Clean Up on Aisle Two

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Sparky Malarky Moderator Indiana. What SDGraham said. Straighten all the shelves and sweep the floor. Go to aisle 13 and fix whatever is wrong. Myridon Senior Member Texas.

Mo Pitney - Clean Up On Aisle Five (In The Studio)

To be clear, there is some particular thing that needs to be cleaned up on aisle 13, one small part of the aisle. Perhaps someone has dropped a jar of olives. Many of the suggestions above say the entire aisle needs be cleaned which is not the case. VikNikSor said:. I'm not sure I understand it What part of speech is the "required"?

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I'd expect " Aisle 13 required a c lean-up. Thanks to all of you!

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An afterthought: It is not unusual to place two or more nouns together in English when making a request. It can sound quite abrupt but is understood easily. Example "Security alert. Post room!

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Do you mean that in this case in " Clean up aisle 13" a punctuation mark is needed? Myridon said:. Clean up aisle 13!

"Clean Up In Aisle 2!"

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Clean Up on Aisle Two Clean Up on Aisle Two
Clean Up on Aisle Two Clean Up on Aisle Two
Clean Up on Aisle Two Clean Up on Aisle Two
Clean Up on Aisle Two Clean Up on Aisle Two
Clean Up on Aisle Two Clean Up on Aisle Two
Clean Up on Aisle Two Clean Up on Aisle Two

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