Ecos do deserto (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)

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B augh has told us how not to process the tragedy in China. Has the man the vaguest idea about how to run any business? Were I one of the unfortunate bar own- ers having to deal with his igno- rance, I think I would just give up and go on the dole. If there is nothing else to do in Portimao Snr. To sim- ply pass the buck on to a specific group of businessmen because you cannot be bothered to tackle the problem yourself is absurd.

O Mores! If Mr. James Ross sounds a similar warning in another quarter. In a world of constantly- shift- ing values, young people need to know the bottom line is that the greater majority of the human race is either male or female, equipped by nature to fulfil the teleological purpose which is of vital importance for the continu- ation of our species, and that to prevent its total collapse, society should ensure that demarcation lines in this respect are clearly drawn.

Language which reflects this must be maintained. It is most unfortunate, yet a fact of life, that in some cases sexual orientation has become confused by Mother Nature, but, as a former colleague of mine, a priest of the Benedic- tine order, James once remarked in a discussion on this subject, we should sympathise but not con- done. Os mergulhadores fotografaram. Antes do imcio do jogo, o treinador conversou calmamente com e deu-lhe algumas palavras de encorajamento. E uma velha historia sobre um pastor que, durante anos, guardou no alto da montanha.

The Portugal News - Apartado 13, Lagoa. Tel: 34 11 Alles is wrong when he writes that I did not respond to his letter of 19th April, because I submit- ted a reply a few days later. How- ever, it was not published because of an editorial decision to end the holocaust debate. Unfortunately no mention of that was made in the Letters Page. However, my reason for men- tioning the NWO was a means to draw attention to a much more serious threat - i. What has surprised me about part of an earlier letter by Mr.

Alles is that no loyal Dutch survivor of the German occupation has com- mented on his boast that he was proud of his grandfather who vol- unteered to serve in the Brigade Nederland of the Waffen SS. These Dutch traitors helped pro- long the war by fighting alongside German troops on the eastern front. Perhaps such treacherous behaviour happened so long ago that the Dutch now think it is best forgotten? Road Safety Strategy defined several obj ectives it will carry out in collaboration with 14 working groups.

But these plans were dealt a serious blow when it emerged that putting these ambitious plans into practice is easier said than done. Traffic police in at least five districts, including the Greater Lisbon Metropolitan Area, have for the past month been unable to use their speed meas- uring radar guns due to the ap- parent lack of maintenance of the equipment. The situation is reportedly because of the non-renewal of the contract between the GNR BT traffic police and the com- pany maintaining these radars.

The current situation means that whenever these highly sen- sitive radar guns experience a mal-function, they are shelved awaiting repair by a company yet to be assigned the task. While impossible to esti- mate, police are losing thou- sands of euros in revenue from fines they would be issuing had they been equipped with func- tional speed guns.

Police have so far refused to officially comment on this situ- ation, which is said to stem from the re- shuffle of the former DGV road authority, which previously governed the main- tenance of speed measuring equipment. Lollowing the shake-up at the DGV, which resulted in re- gional offices being closed and more than employees as- signed alternative jobs and re- sponsibilities, hundreds of thousands of fines are now in limbo and could be scrapped totally. Current estimates suggest that there are currently , fines pending at offices of the now defunct DGV. The ANSR, which has now taken over the handling of traf- fic offences and fines, is cur- rently embroiled in an action seeking to have these fines trans- ported to their offices, a move declined by the Accounts Tribu- nal.

The Government, arguing that no tender had been released due to the urgent nature of the transfer of the fines, as many were on the verge of passing the statute of limitations and could no longer be charged to drivers, insisted on not opening a pub- lic tender, though the Tribunal has so far stood its ground. As it stands, drivers who committed traffic offences in and the start of are now not far from avoiding pay- ing fines or face additional pu- nitive measures such as having their licences suspended. And what might connect those two things with a new, even Colder War?

And the most valu- able of those resources are oil and gas. Only about a metre three feet thick, it spreads across the ocean each winter, but tends to melt the following summer. So everybody is watching to see what happens this summer, explained Dr Jim Maslanik of the University of Colorado — Boulder. Last summer, he took a three-man submarine down to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean precisely at the North Pole, and planted a Russian flag in the seabed.

The other three countries with Arctic coastlines, the United States Alaska , Den- mark Greenland andNorway, are equally suspicious of Rus- sian intentions. The real issue is about who owns the rights to the seabed, and the Russian claim is pretty ambitious. Moscow claims that the Lomonosov Ridge, the subsea mountain range that goes straight across the middle of the Arctic Ocean, is an exten- sion of the Russian territorial shelf, and therefore belongs to Russia all the way to the North Pole.

Alternatively, if the Law of the Sea tribunal does not ul- timately accept that claim, Moscow may have an even broader claim in reserve. The width of those slices depended on where the various claimants owned ter- ritories near Antarctica, mostly islands in the Southern Ocean. Those claims are dor- mant because of a subsequent treaty banning economic de- Russian President Vladimir Pi the Arctic deep-water ex February Russian Arc velopment in Antarctica, but the precedent has not been for- gotten.

By that precedent, Russia could lay claim to about half the Arctic Ocean on the basis of lines of longitude running from the far eastern and west- ern ends of the country up to the North Pole — and in the old Soviet Union did pre- cisely that. But Russia has the big Arctic ports and the nuclear-powered ice-breakers to make its claim stick, and nobody else does. That is where the current panic comes from. As is often the case with hens, they are over-reacting.

