An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story

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If you do get an increase in cough, sputum or change in the color or quantity of sputum phlegm , you may have the beginning of an exacerbation. You should call your physician as soon as you notice this. Treatment in the first few days may avoid a visit to the emergency room or even a hospitalization.

Organ Transplantation of the Lung or Liver

These terms are tossed around in conversation and I do not understand the difference. Asthma and COPD are related, as they are both obstructive lung diseases. We use many of the same medications to treat them, but not always. Restrictive lung disease is something else though it may be present along with the others.

There are many possible causes for restrictive lung disease that may require further investigation. You should probably start with a discussion with your PCP or a pulmonologist. What does a full evaluation for COPD involve? You probably will also have a chest x-ray and then see the physician for a history and physical examination. Additional testing will be determined depending on your other medical problems. In the later years, I had moved to one pack per day.

I was never one to take drugs or anything for work stress just smoked. Now, I have been noticing shortness of breath over the last two years. It was hardly noticeable at first.

Sally Everett recounts struggle with Alpha-1 COPD in new book -

I had an anxiety attack that grew into a panic attack one day last year. I am trying to figure out if my shortness of breath is from my earlier smoking habits or anxiety. I took Xanax for one year and weaned myself off. I never noticed a difference whether taking Xanax or not.

I recently started using a ProAir inhaler to see if this helps. I had a respiratory test today at the hospital. Also, I lose my breath when running quickly or fast on the treadmill. I used to be a pretty active runner and I miss it.

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Thank you so much for taking the time! This is an excellent site! Certainly anxiety can affect your breathing. The way to diagnose COPD is to have a pulmonary function test called a "spirometry. If it is normal, however, you may still have asthma and you should discuss this possibility with your physician. You have to be tested with a pulse oximeter usually a probe on your finger that checks the percentage of hemoglobin that is saturated with oxygen.

It is best if this stays above 90 percent at all times. For some people with COPD, they will always have mucus. Is there anything else I can do to prevent the progression of the disease? I do not smoke and lead a healthy lifestyle; I walk and eat healthy.

How would I know if it is chronic bronchitis or emphysema?

Do not injure your lungs further, so don't smoke, which you already do not do. Avoid infections, if possible, as they do knock you down, so get your flu vaccine and pneumonia vaccines as recommended, and stay active. You should ask your physician if you are a candidate for a pulmonary rehabilitation program, which is an exercise program for people with lung disease. You will get in better shape and you will also learn more about your disease. If you need further clarification about what exactly your diagnosis is, you may want to see a pulmonary specialist.

That is the best and fastest way to slow the progression of the disease. If you already quit or never smoked, you need to prevent infections and stay active. Get your flu vaccine and pneumonia vaccine as recommended and treat bronchitis quickly. Start a walking program or consider enrolling in pulmonary rehabilitation if you qualify. The actual emphysema will not progress if you stop the cause of the lung injury usually smoking.

Everyone, however, loses lung function as part of normal aging. The aging, of course, continues even after you stop injuring your lungs. This is at a much, much slower rate than when you are smoking.

The alpha hybrid who fell in love with a human// GLMM\\

It is never too late to quit smoking. What respiratory hygiene exercises do you recommend and do you recommend blowing apparati to assist with lung clearance? Thank you. Staying active walking briskly for 30 min at least five times a week is the best exercise for your lungs. If you have trouble with clearance of mucus, you can start with over-the-counter Mucinex twice a day.

Remember to also drink six to eight glasses of water daily to stay hydrated. These require a prescription and education. SLE I have SLE systemic lupus erythematosus and have had bacterial pneumonia twice within a year, bronchitis three times in a year. My latest problem is increased phlegm in my throat. I drink four 4 sixteen-ounce bottles of water per day.

I do not smoke or use illegal drugs or drink alcohol.

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Welcome to the bottom of the world and the Alpha-1 Association New Zealand group. In New Zealand we do not have an individual leader but …. He was diagnosed with severe COPD in , at the …. He knows full well the challenges and commitment that is required to bring about …. All three …. Click on the country flags below to learn more about country specific contact and general information, access to care, and available resources.

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Alpha Stories. Because of my plasma therapy, I can participate in sports, run … Read More. The Foundation has … Read More. One reason for this is that for many people Alpha-1 is asymptomatic. Robert A. Sandhaus lasted two hours. It was an incredibly reassuring experience. Sandhaus also connected Judy with a local support group for patients with Alpha-1 and the Alpha-1 Foundation.

Treatment of Alpha-1 lung disease is augmentation therapy.

An Alpha-1 Copd Love Story

Augmentation therapy is the use of alpha-1 antitrypsin protein from the blood plasma of healthy human donors to increase the alpha-1 antitrypsin levels circulating in the blood and lungs of people with Alpha Judy began weekly augmentation therapy at National Jewish Health and has felt a great relief of her symptoms. Years later, Judy has not let Alpha-1 hold her back. In addition to owning and operating Bonnie Brae Ice Cream with her husband and rounding out a four-year term on the board of the Alpha-1 Foundation, she and her family travel frequently, including a trip to China in where doctors there administered her infusions.

Over a decade since their diagnosis, both Judy and her sister are well past surviving. They are thriving.

An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story
An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story
An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story
An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story
An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story
An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story

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