The Doom of Alokai Temple

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Brink 1 G. David Nordley 1 Chuck Heintzelman 1. Page 1 of 2 Showing 1 - 48 of 83 Next. Fairchild Blaze Ward Author Slipping the Leash Leah Cutter Author Size 2'- 6" X 2'. Half of the stone with inscription is broken and is lost. Eaghunatharayarige kotta. From the two lines of the inscription it appears that Eaghunatharaya was granted some land. In the same village, on a stone by the side of the road leading to Eamanatha- pura in the same hobli. Size 5'- 6" X 2'. Most of the lines of the inscription are peeled off.

Fortunately froin what is still legible, the main idea of the grant can be understood. It is dated Saka , Nandana year. Size 3'— 6" X 2'— 6". Old Kannada characters. Top row. Left side. Machade- 3. It appears to record the death of Machadevamayya in fighting against some cow-lifters. Srikantharajaya 3 kilakere 4. A few words in lines 1, 3, 4, and 6 are illegible. From what is legible it appears to record the grant of some land by Srikantharajaya, king of Nanjarajapatna, for the service of M6namailivasd,ntadeva? The inscription ends with the usual imprecation.

One plate : size 9 " X x Kannada characters : Sanskrit language. Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chchhatra-sriyamdadhau i asich Chd. Tusharachala-Snratatinl-hamsa-hasanukarah Srirangapattane srlmad-Eanganathasya sannidhau I Atreya- Eaja-bhupati-manih klrtya prasiddho bhuvi' tat-suno- Makuballyakhyakam gramani nana-kara-vivarjitami ashtabho- Be it well. Salutation to Sambiiu whose head is brilliant with the fly-fan-like crescent and who is the supporting pillar of the city made of the three worlds.

May you be protected by the staff-like tusk of the sportive boar incarnation of Vishnu, on which tusk the earth with its pot-like golden Meru appeared like an umbrella. Victorious was ChS,marasa, born of the lunar race, and of. Itreya Gotra and with fame pervading all the quarters. His son was Efljanripa who was the sun in dispelling the darkness that is the host of hostile kings, whose courage was widely known and who was ever ready to do good deeds. His son was Narasaraja, very famous, a moon to the ocean that is the band of those who courted his favour, at whose feet hostile kings prostrated themselves and made as it were a perambulation of light by the rays of the gems of his diadem.

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There having elapsed When Venkata-maharaja mounted on his jewelled throne was ruling over the earth, the same village, then called Makuballi, situated in the territory of Mysore, was granted by him to the family of the present grantee. The same is now regranted under the name of Chamasagara, free of all ta. On a stone in the tank bed to the west of Muttugada Hosur in the Hobli of Magge. Size 2' X r. S4nte-auveya basadi. One or two words in the first and the third line are illegible.

It seems to record the construction of a basti in memory of Sante Auve, a Jaina lady or nun. Size 5'-6" X 4'. Lines 1 — 4 are effaced. Lines 1 to 7 are entirely effaced owing to the peeling off of the upper layer of the stone, while a number of wmrds in the rest of the lines are quite illegible. The date of the gift must necessarily be the 17th century. Size 2' X Ij'. This is a viragal set up by the son of Malabhari in memory of the victory won at the cost of life by the son of Arusalupati on the 8th lunar day of the white half of Vaisakha in the year Vilambi, Saka On another stone in front of the same temple.

Size " X ". Kannada characters of the Hoysala period. Krisimhabhupati 8. Lines 2 to 22 of the inscription containing a description of the genealogy of the Hoysala dynasty from Vinayaditya to Narasimha are illegible. It is dated Saka Yikrama, Thursday the 11th lunar day of the white half of the month of Sravana, which corresponds to Thursday the 7th August A. The one interesting point deserving of notice in the grant is l. This implies that the land was the common property of the Mahajanas, i. From this it can be safely inferred that the custom of owning land in common by all the villagers and of its joint cultivation was still prevalent dur- ing the period of the Hoysajas.

