The Lost Manuscript: A Novel

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First Page: Transcriber's Notes: 1. Diphthong oe represented by [oe]. It continues in the minds and the deeds of friends, as well as in the thoughts and the activity of the nation. Gustav Freytag has expressed the central idea of his novel The Lost Manuscript in the motto which he has written for the American edition: "A noble human life does not end on earth with death. It meets us at every hand. Per Fine Ounce is a mostly lost, unpublished manuscript for a James Bond continuation novel written by South African author Geoffrey Jenkins in the first attempt to continue the series after Bond's creator and author of the original novels, Ian Fleming's death.

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Jenkins was a friend and fellow reporter with Ian Fleming in the foreign department of Kemsley Newspapers. In the late s, after Fleming had become a successful author with his series of James Bond espionage novels, Jenkins approached Fleming with the idea of a Bond novel set in South Africa, and submitted a synopsis, which Fleming liked, even to the point of wishing to visit the continent with the intention of doing research for the story, but he died before this could become a possibility.

After Fleming's death, Glidrose the Bond books' publishing company were looking into having another author continue the series, when Jenkins approached them with the synopsis. Glidrose was slow to approve it, but did allow Jenkins to write the manuscript. The Village Bookshop. Type Books. University of Alberta. University of British Columbia.

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University of Calgary. University of Toronto. University of Victoria. University of Waterloo. University of Western Ontario. University of Winnipeg Bookstore. Volume One. Words Worth. Yellowknife Book Cellar.

About The Book. Page viii For the first time in the English language, Nostradamus: The Lost Manuscript reveals the secret meanings of many of Nostradamus's predictions, throwing the door wide open to the new millennium.

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By applying the code he deciphered from the stone of Turin, Ramotti shows how the quatrains, which were originally written in French, contain embedded messages from Nostradamus in Italian. Afraid of retribution encoded his prophecies so that their full meaning would be understood only in a future time by those prepared to use the knowledge for good rather than evil. To preserve the authenticity of the process, the quatrains appear in this book in three forms: first in English, then in Ramotti along with the corresponding illustrations done by Nostradamus himself.

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Did Nostradamus accurately predict events that would happen centuries later? Will his predictions for the new age come true and lead us toward a new world order? Read on and judge for yourself. Page vii For centuries, the cryptic, prophetic quatrains written by Michele Nostradamus in the sixteenth century have fascinated people the world over, not merely because of our unwavering interest in all things paranormal, but because so often the events predicted by Nostradamus have come to pass.

The world is filled with seers and mediums, but none continues to hold the public's interest and collective imagination as does Nostradamus, the master prophet. And as the end of one millennium approaches and the beginning of a new age dawns, the predictions of Nostradamus take on a growing significance as we strain tot foresee how humankind will fare in the coming century.

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The Lost Manuscript: A Novel The Lost Manuscript: A Novel
The Lost Manuscript: A Novel The Lost Manuscript: A Novel
The Lost Manuscript: A Novel The Lost Manuscript: A Novel
The Lost Manuscript: A Novel The Lost Manuscript: A Novel
The Lost Manuscript: A Novel The Lost Manuscript: A Novel

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