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Anyway, I'm headed out with my friends for the night, but I wanted to pop in and see how everyone was one last time! Have a great night everyone!! The Day the Universe Changed is an excellent old BBC documentary series about the history of science, and how it affects the way we think, live and act today. So I was thinking of you all. Interesting Science Stories. Newtonian Physics. Complicated Math. The was even a mention of Keaton, Vlad.

Benjamin Dunlap was interviewing Burke after the program, and he said, "You seem to take a very Buster Keaton-like approach to history. Oh, and a quick note on Wikipedia and plagerism. This is my profs main complaint about Wikipedia. Everybody just copies and pastes from other websites into the Wikipedia articles with out citing their sources.

So the articles aren't original, and you don't know where they came from. Which is not to say they are not accurate, just that they don't give credit where it is due. Tim, as accurate as always! So, plagerism is bad, we all agree at that point. But, I totally agree with Timrew, even if he was joking, I'm serious.

Because if you take different clues from different pages, you've created an unique work. Also, I agree with you, Mills.

I was working a report for Croatian, about films. But I saw immediately from which page that was taken. From pages that I took material for Martina's work! Same grammatical mistakes, first thing I saw on both works. But that writes nowhere, exactly as you said. On the end: Plagerism is bad. If you have to take mere facts, give credit. If no, change at least a little bit. Although, if you are taking from different page, that's unique work. But it's not wrong to give a credits. Or your private pages. And always, translate it to Croatian so I don't have to.

Last report I had to translate total work on Croatian about sundials. So it ended with my words at all. That should be all. And Happy Birthday Devika!!!!!! Off to go to school. In one of my text books at university, the writer had included a quotation the original was in German, but I'll try my hand at translating : To copy out one learned book is a plagiarism. To copy out two learned books is an essay. To copy out three learned books is a fourth learned book. Sounds like someone else we know, doesn't it? They're just jealous because we're better than them.

It is by far the most depressing movie I've ever been forced to sit through. I got paid to screen it and I still want my money back. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't need a movie where the moral is "Life sucks and then you accept it. Then again, that may have had to do with watching it at 3 AM after having worked 9 hours already I can't be sure. All we need to do now is get a publishing house and we'll be good. Or, heck, I'd be satisfied if we just got a publishing room.

Not to deny anyone the last word in the plagiarism commentary, but I can add another old adage to Tim's and Troels' Happy Birthday by the way : In the realm of fiction, it is often said that good writers borrow, but great writers steal. Knowing this is why I am never bothered by anyone's accusation that JKR stole this or that idea. We went down to Myrtle Beach over the weekend, I got back in the wee-hours this morning.

Looks like I'm moving down on Wednesday with the bare essentials, and getting a job to help finance all of this. So I probably won't be reading this thread, sigh, robbed of my life I tell ya, robbed. If anyone feels the need to brighten the day of an Aqua-phobic living on the ocean, just zip me an email. Halloween to all. They are assuming that a "Harry Potter Freak" charming! Did I mention that I finally watched The Village the other night? I laughed the whole way through the movie, imagining Loopy Lupin's response to what I was seeing.

Kim, I have to agree with Loopy about this movie Mike, I will take your advice--life is too short, and babysitters too pricey, to watch bad movies. I'm off to help out with "Fall Festival" at the school where I have been substitute teaching. I was assigned "the coin toss. She didn't think this was funny, alas earwax. Hope everyone enjoys a pleasant Friday evening.

One is going as a geisha and the other a chancellor. They are so cute! Tomorrow my baby is going on her first date!! They are going to the matinee. I don't know why this is making me nervous. She has been out with this boy many, many times when they had only a "friends" status. Which one? Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer? Oh,I forgot. When I was shopping for costumes I found Harry Potter quidditch robes. Did my children want to wear them?