Belli ' Taluh. A copy of an inscription in the possession of Virappa Arasu in Belur town. Nandinripalarn Adityesvara-devara pratishtheyani niadi- 8. Kalaleyemba purainarn kattisidaru 9. But A. It records the formation of a village called Kalale and the setting up of the image of Adityesvara in a temple of his own construc- tion? Size 4"x3".

Nagara Characters. Saheb Bahadaru chhatrapati. This plate seems to be the inscribed portion cut off from the pedestal of copper given to some temple of Venkatesa for keeping the procession image on the pedestal. On a stone set up near the tank at the village Agasarahalli in the Belur hobli. Size 6'x2'-6".

Modern Kannada language and characters. Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu prithvi-ra- 7. Settihalli eradanu a Paraniesvara-dannayakaru a Tbe inscription is dated Sunday the 3rd lunar day of tbe white half of Phalguna in the year Praiuathi, S. On a stone kept leaning on the wall of the temple of Mallesvara in the village, Keraluru, in the same Hobli: — Size 4'6"xl-6" Modern Kannada r haracters.

Alra-Ballaladevaru Dorasainudra Gavudana turuvarn golva huyalo. Go- 8. On a stone near the fence at the entrance of the same village. Yisvavasu-samva- 2. Malleyadevarige 5. A figim' of the Dwarf- incarnation of Vishnu is also carved on the stone. On a stone set up at the entrance of the same village Keraluru. Malinatha Ganadhipatyava naniah 2. Ma- Hasanakana Sabebaru Ivanalura kbanasa- Hi kallu nattu kotta dbarma Gangeyalli gova kondu Kbanasabebara voppita Malinatha saranu sri Note.

This inscription is dated the first lunar day of the white half of Chaitra in the cj'clic year Khara, Saka corresponding to Monday the 1st March It 8 30 records the grant of the village, Keragalur Keraluru by the Mahajanas citizens of BSlur to Parvata Setti, son of Somasetti, and grand-son of Malisetti of Nalvati- halli and Mavihahalli in Tagarenadu in Beluhuru Sime for the maintenance of the yjeighing balance necessary for his Pattanasetiitana, office of the head-man of the city, with the consent of Hassain Khan of Siddarahalli and of Khan Sahib of Kanalur.

Then follows the description of the boundary of the village together with the usual imprecatory verses at the close. On a stone set up in the temple of Isvara to the south of the village Kogbdu in the same Hobli. Size 3'xl'iO" Modern Kannada characters. The first line and portions of the 2nd and 3rd lines are lost. The inscription seems to belong to the period of the Hoysalas. It ends with a Sanskrit verse in praise of the glory of death in battle.

On a stone set up near the same temple Size. Kogodina sakala gavundugalum Chalukya Mativarmmam Ra- 3. The top portion of the stone containing the first line is cut oS and lost. About three lines at the close are covered by a platform recently built. The inscription seems to record the death of Sivara Gavunda of Idugodu in fighting against the brother of Andarasa, one of the followers of Rajaraja Mativarma of the Eastern Chalukyas?

At Devihalli in Halebld hobli, on a stone opposite to Ivallesvara temple. Sambhave 3. Igandady-aneka-n4mavalt-sanialankritar appa srimat-Tri- 7. Kunda-marayar Mayse-nadi Tavareyakereyanubha- The inscription is dated Monday the 16th lunar day of the white half of Chaitra in the cyclic year Srimuka, Saka corresponding to Monday the 3rd April of A. On this date Manaveggade KundamaiAya, Maharnatya and Mahapradhana to King Ereyanga, and having Tayarekere in Mayse-nadu under his rule, caused a new tank together with a Siva temple to be cons- tructed and made a grant of a field of the sowing capacity of 6 salages under Hosagere to the temple for food offering to Mandesvara and of a plot of land of the sowing capacity of 3 salages under Mavinakere for the service of God Kalideva.