Russia is in a more assertive mood than it was a decade ago, but there are no signs that it intends to pursue its claims by force. Neither has any other authori- tative source, yet this factoid has gained such currency that it even influences government policy. It is available exclusively through The Portugal News in Portugal. For more information, call You will receive friendly advice and a quick quote with absolutely no obligation.

Catering for both the resident and letting market, Yorkshire Linen have from budget to top of the range items with over 1, products for sale in the shop and new stock arriving every two to three weeks. Whether it is white bedding for property rental or something special for residents, such as lush Egyptian Cotton Bedding, quilted bed spreads or Egyptian cotton towels, Y orkshire Linen have it all.

Sheets, mattress cov- ers, bedspreads, duvets, pil- lows, shower curtains, cur- tains, tea towels, toppers and much more can be found at the shop to kit out a house completley.

HSM 2 - All for one pOrtuguese

All the sizes at the shop are UK sizes, but Karen said not to worry as they all fit Portuguese beds, whether it is a single, dou- ble, Queen or King Size. Now is one of the busiest times of the year for them as many home owners are prepar- ing their homes for summer lettings.

Studies in the Operas of Mozart and Verdi

To take some weight off their shoulders, Y orkshire Linen can receive orders by email and de- liver the items to the house, al- lowing the home owners to en- joy more free time in the Al- garve. Now they also have cot and bed rentals as an addition to their handy shop. The shop also sells Keysafe, storage boxes that can only be unlocked with a code. They are used to keep keys safe and avail- able for people arriving at their property, only needing to know the code to get the keys.

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Here she gives an insight into the current state of the market. At present there are 3, Remax agents in Portugal and branches. Alternatively, see website: www. Looking for one particuiar item? Delivery is now available all over Portugal and Spain. For more information, directions or opening hours, see website: www. With items and packages for all budgets Planet Sofa has every- thing to completely equip a home, whether that be a rental property or a luxury villa. Fully comprehensive anduser- friendly, their new website is in fact fun to browse through.

This quote is calculated at the most heavily discounted price possible. A large range of UK-size linen is also available in stock to com- plete the bedroom set-up. Since its founding only three years ago. Having developed from beds and sofas to complete furniture packages for both indoors and out.

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More exciting new develop- ments are soon to take place, the biggest of which is a new UK- based showroom, opening next month. This 4, square foot show- room will be a replica of its Al- garve-based counterpart, and looks set to be just as successful. A complimentary refreshment area provides clients with courtesy drinks to make their shopping even more enjoyable. Channel 5 is not available on freesat, but is on Sky freesat. So far there are reportedly no plans for Channel 5 to go onto non-Sky freesat in the near future.

Recording devices will be similar to those of Sky plus, but without subscrip- tion, will most likely be avail- able later in the year. High definition HD freesat receivers will also be coming on to the market in the coming months. A Sky HD receiver will also pick these up. Freesat is broadcast from the Astra 2 satellite, just as it is at present, and there are, so far, no plans to widen the foot- print in fact there is an obliga- tion to restrict the channels to UK viewers.

It is not known how good the tuners are in the new freesat boxes, or whether they will work in Portugal, Spain, etc. Rumours that freesat can be received with a small dish in Spain and Portugal are not true. Freesat is being given a soft launch now, giving them time to iron out any software bugs or hardware problems in time for the proper launch in No- vember. Viewers with standard defi- nition TV will be better off with sky freesat as they will get Channel 5. There is no need to worry as there are no problems with Sky apart from the signal, which with a 1. You can continue to enjoy all your favourite channels with the option to upgrade to more channels when purchas- ing a new box, which freesat does not give you.

SOS Sky Digital only use the best quality equipment to ensure your viewing pleasure without any shortcuts or added extras. SOS Sky Digital is always available for advice, because their commitment to customer service, quality products and worry-free installations means excellent value for money and guarantees client satisfaction. There is a small, open patio, with ladrilha floor tiles. Surrounded by fruit trees and with a splendid view onto the farm behind, it is ideal for a barbeque and dining table.

Between the kitchen and the sitting room is the staircase, with storage space beneath, that leads to an upstairs bedroom section. Reaching upstairs, straight ahead there is a tiled bathroom with a walk in shower and a sky- light to take in all the natural light. To the left of the bathroom is a storage closet for towels and linen. All rooms have built in ward- robes and the previously men- tioned three way system.

The first bedroom, to the right, is the largest with an en- suite bathroom, fitted with a skylight as well, and a small con- necting balcony with the other north facing room. The two south-facing bed- rooms share a large terrace, il- luminated by sunlight practi- cally all day long. The huge roof terrace has a laundry room and is equipped with solar panels.

This terrace covers the whole floor area of the house.

  1. 24 micro romances y un poema de Jaume (Spanish Edition).
  2. The Signifier and the Signified | SpringerLink.
  3. The End.

The prop- erty is located right next to the Municipal Gardens and is very close to some very nice traditional Portuguese restaurants. Furniture is not included. Cool in summer, warm in Winter and dry ail year round, a wooden building from Danecasa not only looks good inside and out, it provides an extremely comfortable and healthy living environment and can counter Winter allergies.