Did I buy them? You bet!! Are you going to make your kids wear the robes? Even the kids in the movies don't seem to bother these days. Still can't picture a Chancellor outfit. Now I'm thinking of Prince Charles' aides; they just wear boring suits don't they? I wonder if there are any insert US equivalent of Gordon Brown costumes out there? Edit:- Oh, and Happy Birthday, Troels! I was thinking ahead.

I seem to recall the last book release party. Maybe on the chancellor thing I should have said Old-English. I've seen something like it in movies. I don't know but it looks cool and even better it was on sale!! This may be a clue pointing us towards the actual location of Godric's Hollow. Obviously, Harry has started his Book 7 quest already -- he's using the Anglia to go to Godric's Hollow, then he'll slip by his parents' graves, then off on the Great Horcrux Hunt. Or else somebody thinks they can get by with selling it on eBay without any officials noticing They were finally giving out medals this time so I got the gold!

There was a costume contest at the kids' party. My little geisha did pretty good but eventually lost to a fairy and a guy that looked half frozen to death. The chancellor whatever thingy did not do quite as well. He should have taken my advice and worn the quidditch robes. Ah well Not a contest, but they had a little parade and party -- it was very cute. He was Buzz Lightyear, his favorite character.

There was another little boy in his class who is only a week apart from him in age, and they play together a lot because they have similar temperaments, and he had the exact same Buzz costume! To the tiniest detail -- they looked like twins. It was pretty cute. Oh well. We're watching a tape of "Sorceror's Stone" again tonight, and yet again I wish mightily for Minerva's green velvet robes -- they are so cool looking. I even have a brooch that could sort of pass for hers -- mine only has one garnet, but it's similar in shape, etc. The hat would be easy Isn't it funny how Halloween brings out the costume designer in all of us?

That last one almost earned me a couple of "mental health" vacation days -- I think a few people were seriously concerned about my stress level. That last one concerns me a little ,too. I'm making a mental note to always stay on your "good" side. HeeHee I know what you mean about having fun with Halloween. I would wear these quidditch robes if they had Bell printed on them instead of Potter. I prefer my age in Tridecimal, I'm only 24!!! I was in charge of the Haunted House. We spent about three hours lining the room with black sheeting and using the sheeting to divide the room into four rooms.

The schoolagers had spent two weeks elaborately planning what they would do in the four rooms. It ended up being "four dark rooms where kids chase each other and scream". It was all good until my Lexie ran into boy and they both came out crying. I was a bit diappointed in him as he's a third grader. E asked why don't I just fly over to the school. I replied, "We're not supposed to let the Muggles see us, silly. I have a Spanish test the next day, so I'll have to study. But I really want to do something with some of my friends, even if they haven't planned anything yet.

I also don't have a costume yet so I'll need to get something at the last minute. Blowing up ballons, hanging streamers, making sure the kiddies and by that I mean college kids don't cause too much trouble. It doesn't help that it's also Halloween this weekend too. The residents are getting so rowdy. We have an event on Monday night, it's costume, so I'm dressing up in my outfit from when I worked at the Renissance Faire.

I wish I had the green velvet robes and hat to be Minerva. I love that outfit. But I have no money and no sewing machine. The outfit is just a plain sort of barmaid outfit but it's free and I've got it. All the kiddies outfits sound great. Have a wonderful weekend. A bald Harry Potter with a full beard is more than I can handle!!

Ha Ha My daughter's first date should be a memorable one. I am considering dressing as a queen for Halloween. I had been trying to figure out how to fix my hair wearing a crown. I ran to answer a knock at the door. It is my daughter's date and all he can say is "Hey, nice tiara!! Have a great day!!! LOL My daughter and grandson are doing well. His name is Gabriel Benjamin Blaylock and he is a doll. I do have a granddaughter - Tara, and she recently got her Hogwart's letter. Thank you all for your good wishes on the birth of my grandson - I am thrilled to be the "Nana" of two now.

