as well as organ builders that something had been lost.

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  3. About the Brombaugh Organ | Episcopal Church of the Resurrection.

A reaction set in. A few American organs built before WWII showed the influence of the older classic designs, but for the most part they still had electric powered action. After WWII interest in mechanically operated tracker organs increased, but there was still much to be learned.

Kansas City Metro Area Organs

Organ builders analyzed and experimented and continue to do so today to discover why older organs have such a unique sound. Lost techniques were slowly recovered.

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  • Today for the most part builders of tracker organs are not interested in making exact historical reproductions but rather historically inspired organs having appropriate artistic integrity. John Brombaugh played an important role in what is regarded as the second generation of tracker organ builders in the United States.


    The Brombaugh tradition is being carried on by the many apprentices who have served in his workshop; at least twelve have opened their own shops, many are working for other organ makers. After college he worked for Baldwin Piano and Organ Company, a manufacturer of electric organs. Intending to pursue a career in this field, he did graduate work in electrical engineering and acoustics at Cornell University. However his career took a different turn when he began listening to recordings of E. Much taken with the sound of these older instruments John decided to become a builder of tracker action organs——wholly mechanical organs which utilize organ construction techniques developed in the Middle Ages and perfected in the Baroque.

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    At age 27 he apprenticed himself to Boston area organ builders Fritz Noack and Charles Fisk for three years. In he went to Germany to learn reed pipe making from Rudolf von Beckerath. John moved his shop to Eugene, Oregon, in

    Resurrection - Organ Resurrection - Organ
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    Resurrection - Organ

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