The entrance, on the right hand side of the front of the house, opens into a corridor that leads to the remainder of the ground- floor level. At the end of the corridor is a guest cloakroom, tiled and fitted with a toilet and basin. Left at the end of the corri- dor and left again is a fully fit- ted kitchen with a large granite worktop reaching the far end. It is of moderate size with twin sinks, a gas hob, wooden storage cupboards and a patio door that opens onto the front of the house. Second left is a converted ga- rage. This room also has large mir- rored double windows that too lead to the front of the property.

A three way system provides air conditioning, heating and a dehumidifier to the whole room. South facing terrace plus separate large north facing terrace. Prepared for air conditioning. Bras Altura New semi-detached villas Lovely views to ocean 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 2. This lovely apartment with sunny south-facing patio is an ideal holiday home or rental investment. Located within a few minutes walk of the new Hilton Spa resort. This apartment is within 1 0 minutes walk of the tennis centre or 15 minutes to the marina.

A Gov. Top quality finishes. Underfloor heating, surround sound system. Exclusive Spa complex, res- taurants, shops etc. Front line brand new 2 bedroom 1 en suite beach apartment. Excellent finishes. Fully furnished kitchen. Electric shutters. Central vacuum cleaning sys pre-installed. Restaurants, shops, supermarket, bars etc. Fully fit- ted kitchen. Finished to high standard. Alarm sys. Brand new. Investment opportunity.

AMI - Val. Three bathrooms, private patio, off street parking, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen. Sold furnished. Good value for money! Con- struction size approx: incl. Breathtaking views from all rooms, cov. Comprising of 4 spa- cious bedrooms, 4 en-suite bathrooms, top of the range kitchen and lot of extra's, cov. Furnished and equipped. Com- munal swimming pool and gar- den area. Construction area - 65 sq.

Communal swimming pool and garden area.

L'eco del deserto

Construc- tion area - sq. Swimming pool and garden. Plot area - sq. Construction area - sq. Plot area -3, square metres. Excellent price for this location!! Price: Distances: Faro 55 km; Lagoa town centre m; Carvoeiro and beaches: 3 km; Portimdo; 10 km; Golf; 2 km. I Very good investment. Ideal for rental or permanent home. Close to Marinha beach. On sqm plot. Space for swi m m i n g pool. Large terraces. Property of The vyeek is emailed directly to over 3, potential buyers every week. To advertise on these pages, phone Bella Talhadas on or The park is laid out in discrete phases and each home has a large plot with landscaped gardens and parking for your car.

Most of the homes have a sea view, - as the coast is only 7Km from the park. The park has a large swimming pool. Bar and Restaurant, Internet Cafe, 24 Hour security and daytime reception. Calico Park can offer Mobile homes. Park Homes and Timber lodges from both UK and European manufacturers If you would like more information regarding the Park or our homes, or you would like to arrange a visit ' please call: or aY Alternatively email us at dave calicoparksales.

At our store you can select all your bed linen, towels, kitchenware, lighting, furniture and decorative accessories. We carry out all installations of curtain poles, bathroom accessories and lights. We also supply and fit air conditioning. Why not call In for some friendly help and advice with regard to making your new house a home. Situated in a pretty, landscaped cul-de- sac, the apartment has a light and spacious lounge overlooking the countryside, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and two balconies. Being only 5 minutes drive to the beach and various golf courses makes it an ideal holiday home and a great investment.

Anything goes from vintage to retro, recycled to restored. They loved the crafts the variety of stands, the show gardens. Hang up beautiful vintage dresses, blouses and skirts on a Fun with fabrics The Bazaar look often incor- porates textiles into a room just for the sheer] oy of having them there. Top a wildly- printed bed sheet with a faded quilt to tame it. A room that in- vites you to reach out and touch it is more relaxing and wel- coming than one that simply looks great.

Put a silk cushion next to a mohair one, a fake fur throw next to cotton. Tack lengths of lace or strips of patterned fab- ric above a window or along a tabletop edge. Pin a collection of handkerchief s or napkins to a wall or door. Wonky hinges and missing knobs can be replaced on wardrobes, cupboards and cabinets. Use them to store everything from towels to teacups, clothes to crockery. Pin up a throw, patchwork or gorgeous blanket, or even make your own mural. Remember to add to it, move its components around or swap with pieces from another room. Sit clean- lined, retro-style design clas- sics from the s and 60s next to heavily-ornate and decorated baroque pieces.

Joanna suggests thinking outside the box. Using every- day objects for a different pur- pose can give them a whole new lease of life. For in- stance, a hospital trolley can work as a side table, a depart- ment store display cabinet can be a cavernous chest of draw- ers, an old tea chest can be- come a TV stand. Rearranging a collection is the fastest way of giving a room a facelift. In a kitchen old pickle jars and pop bottles, painted flasks or biscuit tins can look lovely grouped together. The quality and variety of contemporary homeware overseas can be high and add freshness to a display.

Visit www. Very well maintained villa in a small urbanisation close to Lagos. For professional and honest advice call: Anica de Kruijf akruijf remax. Neartoall bedrooms, livingroom with fireplace, services and infrastructure. Price: kitchen, 2 bathrooms. How are you going to make a duii shady area sizzie with coiour? Many gardeners avoid plaeing hanging baskets in shade, but there are some plants that will do well without direet sun and still provide a splash of eolour where it is needed. Professionalism and craftsmanship guaran- teed. But while most bedding re- quires some direct sunlight, you can create wonderful hanging baskets from plants which pro- vide contrasting foliage and tex- ture.