We do not have a tradition of Halloween here, but we have a tradition of visiting the cemeteries on the first of November, so we went to the cemetery today to clean and prepare it to be beautiful for the first of November. It is a nice custom. Actually, we get to meet many people only on that day, while walking on the cemetery, and it helps if it is a nice day as it was today. My husband was even wearing a T-shirt! Finn, congratulations on your newest victory! Choices, I like your grandson's name. If I had two sons, the second one would be Gabriel.

But well, I have no sons at all.

Kitchen Hot Pad Pot Holder in Vintage-Style - Crochet Pattern

And congratulations about your puppy! What kind of a name is that? Congrats again. Thanks, Lina. I'm not doing Halloween this year, but I haven't for since fifth grade three years ago. I enjoy handing out candy and commenting on little kids' costumes. Congratulations on the dog Choices! I love the name! I haven't done Halloween in a very long time either. I don't go trick or treating any more, I usually hang out with my family of friends in costumes for the fun of it.

I have worn the same costume for 4 years so I really wanted a different one. But I always do last minute Halloween planning so I have been stuck with the same thing. Oh well, I guess I'll be stuck with being a hippie with my "Lucius Malfoy" hair. That's what I call the wig. My dad wore it one year and a kid said that he looked like Lucius Malfoy. Hehe Note to Finn: Your second line of information was totally inspired by MY second line of information!

I'm going to make mine better now, because mine only says, "Boo! Which in a way fits into older conversation about Plagiarism! But you didn't copy me, you put what I said into your own words. This is all assuming you saw my second line of information before you changed your avatar and sentence to go along with it. Good answer, Marie! Choices, welcome to Baby Gabriel and Puppy Hermione! Both sound adorable. I love the name Gabriel, too. Great movie, by the way. If you think Jason Isaacs was evil as Lucius, just wait 'til you see him in that one! Happy Birthday to Jackie! I'm sure you'll come up with something great!

Finn, why don't you dress like a year-old professor? That's what we all thought you were, anyway You'd really scare all the kiddies if you answer the door like that I'm not sure though I can barely remember what I did this morning! Boy am I getting old! I hope you have many more happy and healthy years ahead of you! Well, I don't plan on doing anything with my family or friends so I might just get a costume that I have here and answer the door for all of the little and big kiddies that come by. I like the idea of Finn as a year-old professor! He does have his white side burns and pictures of his grandchildren He could go out and he wouldn't be carded!

It snowed! Catherine, obviously you failed to suspend your belief in reality long enough to enjoy The Village. It is possible, you know. And I've got the straitjacket to prove it. The least you could have done was focus on the cuteness that is Joaquin Phoenix. Here's an interesting story about a duct tape Halloween costume. And isn't Adrien Brody in it too? I haven't seen it, but I believe I could focus on the cuteness for a few hours. Most of the Halloween displays have been replaced with Christmas ones. Their stock of Halloween stuff is getting very limited.

I couldn't even find Halloween sprinkles for the cookies I'm going to make tomorrow. Sometimes I dress-up for Halloween. I have a Minnie Mouse costume and a French immigrant from the 's costume. I think my family would say that I don't have to dress-up to be a witch. They now have a teddy bear costume that is a black robe with a "Wizard Academy" patch on it.

I had to get the costume and the bear today. We were there because my youngest was really, really, really wanting a Pink Flamingo that is being discontinued I named my bear "Beary Potter". Btw, how do we address ourselves. Mungo's inmates???? Anyway, any fellow Lexiconians or whatever we should call ourselves that are interested in seeing GoF in Cleveland on November 19, please email me soon. I would like to purchase advanced tickets. I wasn't originally planning on working this Halloween, and thus wasn't planning on wearing a costume, but a last minute adjustment has me closing the theater Monday night.

As such I'm forced to dig out last year's costume Jedi robes, natch. We were told that they were no longer available. Two of the three stuffed family members have robes, but we need a third to complete the set. She's against the whole idea that you go and threaten people to give you sweets or they'll get eggs thrown at their house I've no idea if this is what happens in the USA, but I know it happens in the UK. Therefore I've never been to a Halloween party or anything. Shame really, it sounds really fun to dress up!

