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Fan service

A deeply damaged man with a tragic past, the Hound quickly became a fan favorite because he was an honorable lowlife; violent, antisocial, deeply unpleasant, but brutally honest, even virtuous. His fatherly relationship to the Stark sisters, both of whom have witnessed the worst of what men can do, is genuinely touching.

But the character is haunted, physically and mentally scarred from his abusive childhood, terrorized by his unhinged elder brother, the Mountain. This fearful relationship shaped the Hound, teaching him not only how to survive under the threat of violence, but thrive.

While the Hound has spent much of his screen time teaching Arya how to survive the brutal landscape of Westeros, he has also emphasized just how miserable the constant bloodshed has made him. For the Hound, violence is the only semblance of pleasure that remains.

What is fan-service?

He has little interest in women, nor in starting a family. And he almost met his end by the blade of Brienne of Tarth; after his recovery, he looked as though he might even find peace. For the Hound, violence was a crippling addiction that granted the temporary illusion of power, the man dominating his victims the way his brother once dominated him.

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Surely, letting that toxic lifestyle go, finally putting down his sword, would have been a truly happy ending for Sandor Clegane. But the fans had other ambitions. But it seems that writers actually listened to the fans, faithfully delivering a beautifully shot showdown between the two, one of the most epic scenes of the series.

Ironically, the Hound was granted a more dramatic conclusion than Cersei and Jaime Lannister, two fascinating characters who have been central to the plot from the beginning. Just to clarify, I did enjoy watching the battle between the Cleganes - it was undeniably entertaining.

'Cleganebowl:' When Fan Service Swallows The Narrative

One of the highlights of the episode. But something felt off. In the business world, being people-pleasers is one technique that business owners can imitate from K-pop stars. They can also organize events that appear to be more centered on the brands while simultaneously promoting their brand. There are many ways to be people-pleasers.

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What is fan-service? Wenelle Baldo makes parallels between marketing and pop culture. It's what happens when you're obsessed with Batman, vintage films, and Tom Hiddleston.

Fan Service Fan Service
Fan Service Fan Service
Fan Service Fan Service
Fan Service Fan Service
Fan Service Fan Service
Fan Service Fan Service

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