Mix leafy plants including begonias and hostas with spiky grasses and flowing ferns for an eye-catching contrast. There are some fuchsias which will do well in the shade, including F. Some heuchera are also perfect for adding dramatic leaf contrast to a basket. It likes some cool shade and its silvery sheen adds lustre to a dull scene. One of my hanging baskets is in shade at the front of my house and I find that bacopa works well as a trailing filler, its white flow- ers contrasting well with the daisy-like lilac flowers of brachyscome. Whatever you choose, remem- ber that hanging baskets can dry out easily in shade, just as they do in sun.

You will still find that in the height of summer you will have to water the basket on a daily basis maybe even twice a day , whether in sun or shade. For the moment, plant up the baskets by balancing the basket on top of a bucket, so you can move the basket around and plant up the sides without it toppling and damaging the plants.

Hannah Stephenson Three ways to Plan a new garden layout 1. Draw a plan of the ex- isting plot, using graph or squared paper, plotting the outline of the house and the furthest comers of the plot first, checking measure- ments from one fixed point to another. Mark any existing fea- tures, which you want to keep, such as trees, shmbs and existing buildings. Lay tracing paper over the original plan to experi- ment with your own ideas for a new layout, visualising what it will look like from the main viewpoints. Clean lines and simple shapes always work best.

Keep it simple. Tailor made to suit your property and your purse Inc furniture curtains lighting crockery linen and in-house design service at no extra cost Patricia Finch Showroom: Lote 38, Vila das Acacias, Praia da Luz - 1 24 Lagos Tel. Portugal E-mail: info lemos-juridico.

We will simplify your Life. To place a property directory or update advert, call our ad hotline on or email bella the-news. Call for an appointment or Email belshaw sapo. The four packs shown on this page include line rental, internet, calls from fixed phones and from OneFone mobiles. And the best news is that you receive just one phone bill every month and customer service is provided by our own operators here in Portugal.

Call or go to worldtelecom. Brighten up your kitchen on a budget An obvious starting point is the walls. If you have shabby paintwork, it pays to tidy it up. If so, you need to repaint the whole room unless the dam- age is in an inconspicuous place using specialist kitchen and bath- room paint, which is moisture re- sistant and easy to wipe clean. If not, anything goes, though dark colours do nothing to im- prove small or dingy rooms. Now look at the tiles - do they need freshening up? The most common problem is discoloured or mouldy grout. Retiling the whole room, if nec- essary, is a much bigger job, but still well within the grasp of many DIYers.

You may prefer to paint the tiles. To do so, clean them thor- oughly with sugar soap or dedi- cated tile cleaner, rinse with clean water and allow to dry. For a neat, smooth finish, use a gloss roller small and foam rather than a paint- brush, which will leave brush marks.

The trouble with tile paint is that the tiles look a bit odd be- cause the grout is painted too, though you could try using a grout pen on it afterwards, or using white tile paint so the tiles and grout naturally merge. If you have plain tiles that you want to jazz up, or a few unat- tractive ones that you want to cover up, how about tile trans- fers? These are inexpensive and easy to apply. If you do decide to have a go yourself, trim the lino just big- ger than you need and then care- fully cut it to fit exactly, using templates to negotiate awkward shapes where necessary.

How the hard job is will depend on the shape and size of your kitchen. One option is to replace the doors. Some DIY stores sell doors separately and so do spe- cialist replacement door compa- nies - look on the internet or in the weekend supplements for these. A cheaper option may be to make replacement doors out of MDF and paint them yourself. Changing the handles can make a big dif- ference or, better still, changing the handles and painting the doors. When choosing a topcoat, check out the specialist kitchen cupboard and melamine paint ranges, though most eggshells, satinwoods and glosses prefer- ably a quick-drying one will do.

The main problem with painted units is that they tend to chip, as the doors are repeatedly opened and closed. When it comes to kitchens, tough, hardwearing surfaces are always good news - providing they look good too. Lighter evenings are great for DIY because you see so much more in natural light than artificial light. Ideal jobs for light eve- nings are finishing painting, touching up paintwork and perfect- ing the finish of a job. Messy DIY jobs, such as sanding, planing and sawing, or ones that create toxic fumes, such as chemical paint stripping, should be done outside whenever possible.

Quality of Life He recently acquired a mas- sive , square metre prop- erty which has been subject to numerous renovations. To ensure his ambitions are realised through his wine, Karl Heinz replaced all of the man- agement and the technical equipment, as well as hiring a reputable oenologist to ensure the quality of wine produced is of the highest standard.

But Quinta dos Vales pro- vides wine with a difference. All of the grapes used for pro- duction are carefully chosen from a conveyor belt to ensure the best quality grapes are used. Besides scrutinising the grapes, the equipment used is of the highest technological stand- ards available, allowing the pro- duction line to function with only one person working whilst still being able to maintain a strict control.