On a stone lying on the way to Hagare from Menasinaramana-moradi in the same village Devihalli Size 2'10"xl-6''. Srimatu-Pram4di-sam- 2. Sivane gati mahgala 7. A copy of the copperplate inscription in the possession of Eamayya, schoolmaster at DevihWli. The grant is imperfectly dated the 5tb lunar day of the dark' half of Margasira in the cyclic year Vijaya. It records the gift of a wet field called Halugadde by Naganna for the service of god Somadeva set up by Eachayya, his grandfather, when Krishnappa Xayaka was riiling over Beiur, With the consent of his younger brother, Sovayya, Naganna entrusted the field to Tammadi Basavasarana, authorising him to conduct the service.

First piece. Second piece. Poysala-dSvaru Gangavadi Tombhattaru-sayiramam ekama- 5. Third piece. The inscription on the first piece of stone contains the well known titles of Chalukya kings; Prithivi-Vallabha-Mah4rajadhiraja, Eajaparamesvara, Satyasraya- kulatilaka and Ch4lukyabharana. The name of the particular Chalukya king is lost.

Whether this inscription has any connection with the inscriptions on the other pieces of stone is not known. The inscription on the second piece of stone records gift of some -plot of land by a chief of the Ganga dynasty under the feudal sovereignty of Tribhuyana Poy- sala A. The name of the Ganga chief is lost. On a stone iying buried ui front of a Siva temple in the same village Kondi.

This is a memorial stone raised in memory of the death of Kasava, son of Ganga Harita, in repelling the attack made by Yirappa and his followers for plundering a village, on the road to Handalhala, when Pemmadideva, Yirappa's feudal lord, was in charge of Sodalapura under the feudal sovereignty of Chalukya king whose name is lost here. The inscription is dated Wednesday the 3rd lunar day of the dark half of Chaitra in the year Yikrama, Saka corres- ponding to Thursday not Wednesday? On the pedestal of the image of Ranganatha on the hill near the same village.

Sasikirtigala kaduhadolu 3.

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It records the formation of the image of Ranganatha by one, BMabdja under the orders of Sasikirti. Nagari characteis. YaiAha seal.

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Harer vamam chakshur hata-kamala-r6chir nija-rucha pramodam yushma- kam 9. Sangamesvarat 1 plrijata ivainbhodher udabhud Bukka-bhupatih 1 Gau- II a ya-suratranam iti tarn vidusbonisarn! K6tisankaradevasyaik4-vrittibl dasaite Kasyapahl Kikkeri A- Madhusudanapura Gopalabhatta-suta-Yishnubhattasyaika vrittih' d- 35 Ill a The grant seems to be spurious, since the details of the date do not work out properly.

The cyche year Krodhana coincided with A. Again the 15th lunar day of the white ha'f of Sravana, A. Likewise the 15th lunar day of Sravana, A. Salutation to GanMhipati. Salutation to Sambhu as in other inscriptions. Yictorious is the elephant-faced god who bears the edge of his tusk as if to write down with it the villages obtained by the Brahniansj from Harihara.

May you be protected by the First Boar the Boar incarnation of Yishnu who raised the earth from the ocean as if to hand it over to those who are desirous to make a charitable distribution of it. May you be pleased by the moon who is borne on his head by Siva the con- queror of the three cities, who feeds the assembly of the celestials with his nectar, and who, surpassing the brilliance of the lotus flowers, formed the left eye of Yishnu. In the lunar race there was born Yayati, in whose family there was born Yadu, with 36 whom the dynasty of the Yadus originated after his own name.

In the family of Yadu there was born Sangamesvara in whom the godesses of wealth and learning found a happy protector. When the moon that is the white umbrella of Harihara was unfurled, the lotus-flowers that are the umbrellas of all hostile kings were closed. When Harihara was ruling over the earth, it was only priests that engaged themselves with their instruments in the sacrificial fields, but not enemies in battle-fields.

Then follows a list of names of the Brahmans. On a stone in the field of Mariyanna in Hulakere in the same Hobli. Size 3. Padiva-Sonia-varadandu sri-Amritalingadeva- At the same village, on a stone slab near a tank pond. Size 2' X 3' 9" Modern Kannada characters. The first verse in praise of Sambhu is well known as it appears at the commence- ment of a number of inscriptions of the Hoysaia, Vijayanagar and other kings. The second verse and the prose that follows it are peculiar to this inscription and are not met with anywhere else.