I would refer to us as 'Lexiconers' or merely 'forumers'. I had a fun weekend. A friend came over to stay so we decided to be tourists for the day and walk around the whole city wall that which remains anyway! I got slightly over excited when we saw the Minster lit up with brilliant changing rainbow colours after dark - it was beautiful! It's one of those moments you need a camera for but, alas earwax, I didn't have one. Now I have laundry and maths homework to do - not so fun.

But at least I have food after shopping this morning! Happy belated, methinks birthday to Hem Hem!


I didn't get caught out by the end of British Summer Time! That was lucky, I didn't know it was changing until yesterday! E turned it into an actual party. I'm not anti-social or anything, but I wasn't planning on having people over until midnight. I don't even know if I'm going to attempt to wake up my kids for Sunday School. Shayla especially is not a morning person and needs about ten hours of sleep. I tried hinting to Mr. E at about that it was getting late but he either ignored it or didn't get it. Maybe the extra hour of sleep will help them. We're invited to a Halloween party at Mr.

E's boss' house. It seems like Halloween has as many parties and get-togethers as Christmas! How obvious is the difference?? Madam P, I was actually thinking of a getting a costume and dressing up as a year-old kid who goes to a school and is a runner and a tennis player and a piano player, but I thought that the store wouldn't have that, so I just decided to go as myself… Actually, I love handing out candy and saying what a nice costume. Happy Birthday, Jackie! Here it is! We have put our clocks back to "Winter time" which was great because the night was an hour longer but is a bit weird now because it is 5.

As usual, it will take me a few days before being used to it. As for Lina, All Saints' Day is the real celebrated day here, day on which people visit cemetaries to lay chrysanthemums on the graves of their relatives. I love those flowers! Some days ago, my Mum and I went to choose ours in big greenhouses full of them and it was really beautiful.

On All Saints' Day, cimeteries look like big gardens full of flowers, this is very pretty. For now, we're very lucky because the weather is much milder and sunnier than it usually is at this time of the year, I hope it will last a few more days! Halloween is sometimes celebrated by kids but it is pretty rare and, most of the time, they just put some costumes on and have a party with some friends and don't ask for sweets.

For my part, halloween first means "possible update on JKR's site" so I guess I'm going to spend the day checking for such an update Maybe if I put my Beauxbatons cloak on that will help after all Have a great Sunday everybody! As a flower is guilty because it grows at this time of year! I especially like those round big ones. My favorite flowers.

We me and my sister went to the cinema with Amy to watch Wallace and Gromit. Good movie. When movie ended both me and Amy found out 20 kunas are missing to each of us. Even more strange, two boys seemed like they are following us. We went to McDonald's and still thought two boys stole the money.

And then we went home. In the bus I just yelled: "We didn't count popcorn and drink!!! Amy realized she done the same. And we were so worried!!!!!! Mandy, thanks for correction! I found that strange, that steeled, but that's what I found most similar at Check Spelling. I firstly wrote stealed. Steal is an irregular verbs so the past tense is actually stole. Well then, it looks like the Guardian has solved all our costuming problems since they find us scary just as we are. The newspaper here has printed an article that will affect your waistline more than your blood pressure.

It has a recipe for finger cookies, which uses a basic sugar cookie or butter cookie dough, but the way they did it up for Halloween is a bit unique. The dough is rolled into the shape of a human finger, and then they take the back of a knife to put the little wrinkles in at the knuckles and to flatten an area for the nail.

After baking, they took slivered almonds and used them like fake nails "gluing" them on with a bit of icing. For the photo which accompanies the article, they placed the cookies on a musical keyboard. It is very well done and just plain creepy — you can easily imagine organ or harpsichord music emanating from some ethereal sphere. I went to a concert of Peter Cincotti's today. He is a year-old child prodigy pianist and singer who also graduated from our high school. He's a nice guy, he shook my hand, I told him I was an eighth grader at Horace Mann our school and he was very impressed.