About this book

Quinta dos V ales will be pro- ducing four wine varieties; a red, a red reserve, a white and a rose wine, all originated from the harvest of grapes from Touriga Nacional, Cabernet Sauvignon, Aragonez and Arinto vines. The reserve is matured in oak barrels imported directly from France, giving the wine a full bodied wood flavour. Karl Heinz has grouped sev- eral artists to produce a number of provocative and outstanding new sculptures, located mainly in the sculpture garden but more can be found spread across the land.

Using several different ma- terials for sculpting, from stone, wood, glass fibre to poly- ester, the team has been able to produce much larger sculp- tures, some reaching five me- tres in height. Creating these large figures demands a lot of input and time, besides talent, and several sculptors are required to carry out the task. Realising that art and agri- culture alone would not sustain the vineyard, Karl Heinz de- cided to add tourist residencies and attractions.

On the acres of land there are five newly renovated apart- ments available for rentals and there is also a large seven bed- room house that can accommo- date fourteen people. A total of , square metres of the land are reserved for animals in fenced areas, with black pigs, wild boar, sheep, horses, po- nies, ducks, geese, deer and soon they will have lamas and kangaroos. Quinta dos Vales is ideally located close to top-rated golf courses and is only 10 minutes from the sea.

Motor yacht, sailing yacht and jet-ski rentals are also available. It will be open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 14h00 to 1 8h00 and wine tasting will take place in the classy wine tasting room between 14h00 and 16h For more information on Quinta dos V ales, visit the website www. The modern wine tasting room Sala de Prova has exhibitions for smaller sculptures and paintings. It can accommodate groups of up to 80 people and is equipped with a kitchen for smaller snacks and Multimedia equipment.

The more rustic wine tasting room is within the area of the old winery. This room is dedicated for smaller groups of up to 20 peo- ple. Our Reserva wine is ripening in this temperature controlled room in Erench oak barrels. Viewing by appointment or Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 to 4 pm. Prices to be calculated sepa- rately. For too long, people all over the country have been serving up shredded ice- berg, half a cucumber and a bit of tomato to their families. I always have a bag in my fridge. You can buy Monte Enebro from www. Rub with a little olive oil and cover with foil.

Place in the oven for 30 minutes then remove the foil. Roast for a further 10 to 1 5 minutes until tender when pierced with a knife reduce the cooking time by 10 minutes if using small beetroot. Set aside to cool. Cut the cheese into 2 x 1cm sticks. Slice the beetroot and divide between two plates. Put the cheese, onion, herbs, walnuts, extra- virgin olive oil and vinegar in a bowl and mix gently, but well. Put equal amounts on to the plate with the beetroot, season with sea salt, grind over some black pepper and serve. Your host Jose welcomes you to his eatery, offering a good breakfast menu as well as tapas and fullsize dishes.

Food is served all day from 9. The Portuguese and international dishes are all freshly prepared by the Portuguese chef, who has world wide experience, aU are reasonably priced. V egetarians have not been forgotten and they have an excellent wine list. Situated in an ancient building, it has a light and airy Mediterranean ambi- ence, which is enhanced by the blue and white tiles.

You can choose to eat inside or outside and just relax and watch the world go by. Situated in Avenida do Pescadores, just below the Church and next to a car park, it has glorious sea views from its terrace. Serving authentic Indian food, the interior decor is subdued and relaxing, and the prices offer value for money. The helpful staff will be happy to book your table to avoid dissapointment.

Cook until the point of a knife will slip in with just a little resistance. Remove from the heat, drain and immediately flush with cold water to prevent further cooking. Allow to cool and then cut into slices half a centimetre thick. Put in a large bowl. Pull any touch strings from the celery stalks, and wash off any dirt. Slice them thinly, across the grain, then rinse and pat dry.

Add the celery and crayfish to the bowl and tos s together with the olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, some freshly ground black pepper and a pinch of Maldon salt flakes. Serve topped with half a boiled egg, and decorate with a few celery leaves. Sundays Special Brunch pm Barao de S. Joao, Nr. MellowYellow Myleene Klass reeently showed off arainbow of eolours on the red earpet - but not in the same outfit She ehose not one, but three dramatie froeks of shoeking brightness in red, yellow and pur- ple for the Classieal Brit Awards. The TV presenter earned her fashion stripes by pieking bold hues ofbloekeolourtomake a big impaet.

The brighter, the better. When Cheryl Cole was having marital prob- lems earlier this year she paraded down the red ear- pet in super-bright yellow to show the world she was fighting baek. Get into green goddess mode in j ewel-like emer- ald this summer. Shocking Pink F ashion has really fallen in love with fuchsia this season. Gwyneth Paltrow recently dumpedher conservative streak to show off a shocking-pink, vintage Christian Dior frock. Make like Gwyneth and head for hot pink in prom dresses to toughen up aprim- and-proper look. Where can I get something similar for a summer wedding with- out the designer price tag?

Pack a stylish suitcase F ind the perfect capsule ward- robe for your summer getaways. Avoid excess baggage charges with our top tips for a stylish getaway in the sunshine. We re- veal what to take, and exactly how to pack it to fly away to your destination like a true fashionista. Day-to-night Items which can be worn in the day or glammed up at night are essential for a capsule holiday wardrobe. Look for versatile maxi skirts that can be worn as beachwear cover-ups or a dress in the evening.