May the imperial Command of the omniscient Yisvavedin , which is a gem- like ornament on the head of the troop of celestials, be victorious, so that he may continue to maintain the world. By him who is the lord of fragrance, the support of the essence of liqids, the shelter of colour and form, the abode of touch, the embodiment of sounds, the abode of days, and the ornament of nights, and who appears to have taken a second form of Siva the conqueror of the three cities with a view to protect the worlds, and who, with his arrows shot from his bow drawn so as to give it a circular form On a ruined well on the elevated plain about two miles off from the village Mattigatta in the same Hobli.

Size 4' X 3' Modern Kannada characters. Maiigala-varadalu Sa- 5. It records the construction of the well by one Kamoja. The inscription ends with the signature Ramoja in Grantha characters. On the eastern and northern sides of a stone pillar inside the deserted Siva temple in front of the tank of the same village Mattigatta. North Modern Kannada letters. Dikshitara Nagannana kayya- lu Mattikattada Somagau- danu tanna vritti-bhumiy-4di- agi patra-salava kondu.

The inscription is not dated. It is an interesting record of the relation that existed between the creditor and the debtor during the period of the Hoysalas to which it can be assigned. Henc-e in the presence of the Mahajanas of the village the discharge of the debt was, herein inscribed. The name of the engra- ver was Somanatha. On a Vlragal in front of the Siva temple now in ruins by the side of the tank in the same village. The top is gone. Sodandu 2. Mattikattada Ketagfl- 3. Note- The inscription records the death in a battle-field of Bammaya, son of Keta- gauda, while Ballala was ruling over the earth.

On a stone lying near a well in the Aijirita Mahal pasturage to the east of the village, Kanakenahalli in the same hobli. Nagara characters. The inscription is imperfectly dated and part of the date is also lost. As Harihara II? It records the gift of some land not mentioned by Sovabhatta son of Keriyabhatta, Devara- bhatta and Nuggavadhani. At Siddapura, in the same hobli on a stone opposite to Vlrabbadra temple.

Size 2'-9"xl'-6". Somande Eanja-alu yolagada chatus-sime- Pushya-masada pada,rchchaneya siddhaya gadyanaip mu- Lakbajiyanu Mabalingadevarige prabbata-kaladalu majjanavu ma- dbyabna-kala- Tbe inscription is dated Sunday tbe lOtb lunar day of the dark half of Bhadrapada in the year Partbiva, Saka corresponding to Sunday tbe 26tb of August A. It consists of four parts. The rent-deed was drawn by Govanna son of Akkanna, the village accountant. This grant was drawn up by village accountant Kallayya.

The sale deed was drawn up by village accountant, Virayya before the witnesses mentioned. In the fourth part it is recorded that the said Sivaratre Mayanna or Mayideva made a gift of all these plots of land thus acquired for the daily worship and food offering to god Mahalingadeva and god S'irabhadradeva, authorising his own sons, daughters, and disciples to enjoy the food and other offerings made to God Maha- linga. A person called Lakhajiya was employed to worship the god and receive two seers or a balla of rice a day for his wages.

On a stone on the mound near Hosalli in the hobli of Arehajli. Size 3' 6"X1' 10" Modern Kannada characters. Vijaya-samvatsara M4- 2. Jya-nirmulana Chdla-rajya-pratishta- 5. This is a memorial stone set up in memory of the death of the grandson of Ketayanayaka, a general of Viranarasimha of the Hoysala dynasty, while carry- ing out some work under the orders of Viranarasimha, known as Prithvi-vallabha, MaharajMhiraja, the destroyer of Magararajya and the supporter of Chola Kingdom.

