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Functional Testing Solutions Micro Focus helps customers test earlier and faster by combining a breadth of technology support with AI-driven capabilities to deliver the speed and resiliency required to support rapid application changes within a continuous delivery pipeline. Developers can be more productive using their framework, language and platform of choice.

Scripts are more resilient to application changes and require less maintenance. UFT One. Run tests at scale with full parallel, cross-browser and cross-device mobile testing.

BC3. Basque centre for climate change – Klima aldaketa ikergai

Build automation for web, mobile, mainframe,. Eliminate testing bottlenecks caused by API dependencies and availability with Service Virtualization. Enterprise Lab management for mobile devices, emulators and applications to support continuous delivery. Run manual, automated, performance, and security mobile app tests on real mobile devices or emulators for native, hybrid and web. Access remote devices in your preferred IDE to accelerate continuous integration activities. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 5 2 , pp. Relationships between stressful work environments and bullying: Results of a large representative study.

El acoso moral en el trabajo. Principios de la responsabilidad social empresarial en el ordenamiento. The Emotionally Abusive Workplace. Journal of Emotional Abuse, v. La sociedad reflexiva. Madrid: CIS , European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, v. Dos estudios exploratorios]. Stockholm: Arbetraskyddsstyrelsen, Accounts of workplace bullying: The role of the organization. European Journal of Work and Organizational psychology, v. Madrid: Universidad Complutense, Revista de Derecho, No Mobbing acoso moral en el derecho del trabajo. Mentiras, inconsistencias y ambivalencias.

El acoso sexual en el trabajo en Catalunya. Estudio de casos. Santander: Sal Terrae, Sociologias, vol. Sep-dic, Testing the work environment hypothesis of bullying on a group level of analysis: Psychosocial factors as precursors of observed workplace bullying. Applied Psychology, vol. SECO, E. Cuadernos de Relaciones Laborales, Vol. Workplace bullying: The role of psychosocial work environment factors.

International Journal of Stress Management, v.

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The sources of bullying - psychological work environment and organizational climate. There is a wide range of smoothing techniques in the literature, penalized splines are a very popular tool for smoothing due to their flexibility and ability to incorporate more complex structures such as additional covariates, correlations or hierarchical structures and multidimensional settings. In this talk I will introduce some basic concepts and techniques together with several examples from environmental and ecological applications.

The goal of this presentation is to analyze two complementary approaches to include not only macroeconomic indicators if not to include environmental issues. Therefore we use MCDM - multicriteria decision making- techniques to capture different goals, economics and non-economics, in the same objective function. This approach is included in CGE models - computable general equilibrium- where you have all agents, institutions and sectors in the same model. So, linking these two models we apply them looking for different objectives as to increase GDP and to decrease CO2 emissions at the same time, for example.

To see the potentiality of this approach we present different published papers where we can explore this one. Despite development of cities are including more sustainable aspects e. In this sense, the analysis of urban climate requires a multi-scale approach. Results for Bilbao Spain are presented. All the information is grouped in 5 information layers building volume, building surface fraction, urban green areas, ventilation paths and slopes.

The final UC-Map presents areas with relative homogeneous climate variables i.

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Urban planning recommendations are defined. In the microscale, thermal comfort results extracted specofoc modelling in four urban spaces show the influence of regional climate conditions and the urban development type of each area. In both spatial scales, climate modelling should include specific measurement campaigns to validate results.

Excelencia Directiva - El Programa de la Formación

Development of evaluation methods of the urban climate urban planning purposes". The more important are atmospheric pollution diagnosis, evaluation of air quality impact due to urban traffic, modelling pollutants dispersion traffic, industry , meteorological analysis and odour studies. During the last years he has focused on urban climate and thermal comfort at different spatial scales, analysing effects of vegetation, urban morphology and typology.

He has several relevant publications in international journals and has participated in more than 20 communications to National and International Conferences. The talk gives an introduction to state of the remote sensing in the ultraviolet to the short wave infrared spectral region. Many key players of atmospheric chemistry can be measured, which includes e. Applications are discussed at the example of measurements of volcanic plumes, Arctic bromine explosion and Ozone depletion events, as well as observation of greenhouse gases from space.

Short Vita Dr. Leif Vogel Dr. His main research interests are measurements of greenhouse gases and pollutants, radiative transfer and aerosols, algorithms for optical remote sensing and development of optical instruments for scientific and emissions monitoring purposes. Assessment climate change adaptation policies for surface water availability in Mediterranean Europe. The polar ice sheets that cover Greenland and Antarctica play a crucial role in the global climate system. During the past two decades, several deep ice drilling projects have been conducted in Greenland and Antarctica, in order to investigate the physical and chemical properties of polar ice.

