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Louis to set up her story about traveling on a Greyhound to New York City and back. Steffin and Brecht had revised the play that Hauptmann had begun in , The Roundheads and the Peakheads there in Denmark. The search for work prevented her from working on her manuscripts. Wieland Herzfelde published the anthology in Prague, Thirty new Authors of the New Germany in his publishing house for exiles. Herzfelde had also recommended Hauptmann for work with the Communist Party in Moscow as an alternative to the U.

Write to me again. The students were a partial replacement for the working group in Berlin. I have a group that would go through thick and thin with me.

Hauptmann had a furlough from the teaching job in St. Both Brecht and Eisler were apparently unhappy with the production and tried to interrupt the rehearsals, finally resulting in their ejection from the theater. The play only ran a few days, but Brecht and Hauptmann remained in New York for a few weeks until February, when Brecht left for home in Denmark.

And hope you come soon. It was really good that you guided me in the USA like it was always planned. I thank you, dear Bess. They all planned to move to Sweden to escape the National Socialists spread to Denmark. They had also decided to go on to the U. Southern California was home to many German and Austrian intellectuals, like the writer Lion Feuchtwanger, the director Berthold Viertel and his wife, and the actor Peter Lorre.

Though she knew that Brecht would settle in California, Hauptmann decided to take her chances and move to the New York City area. In New York Hauptmann met and began a collaboration with Horst Baerensprung, a liberal social democrat, lawyer and former head of the Magdeburg police, who had emigrated to China when Hitler came to power and taught criminal justice at Shangai University, then later at Harvard Kebir, Baerensprung became the partner with whom Hauptmann felt comfortable and could share her interests in politics and in Asia.

She wrote weekly broadcasts in German for CBS shortwave with him, which he then read for broadcast, and wrote his memoir EHA , , Baerensprung loved to tell stories, but was inept at writing, so that she was the actual author of the memoir and of the radio broadcasts EHA There too he could not be persuaded to write a line himself or to use dictation EHA Ruth Berlau, Brechts companion in the U.

Berlau and Brecht had produced a play The Cost of Iron in Stockholm, and had worked together on The Caucasian Chalk Circle while she was pregnant with their child, who died at birth in California. Whoever works for Brecht works no less than 24 hours a day! Hauptmann was drawn in to the Brecht circle again, however, when Berlau was admitted to a psychiatric hospital with extreme depression and suffering from alcoholism. Hauptmann ran the office, recorded minutes, and maintained the budget. BBA, Cohen Collection. Your name is and will be better than his. The three worked together for a few months until Brecht, anxious to avoid more interrogations after his appearance at the House Committee on Unamerican Activities, HUAC, flew to Switzerland in October Dessau flew to Europe to meet Brecht after she and he married in mid , leaving Hauptmann to wrap up loose ends and raise money to pay for her ticket back to Germany.

The last letters from the U. To try to make it when one is older, alone, i. So get packing. Exhausted, she recuperated at the Baerensprung household for weeks before she was able to get to Berlin, which was by that time in the middle of the Soviet zone and difficult to reach.

In February of she arrived to find old friends busy with plans for the Berliner Ensemble. Brecht had begun working with other writers and actors; Paul Dessau had begun a relationship with an actress, and Hauptmann was again left on her own to find lodging and connections. Born to working class parents in Berlin in , Steffin began writing early, and wrote plays, short stories and poems.

She wrote with such clarity and imagination that she received a literary prize for an essay already as a pupil in school. She had a first serious relationship at 18, and terminated the pregnancy because she had no means to support a child. She was also diagnosed with tuberculosis in the same year, necessitating treatments and surgery for the rest of her life. Their relationship quickly became a very personal as well as professional one. She describes the commitment of Soviet patients to their coworkers at home: a young Russian man, for example, left the sanitarium before his treatments were over to help his colleagues fulfill their five-year-plan.

She felt well enough to begin work, and she became his consistent to collaborator, editor, translator and critic. She had a gift for languages and through the years translated more languages than Hauptmann: Russian, French, Danish, Swedish, and even some Finnish to German. She used the time for writing, experimenting with forms. And was silent.

In Agra she had time for her own writing and wrote more sonnets to Brecht, especially about her desire, made even stronger by the enforced separation. In Paris she hoped for self-determination and to maintain the relationship with Brecht when they founded a literary agency for German exiles, a venue which she hoped would support their life together.