It was fun!! Good night everyone. Have a good Halloween tomorrow! Edit: Anybody seen anything of fleur-de-lys lately? I really don't think a failure to suspend belief was the problem for me or Catherine. Catherine is, after all, a host on a website dedicated to a boy wizard. I had trouble suspending my disbelief. It's called "word-of-mouth. I shall not rest until M. Night SHyAMalan is directing breakfast cereal commercials. Congrats Finn. I never had that much luck meeting the people I admired when I was your age.

Happy Hallows Eve everyone! I stand by my statement--especially the Joaquin Phoenix part. As for directing cereal commercials, what about The Sixth Sense? And Signs? And if you say one thing about how transparent they were I would argue that the strength of both of those movies was the depiction of warm and loving human relationships. Tom Cruise movies to a desert island. Talk about suspending belief in reality! So of course, I had to watch it. Thus leaving poor hubby to rake leaves by himself for a while. I did eventually go outside to help him One thing I love about this chat thread is how much I learn about other countries.

I didn't realize how differently Halloween is celebrated around the world. One thing I love about this chat thread is how much I learn about other countries. As a newer member to the forum, I must say that a large part of what drew me in originally was that the members are from such different backgrounds and from so many different places.

I think it's wonderful!! I feel like Halloween has already come and gone! Such is life on a college campus I guess. Everyone here celebrated this past weekend by going to parties and the like, and, since there are no little kids to trick-or-treat on the campus, there's not much happening here tomorrow! I'm kind of bummed about it, but the celebrations this weekend were a lot of fun!! Aaron just signed on-line, so this is all from me for now!! I've got to go!! No one would tell me what stunk so badly about The Village so I ended up renting it.

Pu-lease was my reaction at the big reveal. I like M. Night but what was he thinking with this one?? We have a stomach bug working its way through the house I just hope that everyone feels better tomorrow or there will be some sniffling and tears when it comes time to head out candy gathering. Yes, I am a mean mom I'm betting on "didn't get it". He's a smart guy, but also a little thick sometimes. Other than that he's an over-hyped once-lucky hack. Sixth Sense--good. Unbreakable--okay and that's coming from a comic book geek!

Signs and The Village--plot holes big enough to drive a fleet of semis through. Anybody seen anything of fleur-de-lys lately? I doubt she'll be back for the GoF movie release she didn't come back for HBP after all but I hold out hope she'll stop by when book 7 comes out So far I've only found them available through Starwarsshop. I've been quite busy over the past week or so with work.


The weather is really starting to warm up and we have had two thunderstorms in a row this week. Poor Macca has spent most of the storms shivering and generally acting like the terrified dog he is. I'm still trying to adjust to the "leap forward" in us changing to Daylight Saving Not all States in Australia observe Daylight Saving so confusion reigns for a while now yesterday. Halloween means absolutely nothing to me. I wonder how a lot attempt you place to create this sort of fantastic informative web site. I love all the points you made.

These are in fact great ideas in on the topic of blogging. You have touched some fastidious points here. Any way keep up wrinting. Your website provided us with useful information to work on. You have done an impressive activity and our whole community will be thankful to you. I just want to give you a huge thumbs up for the great information you have got here on this post. I will be coming back to your web site for more soon. Wow, superb blog layout!

How long have you been blogging for? The overall look of your site is magnificent, as well as the content! Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility problems? A few of my blog audience have complained about my site not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Safari.

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Injection molding complete 1 8 20v apg leon and golf iv. My brother-in-law tots Kendrick, Kaylie they like very much play, thus everyone reading this article we transmit news about food products named after. The importance of the disk in games. In today's review will see playmobil dragon battle ship. Add to cart product Belville Pop Studio. February third monday presidents' day. Clothes for monster high is Aesthetic toy offer made for thirteen-year-old girls. Participating in signing up latest review Guidelines to panel discussion whether one can send to german a nine-year Cheapest insurance company , st.

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MédiClick! Studio

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