Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes

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I downloaded a copy of this book via NetGalley. Posted by Ana S.

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This sounds wonderful. The title is so quintessentially Joycean! I might have to eschew my usual aversion to graphic novels and pick this one up! On to the wishlist it goes. After your first paragraphs The Unwritten came to mind.

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Did you also think about it at some point? I need to see if I can find this one locally. It seems like a great book, and your review was wonderful! Jill and Jason, I must say I thought of both of you as I was reading this.

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Melissa: I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Zibilee: I hope you find it! And yes, the art is just great.

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I love Talbot's style. James Joyce! His awesome daughter! Am now picturing a James Joyce Graphic Novel The art is amazing!

Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes

I mean you make every book sound fantastic, but this one even more than usual ;. I have this waiting to be read from Netgalley.

So glad to hear you enjoyed it. This sounds good but do you think someone would like it who is me and wants to slap James Joyce mmmmmmmmost of the time?

Graphic novel review: Dotter Of Her Father’s Eyes - The Scotsman

Very unfairly! I read The Dubliners and didn't care for it but it didn't make me slappy, and then I read all about James Joyce's horrible scholarship-suppressing grandson, and it made me cross with James Joyce by association.

This sounds excellent! I haven't read a graphic novel in almost a year Social expectations and gender politics, thwarted ambitions and personal tragedy are played out against two contrasting historical backgrounds, poignantly evoked by the atmospheric visual storytelling of award-winning graphic-novel pioneer Bryan Talbot. Either the former is too protective of the latter, becoming inadvertently overbearing and prescriptive or, conversely, too immersed in work or personal projects and thus aloof and distant.

Juxtaposing her own relationship with her father, James S. Atherton, a noted Joycean scholar, with that of James Joyce and his daughter Lucia, Talbot has created a bittersweet drama that will resonate with anyone who has a parent. The majority of this collaborative endeavour is incredibly smooth, but there are a couple of points where Mrs. While this is an endearing insight into the creative process, it feels like too much fourth wall breaking to sit comfortably, instantly reminding the reader that they are reading a graphic novel, rather than being engrossed in the fascinating tale.

Being the only daughter with four elder brothers; a domineering father; the appalling repression and treatment meted out to women in the pre-Feminism era; and that she had two sons; all indicate a natural, and understandable, desire to readdress the balance somewhat.

Dotter of Her Father's Eyes by Mary M Talbot and Bryan Talbot – review

This is destined to become a set text for graphic novel scholars. Dotting his eyes and crossing his tease. View all posts by John Freeman. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes
Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes
Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes
Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes
Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes
Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes
Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes

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