It is imperfectly dated Wednesday the 1st lunar day cf the white half of Margasira in the cyclic year Vijaya. At Kannagala Hassan hobli on a stone near Mallesvara temple. Size4'Xl'6" Modern Kannada characters. Mallinathaya namah Note. The inscription is dated Saka , the year Vilainbi, Kartika Suddha 3, which corresponds to Saturda. This records the gift of a plot of land for food offering to God Prabhudeva in Kannagala bj" Harupeyanayaka, son of MMeyanayaka, manager of the household of vodeyar, during the reign of Virabukkanna,. On a stone lying on the site of the fodder-preserve outside the same village Size 6' 3"x3'9''.

Achyuta-rayarige A few words in almost all tbe lines of tbe inscription are lost. It is fully dated, but tbe date is not legible. It records tbe gift of tbe viliage, Kannan- gala to Ayya by a certain Nay aka under tbe king of Vijayanagar for tbe peace of tbe souls of Acbyutaraya and Channappa-ayya. On a stone set up in front of tbe temple of Kesava in tbe same village. This inscription is almost completely effaced and it seems to record tbe gift of some plot of land for tbe food offering to god Kesava.

At Agalaballi ' Hassan liobli on a stone in tbe field to the south of the village Size 2'-6"xl' 3". Mu Appegavuda- 4. This is not dated. It records the gift of a field, free from tax by the illustrious Mayilenayaka to bis servant, Appegauda in admiration of his devoted service. On a stone set up near a mantapa in Samudravalli in tbe same Hobli. Size 2'6"x2'. On a rock on a mound near Rajanhalli in the same Hobli. Size 3' X 1'6". Modern Kannada characters, 1. This inscription records the construction of a mantapa by Eachappa, son of Somappa, and that the same is placed under the care of the Gaudas, headmen of the village, On a stone lying near a well at the boundary of the village, Huvinahalli in the same Hobli.

On a piece of a stone lying near a stream by the siderif the road leading to. Alur close to Timmanahalli iu the same Hobli. Krodhi-samvatsara- 2. Maga-sudha 10 lu 3. BirisHnappa-nayakaru 4. Yirupikshadevarige 5. Chikballdpur Taluk. On a stone in the north veranda of the Oangamma temple near the Hulikan tesvami-matha in the village Nandi in Nandi hohli. Telugn characters and language The top is broken 1. This inscription is very fragmentary and seems to jecord some grant made at Nandi to Kudalesvaram Ramayya of Atreya-gotra and Apastambha-sutra. Chintdmani Taluk.

On a stone lying near the field of Toti Kempajja at the village Amhajidurga hohli Size 6'— 0"xl'-6" Chorappalli in Kannada language and characters. Khara-sarnvatsarada Chayi- 2. Somayyadevara pa- 8. This records, the grant of the village Chorapalle as a manya rent-free village with all rights of property to god Somayyadevaru by rajamanya nayakamani Yirana N4yaka on the 1st lunar day of the bright half of Chaitra in the year Khara.

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On a stone by the side of rail-road near the same village Chorappalli. Size 4'- 3" X 5'- 6". Bidirchcholan Pulogurol Aenurggam Indram 3. This records that during the reign of Srimeru- marasar, Bidircholan, lord of the five hundred of Puluguru, a hrave man parama- chandi , a brother of the Grod of Death, died in a fight near the village Pulvakki having rescued the cows from enemies.

A wet field of the sowing capacity of 5- kolagas was granted to his survivors. The inscription ends with the usual imprecations. On a village. The inscription is not dated and belongs to the reign of the Nolamba King Ijiva Nolamba. It records the death in a battlefield of Akka-g4vunda and Tiruma during the reign of the illustrious Ijriva Nolamba, with the titles, possessed of the five 47 great sounds, descendant of the Pallava race, lord of the earth, an ornament of the Pallava family.

It states that Go. On a stone lying on the side of a well belonging to Sonnapareddi to the south of the village MMigere in Chintamani hobli. Size 9' X 6'. While the illustrious Sivamarabhatarar called Konguni maha- rajadhiraja and Paramesvara was ruling over the whole world, and while he stormed and seized Totturammali, the illustrious Pallavakulatilaka came against him with a hostile spirit and in the fight that ensued died and attained heaven.