W e all have them. Give your outfit apop of eolour with one statement bright aeeessory. Mary-Kate Olsen reeently stepped out in a plain blaek satin play suit, brought to life with a shade-indueing neon pink belt. Perfeet for setting off toned and tanned skin. Give the aetress amn for her money with all 4. Check outthe styles avail- ' ableatwww. PACK: Zebra kaftan or stripe maxi skirt. PACK: Dosie strap wedge or floralraffia wedge. Crease-free Crinkle-effect clothing is a great solution to the age-old problem of creases. PACK: Coloured woodbangles or red sunglasses.

Luxury Luggage Finish offyour holiday packing with a super-stylish suitcase to re- ally get you in the holiday mood. Think bright colours and prints for a fashionista touch at the departure lounge. Packing Know-how Once you have your holiday wardrobe hit-list sussed, haphaz- ardly cramming everything into your suitcase could undo all your hard work.

Who wants to walk around in cmmpled, creased cloth- ing, or worse still walk around in your birthday suit because all your clothes are covered in suntan oil? Avoid disasters when you un- pack at your destination by pack- ing like aprofessional. In the last article I talked about posture and its importance in the golf set up. In this article I will focus a bit more centrally on the core and how to use it can be used to get better distance and control.

Too often, a good postural set up at address is lost upon the be- ginning portion of the golf swing. These two muscle groups are royalty as regards the golf swing and demand attention and re- spect. Pelvic immobility is the On the go The suck and squeeze. Standing up straight place a hand on your tummy just below the belly button and suck your tummy in so your hand moves towards your spine. At the same time squeeze your backside. The effect should cause your pelvis to tilt backwards.

Hold this for 10 sec. Breathe and repeat. This exercise can be done any time, any where, and the more often it is done the greater the effect. Learning how to activate these muscle groups prior to starting the swing will enable them to function better and help with sequencing particularly in the down swing. The pelvic tilt move encour- ages good activation of these muscle groups and increases pel- vis and hip mobility. The follow- ing exercises will develop the strength and control of this move which will when utilized add dis- tance and control to your game, and when perfected could also do wonders for your sex life.

At home The assisted pelvic tilt Using a chair or wall for support lean forwards and place both hand on the sup- port with knees slightly bent. First arch forward tilt then round backward tilt the lower back feeling the abs and gluteus tighten as you tilt the pelvis backwards.

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Tilt the pelvis forwards and back- wards trying to get as much range in the movement as possible without causing any pain. Once you have mas- tered this try the move with- out support with arms across the chest. Make sure that the shoulders and knees do not move. Gaining the feel for how to manipulate and maintain a proper pelvis position during a golf swing is the main focus of these exercises, however they can also offer various fringe benefits.

The next articles will focus on the points of rotation in the golf swing and demonstrate exercises to improve your ability to turn. On the range Neutral pelvis back swing At set up first tilt your pelvis forwards Photo a then tilt it backwards photo b then forwards again to the maximum range comfortable, then tilt the pelvis backwards but stopping at the midway point Photo c. Then turn into your back swing Photo d. This sets the pelvis in a neutral position but with activation of the abs and gluteus prior to starting back swing.

In this po- sition you should feel the abs and gluteus tighten slightly and be in a strong set up position. Follow the signs for the Barragem, the car park is on the left with a cafe. Walk leader: Peter Lammin telephone In the Gym Lying pelvis tilt On a mat on the floor, lie on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor.

Put your hands above your chest to prevent using them to as- sist. Push your lower back to the floor tilting the pel- vis backwards by pulling in your abs and tightening the gluteus backside , and hold for 15 sec, then relax. Repeat 5 times. This is and excellent move prior to working on any exercises for the abdominal mus- cles. I cfeaC for Beginners! Facilities include a lounge bar, restaurant, a well stocked shop, snooker room and golf school. Choose the wrong method, warn dentists, and you can permanently damage teeth by dissolving the delicate enamel coating, harm gums or find teeth become hyper-sensitive to changes in temperature caused by hot or cold drinks.

That desire is further fuelled by people copy- ing the style of their celebrity idols. Yellowing or discoloured teeth have an instant ageing effect and teeth whitening is one of the easi- est and cheapest ways of chang- ing that. Coffee, tea, red wine, curry and cigarettes all speed up that proc- ess. Women believe it indieates a warm personality while men eonsider a good smile leads to sueeess in life.

We aim for excellence, and select Pratitioners and Therapists accordingly, all dedicated to caring for every aspect of your physical and mental well being. I loydwhyteintl. Registered address Lakesiife. Registered as an insurer with the Institute de Seguros de Portugal, registered number Other- wise, you can endup not just dis- appointed but suffering a lot pain and grief. If you bleach teeth in that state you can make the de- cay worse andweaken the teeth.

This can reduce the build-up of stains caused by the common culprits - smoking, wine, coffee and tea. LightAssisted Bleaching: Result: Can lighten teeth by shades and results can last for at least a year. A light laser en- hances the effect of the whiten- ing bleach solution by heating it while it is on the teeth. Some people prone to sensitive teeth should either not have this or may need desensitising sessions before- hand.

The most popu- lar method but will not alter the colour of fillings, crowns or other dental work, or roots of teeth ex- posed as gums recede. A dentist will make a mould of your teeth which is turned into a custom- made shield - a tray - for the bot- tom and top teeth. These, into which you squeeze the bleaching gel, are worn daily for up to four hours at a time over a period of up to three weeks. Farmacia Aero'porto de Faro Open: 8. Thinking of security for the future? Amenities include 2 swirnrning pools, putting green, croquet lawn, boule pitch, village hall, restaurant, hairdresser, physiotherapist, church and British trained medical staff on duty at all times.