From these investigations it transpires that molecular processes occurring within polycrystalline ice and at its grain boundaries play a decisive role in the dynamics of polar ice sheets, because they may determine the dominant deformation mechanisms of ice in situ. For these reasons, we decided to investigate the mechanics of ice sheets by understanding the microscopic behavior of water molecules within ice grains and at their boundaries.

In this seminar I will talk about the physical properties of the grain boundaries of polar ice and their role in the dynamics of polar ice sheets. To this aim I present our recent experimental results of ultra-slow ice-creep tests by using a modified phase modulation homodyne interferometer and the results of creep tests with very fine polycrystalline ice obtained by a new method that exploits ice polymorphism. He earned his Dr.

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Akira Higashi. Chester C. Langway, Jr. In the period — he visited Antarctica and Greenland several times performing tests and experiments for the deep drilling project and in he effectively started the deep drilling at Dome Fuji over the winter deep drilling at Dome Fuji successfully finished in , after retrieval of two deep ice cores amounting to more than 5 km of ice.

In he was appointed Associate Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Nagaoka University of Technology, and became full professor in His research interests include ice core analyses, ice physics and ice drilling technology. He is regarded today as one of the leading names of polar ice physics worldwide. If you are interested in attending the Seminar, send an email to events bc3research.

Coping with and Adapting to Global Change. Challenge for Society, Households and Individuals. Lecturer: Robert Stojanov. Effects of international trade of food and feed and human diet shifts on food security and environmental safety: global and regional perspectives.

Luis Lassaletta. Paris France. Biodiversity for Transgenics? Vijesh V. Experiment on non-governmental norm enforcement presentation of planned design. Since the s, broad recognition has been given to the need for and the benefits of aligning the protection of biodiversity in threatened forest ecosystems with measures to address the needs and desires of people living near and depending on those ecosystems. Large amounts of money and time have been put forth by local, national, and international donors and conservation organizations to support the goals of biodiversity conservation and social development at MMFR.

In order to explore how managers of MMFR have failed to successfully realize both of these overarching goals, I focus on inadequate engagement of forest managers with local populations and the effects of this deficient engagement on the health of the reserve. As part of the analysis I emphasize how certain local social contexts have been left unexamined in project design and how these neglected contexts translate into ineffective project implementation and outcomes. Furthermore I highlight how these unexamined contexts continuously reinforce the superficial nature of the connection between local community members and those charged with managing the reserve.

There are valuable lessons to be learned from this case study that can be extended not only to other areas surrounding MMFR, but also to the managers of protected areas worldwide who, in the face of changing global climates and associated policy implications, are seeing the necessity for increasingly meaningful relationships with local communities and individuals. Integrated challenges to achieving global prosperity for everyone: energy, climate, economics, and resources.

For this purpose, we have invited researchers that can help us to better understand the biophysical part behind the economics of climate change. An IPCC-member scientist will be a keynote lecture for each session. After that, top leading invited speakers will cover in more detail the main key issues in the climate change research agenda. The topics that will be covered this year are: artic sea ice dynamics, ocean circulation models and its implications for state-shift events, see level rise projections and implications, impacts of climate change on water, food and health, mitigation options, technologies and cost, climate policies at global level and economic instruments.

The school is open to Master students, PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and other researchers as well as policy makers interested in acquiring a deep understanding of climate change and the policies designed to fight it. PhD students and postdoctoral participants will have the opportunity to present their work in a specific poster session and get feedback from the faculty.

More information. Study of mechanisms of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture at different scales. Useful work accounting in Portugal from to Intensities and recent European patterns.

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Lecturer: Professor Kai A. Impact of climate policy and external shocks on innovation in renewable energy technologies. Lecturers: Dr. Past climate change recorded in polar ice cores and Deep ice core drilling, polar ice-sheet flow and its implications for climate change. Market-based valuation of transmission network expansion. A heuristic application in GB. Matthew Kotchen. Integrating biophysical and socioeconomic issues regarding adaptation to climate change in California. Steven R. Precaution and proportionality in the management of global environmental change.

From regulatory policies to ecosystem services: political ecology in the Amazon. Heat waves are a serious threat to communities? Heat-related health risks are increasing due to current trends of population ageing, fast urbanization and rising temperatures related to climate change.

However, public health prevention of heat waves is still not widespread, mainly because of resource constraints and uncertainty about the costs incurred and benefits achieved. Several available health valuation techniques can provide the basis for a cost-benefit or cost-effectiveness analysis framework of this type of prevention. While there is no standardized procedure for such analysis as yet, even an exploration of methodological steps could prove useful for public health authorities considering the implementation of heat prevention plans.

