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Random House. Check out the book trailer, shot, edited and directed by Elsin Davidi , with sound by Omer Most, narration by Gil Dattner, and music by my brother, Eldad Tsabary. Hope you enjoy it!

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Check the Tumblr Page of The Best Place on Earth , for photos that I took to accompany a few of the stories in the book, and some excerpts. Her stories surprise and startle; her characters pause for a moment while we stamp our passport, and then sidle off to unexpected, unpredicted destinations.

Wherever the stories are set, Israel is always, somehow, present, as if lodged in a safe room of the mind. It is a fascinating transformation, and The Best Place on Earth may be the herald of a whole new genre of Jewish literature.


The Best Place on Earth

Filled with vivid characters and compelling storytelling. Tsabari emerges as a writer to show a new way to look at the world amid the confluence of love and death, sex and survival.

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Overview From the first to the final stanza Her Story is an exhibition of the power of the written word. Its poems are highly conversational in style and explore the realities confronted by a broad spectrum of human society.

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It also paints a pleasing mosaic of humanity as a whole as the poetic voice highlights a wide yet compelling range of themes common to mankind as a composite whole. In lines that are attractive in form yet tight in structure and thematic development the poet, Fitzroy Othello Jr, boldly addresses issues such as sex and sexuality, abuse in the home and society as well as making a poignant examination of human history. Each poem flows appealingly to the eye and is yet as inescapably poetic as the tide of the Caribbean sea is to the islands whose shores she bathes in beauty.

Take the time now to wade through the compelling free verse of Her Story! Product Details.

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This one is for the old soul who approaches every day with childlike wonder. Dripping with sophistication and radiating femininity, Paris leaves everyone utterly charmed as you walk down the aisle.

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Her Story: The Earth Collection Her Story: The Earth Collection
Her Story: The Earth Collection Her Story: The Earth Collection
Her Story: The Earth Collection Her Story: The Earth Collection
Her Story: The Earth Collection Her Story: The Earth Collection
Her Story: The Earth Collection Her Story: The Earth Collection

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