Zurich Andreas J. Duarte Pacheco 16, Sta. Open to residents of all nationahties, it comprises 10 unfiimished apartments with a kitchenette and an en suite bathroom as well as 8 individual rooms with private bathroom for those who are less independent. Links with the local community ensure a steady flow of volunteers to help with outings, shopping trips and social events.

Non-residents are welcomed on a daily basis or for short-term stays for recuperation or hohday periods. For more information contact during working hours, e- mail: brh. This is one of the alternatives for people who are not suitable for teeth whiten- ing. Adentistremovespartofthe existing enamel before bonding on the veneer which is usually made from porcelain. You can tailor the shape and colour of the ve- neers so it totally enhances the face and it can a person look up to 20 years younger.

If you feel fat, are a yo-yo dieter, have 1 or 1 00 kilos to lose, then this seminar is for you! F inally , a way to lose weight easily. The end result often means being heavier and bigger than when they started with lower selfes- teem and greater levels of fhis- tration. Our approach is fo- will affect their day-to-day life - their personal appearance.

London- ers were also more likely than average to request white fillings and veneers. Gabrielle Fagan cused on you. You now have the opportunity to discover the se- crets that will enable you to lose weight and feel great tool Curi- ous? Now, imagine how good it Be a loser and enjoy the gain. The key to suc- cessful wieght loss is all in the mind, all you have to do is tap into it. We have the ability to completley re- pattern your thoughts, atti- tudes and beliefs about yourself, your health and food to help you easily get control of your diet and lose weight - in an easy manner.

Un- less you have a way to change what food means to you on a deep unconcious level. Even the most basic policy covers treatment anywhere in Europe your auto matic responses relat- ing to food are never going to change for long, before you go right back to your old ways. You will never feel deprived. You will learn how to make the right choices. We will demonstrate and teach you how it is possible to break any craving and re-pro- gramme your mind in a matter ofminutes.

At the end of the day you will be given a free weight loss pack to support your changed state. To register call: 00 44 0 9 in the UK or 00 in Por- tugal. F or more information go online to: www. Hi 17? The stunning foyer of the Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel and a selection of special touches. However, the Renaissanee Paris Vendome Hotel, part of the Marriott group, a boutique hotel of less than rooms, is situ- ated in the very heart of Paris near the Plaee Vendome, where you will find famous establishments sueh as the Paris Ritz, but having stayed at both, the Vendome wins hands down for real luxury and serviee.

If you are arriving by Eurostar, The hotel restaurant, Pinxo, and right, applying the finishing touches to a dish. BBUM fax mobile email: dodo mail. W e arrived late in the evening, but a doorman was there to whisk our bags out of the taxi as soon as we arrived. This used to be the inner courtyard of the property, but now is sheltered under glass with thick carpets, a rosewood encased reception and hall porters desk, with purpose built furniture and fabrics sup- plied by Frey, Ralph Lauren and Andrew Martin amongst others.

Our reservation was found with in a few moments, and we were ushered up to our room on the third floor. The hotel corri- dors are laid with deep pile Scot- tish carpets softening every foot- step. Our room was no exception to the high standards already seen in the public areas, no expense had been spared on the decor and furnishings, simple, but superb. Double glazing, of course, blinds and thick flannel curtains so soft to the touch.

The bed was huge, and welcoming in its plushness. The bathroom, was equally well appointed. Toiletries by Bvlgari; thick, soft bath and hand towels; robes; and excellent light- ing, exactly where you needed it, without being obtrusive. There were fresh exotic flowers artisti- cally arranged in the bathroom and bedroom, but without seeming ostentatious.

There were nice, and practical touches, such as reading lights beside the bed as well as the normal bedside lights, and the air con unit was as silent as any we have encountered any- where. Oddly, there was no- where to store suitcases, though there was good hanging and stor- age space for ones clothes. A wall mounted fiat screen Sony TV and DVD player was provided for our entertainment, though the choice of English lan- guage channels was quite limited, however, the hotel has a stock of DVDs for you to choose from, or you can bring your own favour- ites with you.

Within a 5 minute walk is the Opera House, and within a couple of minutes more, Galeries Lafayette in Boulevard Haussmann. The hotel restaurant, Pinxo, is one of the attractions of this ho- tel. I person- ally like the eoneept of open kitehens, where you ean see the ehefs busy at work as your dishes are prepared. The wine list is also very well ehosen, and we deeided to take wine by the glass, mateh- ing eaeh eourse, and allowing the wine waiter to make the ehoiees.

What a very good deeision that was! Everything on offer bears evidenee to a striet poliey of fresh ingredients eookedto order.

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You can stay as long as you like min. This offer continues until 31st May It was served on a bed of tomato, aubergine, earrot with blaek olive and watereress eoulis. Our other ehoiee was the Aquitaine sirloin beef, served with mashed pota- toes and green onions. Breakfast is equally fresh and appealing. Fresh eggs, to your taste, were available, plus bacon and sausages if your love for an English breakfast is some- thing you take with you wher- ever you travel. Downstairs the hotel offers a lovely indoor 11x4 metre swim- ming pool, a rarity in Paris, and a Spa. In the pool you can swim against the current, and later just lounge by the poolside, a nice touch after a days shopping and sightseeing.