Mariel, A. Hoyos, S. This paper examines various tests commonly used to select random parameters in choice modelling. The three most common procedures for selecting random parameters are: the Lagrange Multiplier test as proposed by McFadden and Train , the t-statistic of the deviation of the random parameter and the log-likelihood ratio test.

A simulation exercise was carried out based on a real case study where cross-sectional and two different structures of panel data settings were used to examine the empirical size and power of the three tests. The key results indicate that the power of these tests depends importantly on the spread and type of the parameter distribution.

Seminar given by Prof. The paper analyzes the implications of local and global pollution when two types of abatement activities can be undertaken. One type e. In the framework of a 2-country endogenous growth model, the implications of different assumptions about the degree to which global externalities are internalized are analyzed.

Subsequently, we derive policy rules adapted to the different scenarios as well as to implement the first-best solution. Special attention is paid to pollution, growth and optimal policy in the case of asymmetric internalization. Seminar given by Dr. Location: Sarriko, B0.

It presents and defends three assertions aimed at exploring the future of agriculture in a changing climate. Pressures on land and water resources are expected to intensify the existing risks in low latitude areas and in regions with current water scarcity, and create new opportunities in some northern temperate areas. These two aspects are evaluated across world regions to synthesise the reasons for concern for agriculture and provide some thoughts on policy development.

The general topic of this seminar is around the role of organic waste management by composting as a key tool to balance the emission of agricultural GHG and as a way to restore fertility of the soils and enhance C sinks in Mediterranean soils. Exploring the potential role in intensive agriculture of substitution of perlite and peat substrates by high quality compost will be presented as an example of case study. At the heart of the subdiscipline of environmental economics is a judgement, shared by this author, that even in the absence of the other standard sources of "market failure", a decentralized market equilibrium is likely to be inefficient as a consequence of various externalities, or spillovers, that are generated by production and consumption activities.

These links, that are not mediated through the system of voluntary exchange, and may be variously categorized as pollution, congestion, resource depletion, over-exploitation, have quantitatively significant implications for human welfare. The tasks of environmental economists include the attempts to quantify these externalities, explore their role in generating inefficient equilibria, and to suggest implementable mechanisms that overcome, or at least mitigate, the inefficiency. This paper is concerned with the issue of how best to analyze situations involving reciprocal externalities. I consider two basic models, and various extensions of those models.

The first - the voluntary pure public good contribution model - captures the essential features of situations involving positive, or beneficial, reciprocal externalities. The second - the open access resource model, or the tragedy of the commons - captures the essential features of situations involving negative, or detrimental, reciprocal externalities. Fuente: Hika Ateneo. Global Change is one of the main threats for the maintenance of biological diversity and key ecosystem services. In Spain, land use transformations and climate change are two main drivers of Global Change.

During the period, land use changes have driven an important reconfiguration of forest areas, including a slightly decrease in forest surface and an increase in fragmentation OSE, First, forest species can have an intra-specific genetic variability, as a consequence of their movements since last glaciations Hampe y Petit, Therefore, preliminary results show how local adaptation can derive into important intra-specific divergences in the forest species response to climate change. Equally, in distribution models, the species dispersal capability provides more realistic estimations for the species distribution.

Stochastic plot occupation models SPOM parameterized with more than 70, observation points from the second and third National Forestry Inventories IFN which differ in a temporal gap of approximately 10 years suggest that fragmentation bears to a significant decrease in the number of species as related to species distribution model results. However, it also shows that specific dispersion paths are related to an increase in the community resilience Montoya et al.

Finally, we discuss the relevance of conservation and restoration strategies in ecosystems as key policies that can lead to counteract the effects of global change effects Rey Benayas et al. Particularly, the development of models that allow us to add critical thresholds to the resilience of communities with the aim of assuring the restoration success and optimizing conservation strategies. Spain faces a complex situation regarding its climate change policies. On the one hand, greenhouse gas emissions have shown an important increase since , being far from the Kyoto commitments. On the other hand, Spain is likely to suffer important impacts from climate change.

However, there has been a rather limited application of corrective policies, particularly in the field of energy prices. Indeed, although Spanish citizens generally show a large concern towards climate change, price increases in energy goods have been traditionally opposed. In this paper we try to offer an explanation to this phenomenon, and a possible hint for future policies in the field, by showing how Spanish households strongly favour the application of energy programs that makes electricity and car fuels more expensive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Evaluation of externalities.