Javayya and Andayya admiring his valour made a grant of a plot of land, free of all imposts. Whoever maintains this will get the merit of performing a horse- sacrifice while he who takes it away will be guilty of the sin due to slaying Brahmans in Benares. On a stone set up in the field of Garagiraddi to the south of the same village. Size 6—'. Pandi-podara emme turugole 7. While the illustrious Mahendradhiraja was ruling over the earth and while Indira Indra was ruling over Nolarnbanadu, Asavuran led his elephants against a hostile band carrying off the cows and buffaloes of the village Pandipodaru 48 during the sack of Kiruttiruvanur and fighting hard died.

In his memory the Forty citizens made a grant of a rice field of the sowing capacity of 6 kolagas together with a plot of dry land of the sowing capacity of 3 kolagas. Whoever takes this away will be guilty of the five great sins. The king called Mahendradhiraja in this inscription is the Nolamba King also called Vira-Mahendra who ruled A. The person Indra seems to he either his son or his subordinate chief and perhaps is identical with the person of the same name mentioned in inscription No. On another stone lying at the same place Madigere.

Size Old Kannada characters. Kandayan Translation, Be it well. There being current the year Eaudri and there having elapsed eight hundred and fifty three years of Saka 'era, while Pallavakulatilaka Nola- mbMhiraja, entitled to the five great sounds, was. Whoever takes this away will be guilty of the sin of slaying a cow in Benares.

Kandayya wrote this. Whether this Pallavakulatilaka can be identified with the person of the same name mentioned in Numbers 45 and 46 it is difficult to say but the characters of Ihe two inscriptions are almost ideutical. Kayvaranadadhipati Ambalan turugolol bi- 3. Idu seneyan ikki suralokake sandon 1 Note. The inscription is in Halegannada characters of the later part of the 9th or the early part of the 10th century. It records the death of a person called Ambalan in charge of Kaivara-nad in his fight against a hostile army carry- ing off cows.

At the beginning of the inscription some one called Ereya seems mentioned as the King of Punnad. On a round stone lying by the side of a stone lamp-post behind the temple of -Anjaneya in the same village Kallahalli. Sarvajitu-samvatsa- 2. This records that a lamp-post was set up by Sounappa son of Bairappa on 'Thursday the 3rd lunar day of the bright half of Bhadrapada in the year Sarvajitu. On a stone lying in the midst of a grove of honge trees by the side of the JBOundnot far from the village Akkamangala in the same hobli. Size 3'— 6"xl'''. The dated portion of the inscription is effaced.

It records the grant of a dry field of the sowing capacity of 10 kolagas for the service of the god Kalledeva by Eachappa, son of the merchant Chinnappa during the reign of Bukkanna Vode- yar II of Vijayanagar. The field is placed in the charge of the mahajanas of the village. On a stone in the field of Ayyanna to the east of the village Perumachanhalli in the same hobli.

Size 3'-0"xl'-6". Kannada language and characters. Perumakalahalli 5. Karanika Kadarapage kotta 6. This records a gift of some land as Jcaftu-liodige to Kadarapa, village accountant of the village Perumakalahalli in the month of Vaisakha in the year Paridhavi, th year of Salivahana era.

The English equivalent of the' year of the grant is A. The date is not verifiable. On a stone set up below the lamp-pillar in front of the Hanumanta temple at the village Kendanahalli in Kaivara hobli. The concluding portion of this inscription cannot be examined as it is hidden by a portion of the building. It seems to record a grant by mahamandalesvara, govlaraya Soyidevamahaarasa, rupa-Narayana, gandabherunda and a Eama to enemies, chief of Kayivara. It is imperfectly dated the 1st lunar day of the dark half of Phalguna in the year Nandana. Kdldr Taluk. On a stone lying near the waste-weir of the tank at the village Biramanahalli in Kblar hobli.