Be sure to ask for one of their teas, all from a local speciality shop. In the lobby and library, there are always jugs of fresh water and fruit juices, and a coffee station is tucked discreetly away for you to serve yourself a coffee while you browse through the books. Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel is not an inexpensive ho- tel; quality and luxury of this standard come at a price. It is both superb and unique, and if you really want to treat yourself or someone special, there is surely nothing to touch this hotel in Paris.

To make a reservation or for more information contact: Ren- aissance Paris Vendome Hotel, 4. Rue du Mont Thabor, Paris, France. Phone: 00 33 1 , or visit: www. The luxuriously equipped en suite bathroom. Because of the weather this show had to be moved to Santarem, add- ing to the confusion. This was a challenge for both of us. I have not driven myself to any show in Portugal. Merlin never goes to a show without Cleo. W ell. Merlin became a dif- ferent dog without his Sister around. He seemed full of confidence, was laid back and just threw himself into it all with enthusiasm.

Many peo- ple came up to me to say how different Merlin was, how sure of himself and how good he looked — even a couple of the Judges who know him. This was wonderful thinking back to To think back to that poor little the poor soul we rescued from the underweight, unfed, 4 month old pet shop. In Portuguese Water Dogs the tail is everything, it has to be carried high. Usually my two are fine till they get in a ring when the nerves take over and tail collapses, but this time his tail was where it should be.

Now I have to work on stopping him trying to sniff for doggy smells around the ring and get his head up! Please note the Water Trials this next weekend. Beauty Con- test Saturday 3P' May from 1 6. Water Trials Sunday June P' from The event will be held at 1 , at the home of Helen Stokes in Praia de Luz. It will include a deli- cious champagne luncheon; wine and beer will also be available. There will also be a raffle of super prizes and the chance to bet on the horses.

See a Problem?

To purchase tickets and get directions to the party, call Helen Stokes at or Laura, from Merrylegs Kennels, very kindly offered to take Cleo to Madrid and show her for me. Laura is wonderful and I knew Cleo would be fine with her as she has known Laura all her life. I, have found it very difficult not having Cleo with me and not showing her myself. However, nothing is ever simple in life. Thankyou so much Laura for looking after Cleo and for showing her for me. She is now qualified for Crufts Once Cleo got back she got a big fuss for doing so well. Actually, to qualify this, she is per- fectly OK medically but cannot walk so needs more watching than usual.

She can manage to get around but not necessarily to get out of the door. She then gets frustrated. This has obviously meant that leav- ing her is impossible at the moment, and kennels are out of the ques- tion. Vets maybe, and too de- manding to be left with Julie and the family. This weekend was the Spanish Dog Show, the Crufts qualifier.

Our free health checks have been so popular, that we have decided to continue them throughout May! Simply cut out this coupon and bring it with you to our new clinic in Lagos. Tel: www. Il Mondo di SimiS rated it really liked it Mar 10, Maria Grazia rated it really liked it Apr 13, Angela rated it liked it Jun 18, Claudia rated it liked it Nov 01, Manuele Gazzardi rated it did not like it Dec 14, Stefamuzzo rated it really liked it Jan 01, Nina rated it liked it Jan 30, Veronica rated it it was ok Nov 07, Paolatrevi rated it really liked it Sep 29, Anna Marangon rated it liked it Nov 12, Katia rated it it was amazing Jan 09, Giua rated it really liked it Sep 27, Scarlet rated it it was amazing Jun 06, Martina rated it did not like it Apr 23, Praticamente Italiano marked it as to-read Sep 03, Biblioteca Cavallino-treporti added it Feb 19, Katia added it Sep 19, Barbara added it Nov 28, Katia Benaglia added it Feb 12, Grazia Manuelli marked it as to-read May 15, Delia marked it as to-read Jun 15, Brainx marked it as to-read Nov 12, Sara added it Jan 03, Francesca Loverio added it Apr 22, Simon added it Jun 16, Marta Caccia marked it as to-read Jun 26, Sal added it Feb 21, Alessia Malcaus marked it as to-read Apr 08, Ida marked it as to-read Oct 18, Alessia Ale marked it as to-read Nov 21, Ida Mastropietro added it Dec 28, Gaia added it Feb 10, Nadia added it Feb 21, Cristina Erdas marked it as to-read Apr 10, Leila added it Jun 13, Claudia marked it as to-read Jun 19, Willisbass added it May 14, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Sergio Bambaren. Sergio Bambaren. Educated in a British High School, Sergio has been captivated from his early years by the ocean, having been born in a city that meets the sea. This would influence him for the rest of his life, and put him in a journey he would have never expected: to become a writer. However, the ocean was still his greatest love, and traveling gave him the opportunity to go surfing to places such as Central America, Mexico, California and Hawaii.

Ecos do deserto (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition) Ecos do deserto (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)
Ecos do deserto (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition) Ecos do deserto (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)
Ecos do deserto (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition) Ecos do deserto (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)
Ecos do deserto (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition) Ecos do deserto (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)
Ecos do deserto (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition) Ecos do deserto (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)
Ecos do deserto (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition) Ecos do deserto (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)

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