Journey to England (Chorale)

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What is Rock Choir?

The Rock Choir experience. How much does it cost? Become a member. Occasionally sitting down. So many amazing people and experiences that have helped me in so many ways to get back to my old self again. As ministers in the UK push for a Government cross-departmental strategy to support the health and social benefits of the arts, Karen Stretch meets three organisations already transforming lives via the power of singing.

Members turn up, rehearse and have a hot meal and a chat afterwards but they also perform and have recorded an album and an EP and toured with Coldplay. I do that with incremental growth so I am making small agreements with people. To perform, you have to come out of yourself and share something from somewhere inside. One reason why people come away from these rehearsals feeling amazing is because anything that helps you to shed your inhibitions and releases dopamine and oxytocin suddenly opens you up to the world and the people around you.

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We try to keep it that you come when you can and there is always a welcome. With almost 1, people participating in CWNN choirs last year and 76 per cent of them reporting an improvement in their mental health not to mention 60 per cent finding stability in employment, volunteering or housing since joining the choir , it is evident that such initiatives are doing a fantastic job. It can also help those suffering with a terminal illness as well. Two years into the initiative, A Choir in Every Care Home is really taking off with its practical approach producing impressive results.

It can be incredibly effective. What they need is permission and encouragement but they also do need support sometimes. Live Music Now is training musicians throughout the country to coach and support care staff to deliver interactive music sessions. In each of the 18 care homes where they started the scheme six months ago, all are now using music in their day-to-day lives.

"Just the most fun you can have standing up. Occasionally sitting down."

The British choral tradition is a precious thing and I think we may have lost the connection between choirs and communities. Of all the social problems that we have, this could be one that we could fix quite cheaply.

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There are children aged from seven to 18 involved, with four out of five receiving financial aid. There may be a disparity of views in the room and the discussion of that will be empathetic and open so that nobody is going to be shouted down and all views are represented. To facilitate such discussions alongside the music, two-hour rehearsals take place twice a week, giving plenty of time to rehearse and create an environment to discuss social change.

A member of staff asked me along for a rehearsal. I enjoyed this song when I heard it myself and suggested it for choir and it went down fantastically with the other members during our song selection process.

Canberra Choral Society | …for choral music in Canberra

Singing with the choir makes me feel ecstatic. Being in choir has given me something to look forward to on a Wednesday evening. It has given me a reason to get into bed on a Tuesday evening and wake up somewhat early on a Wednesday. It gives you people to look forward to seeing.

It makes you feel proud of yourself when you smash out a gig or new song in rehearsal.

Announcing the 12222-2020 Season: Baltimore Choral Arts New Season to Include England Concert Tour

Join if for nothing more than to get yourself out of the house and watch as you find yourself eager to come back every week. Come for the hot meal cooked by the talented volunteers. Come for the camaraderie. Stay for the amazing singing.

"Just the most fun you can have standing up. Occasionally sitting down."

When I was in my previous care home, I asked the Head of Activities if we could have a choir. Then I moved to this care home — it has the same Head of Activities, Alistair — and joined their choir. Singing with the choir makes me feel happy and helps me get to know people.

U.S. and British National Anthems performed by Kingdom Choir at London Series
Journey to England (Chorale) Journey to England (Chorale)
Journey to England (Chorale) Journey to England (Chorale)
Journey to England (Chorale) Journey to England (Chorale)
Journey to England (Chorale) Journey to England (Chorale)
Journey to England (Chorale) Journey to England (Chorale)
Journey to England (Chorale) Journey to England (Chorale)

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