Vikrama-sarnvatsarada Kartti- 4. Kolala-simeya Chikkanhra chatus-slmeyanu dhara- This inscription records the gift of the village Chikkanur to Kolala Somayya- deva and is dated Friday the 10th lunar day of the dark half of Kartikain the year Vikrama, being the Saka year and Kaliyuga year The date corresponds to Friday 12th November A. These titles indi- kate that the donor belonged to the famous Saluva family of chiefs from which was descended Saluva Nrisimha who usurped the Vijayanagar throne in about A. On a stone set up in a field to the west of the village Kainadenahalli in the same hobli.

Sixe 3'— 3" X 1'— 6". Khara-samvatsarada 2. Vayisaka ha 10 3. In srimatu Tinima- 4. This records a grant of a field with the sowing capacity of half a khanduga by Timmaya to the god Tirumaladevaru for the expense of purchasing oil for the perpetual lamp to be lighted before the god and is dated the 10th lunar day of the dark half of Vayisakha in the year Khara.

On a stone set up in the compound of the house of Munisamayya, Shanbhog of the village Elavara in the same hobli. Size 3'— 0"xl'— 3". Grangadhara- 9. This grant records the gift of a village on the 1st lunar day of the bright half of Phalguna in the year Subhakrit to Ood Gangadharadevaru for the daily food offerings. On a fragmentary stone in the pariah quarter of the same village Elavara. Size 3'— 3"x3 — 3". Ganadhipati namas tunga-siras-chumbi- 3. Mtdhdgal Taluk.

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A copy of a copperplate grant in the fpossession of Lakshmanachar at Mul- bagal. Nagari characters and Kannada language. A copy of Embarahalli grant of Baicliappagauda of Saka in the posses- sion of Krishnamurtyacharya, agent to the Sripadaraja matha in Mulbagal. Neither the number of plates nor the size of the plates is known. Kannada Characters. Baichappagaudaravaru srimat-paramaharnsa-parivrajakacharyatvadja- neka-guna-sampanna- Yekadasi-maha-punyakaladalu namma mata-pitrigalige puiiyavagabe- kendu A copy of a second grant produced by the agent of the sauie matha.

Nainas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-cha. Kuruvanka-nada edetittina Gaiitama-kshetra ubhaya-Kaveri-madhya- Paschima Ranganathasvamiyavara Srlranga- 8. Varadar4jasv4miyavaru yi-dbarma-s4sanava bareda Atbavane Syanabboga Venkatesayyanavara bastaka Subba- The grant is dated Saturday tbe lOtb lunar day with Uttarabb4drapada- naksbatra of tbe bright half of Margasira of tbe cyclic year Yuva, Saka and kali corresponding to.

Saturday the 13th December, A. The grant closes with the usual imprecation. A copy of a third grant produced by the agent of the same Matha, 1. Vijayamarigala-Kandacbarada vantri-gararu hobaligararu servegararu yi- valagadigala vantrigararu V agi varusha 1 va Gopala ga yi-ayivattu-varahavu varushampratiyalli svamiyavara di- Vijayamaiigalada koteyalliruva Visalaksha-ammanavaru Vlsvanatha- svamiyavaru i-dharma-sasa- It records the grant of a dry field called Kandachara hola of the sowing capacity of 50 Balias, situated in the village, Talayanalluru in the Hobali of Areyanadu in the Sime of Vijayamangala made by Arani Ramanayaka, Gurikanaparapatyagara accountant of Vijayamangala under the service of Navab Hyder Ali Khan who 57 was Kdrijaliarta ' agent to Krishnaraja Vodeyar II, mounted on his jewelled throne in Srirangapattana, to Lakshininidhitirtha, son and diseiple of Srivallabhatfrtha, disciple of SrlkAntatirtha of the Snp;VJa-inatha in.

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The Doom of Alokai Temple The Doom of Alokai Temple
The Doom of Alokai Temple The Doom of Alokai Temple
The Doom of Alokai Temple The Doom of Alokai Temple
The Doom of Alokai Temple The Doom of Alokai Temple
The Doom of Alokai Temple The Doom of Alokai Temple
The Doom of Alokai Temple The Doom of Alokai Temple
The Doom of Alokai Temple The Doom of Alokai Temple
The Doom of Alokai Temple The Doom of Alokai Temple

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