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The corporate ecological footprint: MC3 methodology and application. This communication presents an analysis of the main results of the calculation of the ecological footprint and carbon footprint or CO2 emissions into the atmosphere produced by the economic activity of a Port Authority of the North Coast of Spain, using a compound financial accounts method MC3. For the Spanish port authorities, environmental protection and sustainable development are a commitment and part of their strategic actions.

Some eco-efficiency indicators for the companies under analysis are also calculated,compared and analyzed. January 14 th , Sarriko, B01, Dynamics complicate understanding. Economic systems are harder to understand than the velocity of objects, and it is not surprising that dynamics are still not well understood in economics. I will concentrate on two dynamic phenomena, cycles and overshoots. There is a wide gap between recommendations and actual reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases.

Decisions to reduce emissions rely on politicians and their electorates. They may have good reasons to delay initiatives, however, they may also be confused by contradictory information and they may unable to perceive consequences of neither emissions nor policy initiatives. One challenge is to consider causes of climate change in addition to observations. Another is to realize that the climate problem is coupled to the problem of fossil energy depletion.

A third is to understand the consequences of delays both when it comes to effects of emissions and to development of alternative technologies. Regarding policies, one major challenge is to understand how environmental taxes work. Most misperceptions seem to bias policies towards inaction. In my analysis of misperceptions I will draw on laboratory experiments, simulation models and observations of debates and policy making.

For further information regarding Professor Moxnes and System Dynamics methodology you can visit:. Despite the wide recognition of the notion of ecosystem services as an instrument to support the fair accounting of natural capital and an important aid in informing sustainable development, the science to quantify their provision, usage and flow between natural producers and human beneficiaries has developed slowly.

Villa's career has been dedicated to developing scientific instruments to overcome the natural inertia of the mainstream conceptualization and to promote a quantum leap in the science of ecosystem services, allowing the notion to become a sound base for policy. One of the results of the research carried on by Dr. Using a formal knowledge base and automated machine reasoning, ARIES studies all the data relevant to specific ecosystem service assessment questions in a given area and constructs a cause-and-effect, ad-hoc picture of how ecological and economic factors interact.

The result of an ARIES user session is a dynamic environmental asset analysis that spatially quantifies the provision, use, and dynamics of flow of ecosystem services in the area. Users can explore effects of policy changes and external pressures such as climate change through a scenario analysis module. ARIES incorporates a valuation module to assess potential and realized economic values and a biodiversity module to estimate values of protected areas for human well-being and threats to protected species.

An ARIES analysis includes documentation and references that document and justify operations, datasets, and models used to create it. During the heat waves in and nuclear power plants in several European countries had to reduce or shut down production due to reduced access to cooling water, regulation on maximum temperature of the return water and other limitations in the cooling system. In the Green Paper on the EPCIP, the need to help reducing threats directed towards critical infrastructures such as for example energy and water supply was acknowledged.

Such threats may come from terrorism, natural disasters and accidents. The aim of the model is to explain the underpinning reasons behind the waste crisis the city is experiencing and to assess the costs derived from the emergency. With this purpose the model considers a demographic variables; b alternative waste treatment options; c costs associated with each option; d environmental awareness and e institutional constraints.

David R. La Dra.

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This paper introduces DICER, a model for the integrated assessment of climate — economy interactions within an optimal growth framework developed upon the structure of the DICE model. We present the methodological differences introduced so far in DICER and some preliminary results on the calibration of its deterministic version. Sabah Abdullah. Modern forms of energy are an important vehicle towards poverty alleviation in rural areas of developing countries.

Most developing countries households rely heavily on wood fuel, which impacts on their health and socio-economic status. To ease such a dependency, other modern forms of energy, namely electricity, need to be provided. However, the quality of the electricity service, namely reliability, is an important factor in reducing this dependency. This paper discusses a choice experiment valuation study conducted among electrified rural households located in Kisumu, Kenya, in which the willingness to pay WTP to avoid power outages or blackouts was estimated.

A mixed logit estimation was applied to identify the various socio-economic and demographic characteristics which determine preferences in reducing power outages among a householder users. In conclusion, several of the socio-economic and demographic characteristics outlined in this paper were identified and can assist service differentiation to accommodate the diverse households?

Before the mid-eighteenth century, most people lived in near-complete darkness except in the presence of sunlight and moonlight.

Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition) Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition)
Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition) Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition)
Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition) Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition)
Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition) Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition)
Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition) Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition)
Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition) Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition)
Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition) Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition)
Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition) Excelencia directiva para lograr la productividad (Spanish Edition)

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