She wrote an allegory about his dishonesty, using a story of soldiers who were intimate friends, sharing everything, until one discovered the other had lied about having cigarettes. When Brecht left for Denmark to be with his family, she took a cheap room in a suburb of Paris; that isolation made working with authors even more difficult.

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The response was slow and inadequate; in one letter to Brecht, for example, she reports that the articles which she had received were old and no longer appropriate for publication. She was still consumed by jealousy and spent much energy in attempts to rise above it. Brecht was still actively helping her settle and find treatment, which she wrote to Benjamin: Brecht had organized a doctor for her, brought some of his manuscripts for editing, and discouraged her from writing her own detective novel in mid February In she was in Copenhagen, then by the end of February in Svendborg, with a few days in Copenhagen for a physical examination.

In September of she was in Moscow and then in Georgia for treatment from October to January In she met Brecht in Leningrad and went to Moscow where they lived together till end of May.

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In October she was in Copenhagen while Brecht was working with Hauptmann and the theater in New York, until she went to Leningrad with a ship on December 21st. In she traveled in Russia, Georgia and England.

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I received enough for the room and transportation and 20 Ruble per day, which is very little. They returned to Skovbostrand to meet Walter Benjamin there. She had learned how to be independent, despite insecurity in her relationship to Brecht, and to be direct in her critique. Brecht had complained in the early years of their collaboration that her critique was not direct enough. She wrote to Benjamin on Dec. Her work with Brecht was consistent throughout their exile years. She was in the hospital from late to January , when they had to move on to Sweden because of the Nazi takeover of Denmark.

In Sweden they decided to move to Helsinki to have distance from the fascist government in Norway, and to apply for visas for the U. She wrote fewer letters in the last months of her life but worked constantly. Steffin wrote a last letter to her family when they left Finland to reassure them that they might not hear from her for months because of the trip, and that no news would be good news.

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  6. She urged Brecht to take the family and continue on to the U. Brecht left her in the care of friends in exile and her companion Maria Osten, hoping that Steffin could revive and continue her journey. Steffin died on June 4, Reiber Exile meant isolation from family, friends, publishing venues, the search for employment. Steffin wrote and translated constantly in Europe so that she could maintain at least some income.

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    The political situation for Marxists and Communists, as well as the situation for women authors left both dependent on another strong male figure for support and for opportunities to publish. Both Hauptmann and Steffin struggled to negotiate meeting their own needs and the needs of others, especially colleagues, as well as negotiating their reactions to insecurity, depression and anxiety.

    Their story of becoming writers in their own right as well as experienced travelers, their disappointments and successes, as well as their continuing work with Brecht is a story that fascinates even contemporary audiences. Altman, Janet Gurkin. Bertolt-Brecht-Archive, Chausseestr. Bertolt Brecht. Werner Hecht et al. Berlin: Aufbau-Verlag, and Frankfurt a. Bentley, Eric. The Brecht Memoir. Evanston: Northwestern UP, Bertolt Brecht: Briefe.

    Frankfurt a. Eakin, Paul John. How our lives become stories: making selves. New York: Cornell UP, Gross, Sabine. In Brecht Yearbook. Und Brad Harris Jack Black , der geschieden ist. Trotzdem ziehen sie oft durch die Pariser Clubs, um andere Frauen kennenzulernen. Mit diesen fremden Damen verbringen sie auch mal die eine oder andere Nacht zusammen im Hotel. Wenn ihre Ehefrauen dann unangenehme Fragen stellen, helfen die beiden Kumpels sich gegenseitig. Sein Kollege. Darf ich bitten? Dort hat sie neben vielen anderen Formaten u. Sohn Robin 20 und ihrer Tochter Naomi Greg plant, bei dieser Gelegenheit um Pams Hand anzuhalten.

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    Todsicher durch jede Party! (German Edition) Todsicher durch jede Party! (German Edition)
    Todsicher durch jede Party! (German Edition) Todsicher durch jede Party! (German Edition)
    Todsicher durch jede Party! (German Edition) Todsicher durch jede Party! (German Edition)
    Todsicher durch jede Party! (German Edition) Todsicher durch jede Party! (German Edition)
    Todsicher durch jede Party! (German Edition) Todsicher durch jede Party! (German Edition)

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