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George Tucker , under the pseudonym Joseph Atterley. Poe's contribution predated but was overshadowed by the " Great Moon Hoax " of , when an American newspaper reported the supposed discovery of life on the Moon. Hans Christian Andersen. A watchman unknowingly fits on a pair of magic galoshes that can grant people's wishes. As he wishes he could visit the Moon the shoes send him flying there. There he meets several Moon men who all wonder whether Earth is inhabited and decide this must be impossible.

Back on Earth the lifeless body of the watchman is found and he is brought to a hospital, where they take his shoes off, breaking the spell again. He awakens and declares it to have been the most terrible night he had ever experienced. A gun club produces a manned cannon projectile, with many eerie similarities to the eventual NASA Apollo program. The fate of the astronauts is explored in the sequel Around The Moon A key inspiration to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and Hermann Oberth. Enormous electromagnets forces the Moon to land in the Sahara desert, which explorers then approach.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. One of over space-oriented works produced by Tsiolkovsky, here the Moon is seen as an African veldt with numerous types of roaming alien wildlife. Astronauts are captured by lunar inhabitants, with one left behind during an escape back to Earth. A key inspiration to Robert H. The first science fiction film ever made includes the now iconic image of a spaceship landing in the eye of the Man in the Moon.

John Ames Mitchell as J. Cyrus Alton, a telepath called Drowsy, grows up to become a gifted scientist and invents a spaceship that takes him to the Moon. On The Silver Globe. The first from The Lunar Trilogy in first-person narrative the odyssey and subsequent tribulations of a disastrously miscalculated expedition to the Moon with four men and one woman. Woman In The Moon. This movie by the director of the earlier science fiction classic Metropolis depicts two men and a woman going to the Moon to find gold. A key inspiration to thenyear-old Wernher von Braun. Weltraumschiff 1 startet Spaceship I takes off.

In this fantasy film , the ageless Baron Munchausen travels to the Moon with his servant, where the time is shown to run much quicker — so that the servant ages and dies. De Avonturen van Pa Pinkelman. A Dutch newspaper comic strip, written by famous author Godfried Bomans and illustrated by Carol Voges. The characters set foot on the Moon, where they spent a long time and meet an entire society, even with its own national anthem. In this classic young adult novel, teenagers make the first voyage to the Moon only to find defeated Nazis have already made the trip.

Destination Moon. A movie adaptation of Rocket Ship Galileo featuring adults vs. Wernher von Braun , Chesley Bonestell. A famous series of articles printed in Collier's , a popular American news magazine. Cat-Women of the Moon. Explorers on the Moon.


Europe's beloved comic book hero Tintin reaches the Moon. He's a hunter, can feel people's emotions, whose nephew was taken by the Dwellers. Perry is determined to rescue his nephew and Aria needs to find out if her mother is OK.

They are so different, yet both have something the other needs. And thus starts their wild journey to find the person Perry thinks can help them. The world in Under the Never Sky often feels brutal and dangerous. It's full of action and adventure and includes a very different mythology. The world is rich and complex, the characters vibrant and well drawn, and I found I could not put it down.

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Did I also mention that it includes cannibals, violent storms, and people who have extraordinary powers of sight or scent? And it's beautifully written. It's , a time when very few people had access to the internet. Emma has just got a computer. Josh lives next door and has a disk. They decide to try it out, log in, register, and are asked to log in again. And when they do, they find themselves logged into something called facebook, fifteen years in the future. Once they realize what they are looking at, the question is: do they peek into their future?

After all, they can see which colleges they go to, where they choose to live, what jobs they get, whether they get married. And then can they resist checking on their friends futures? But what happens if you didn't like your future? Would you try to change it? And by changing it, would you change the future for others too?

We know that of course the things we do now will change the future but yet we act so casually. And we all know people who reveal far too much on facebook. Full of references, both from the 90s and current, this is a hard book to resist. Karou is a blue-haired art student in Prague who fills notebook after notebook with drawings of fantastical creatures and disappears from time to time on mysterious "errands". What no one knows is that she can pass through hidden doorways to an office where these fantastical creatures not only exist but brought her up. And her errands revolve around collecting teeth.

She is a girl with secrets. But one day handprints appear etched in these doorways around the world and soon they are on fire. The doors burn down and Karou no longer has a way through. All this after sneaking through a door she should not have touched, and meeting a seraph in Marrakesh who tries at first to kill her and then asks, "who are you? Her world will never be the same, she needs to find a way back, and then the seraph reappears in Prague.

So many questions: Why is he following her? What does he want? Who is he? Why is he familiar? And , more importantly, who is she? The angel seems to have answers, but will she regret finding them out? Once in a while you read a book that stands out, that is different, and that you can't stop thinking about. You want to shower it in superlatives - and here are mine. I loved this book.

Books by John Morton (Author of Theories of Developmental Disorders)

I could not put it down. I loved Prague, the mythology with the teeth, Akiva himself, Brimstone, the romance, the mystery, her friend Zuzana - everything. It is dark and edgy, powerful and imaginative, unsettling and different. Full of mystery and oh, such a sizzling romance. It is vivid, beautiful, and written with such craft. It should not be missed. When Rory Devereaux' parents are relocated from Louisiana to England she is thrilled to attend boarding school in White Chapel, despite the uniform!

What she doesn't expect, when she moves to the hunting grounds of Jack the Ripper is that mysterious murders will occur while she is there. Very mysterious murders: caught on CCTV with the victims in plain sight being butchered, but no perpetrator. Settling into a new school in the midst of the most terrifying murder spree London has seen since Victorian times is not what she anticipated, but when she talks to a strange man, a man only she can see, and then hooks up with the Ghost Police, things get a whole lot weirder.

And a whole lot more dangerous. Creepy, suspenseful, and at times, downright terrifying, this book is a fabulous read for teen and adult ripperologists and mystery lovers. It starts with a birthday, an Ouija board, and a risky night spent in an abandoned asylum. Then Mara wakes up from a coma, her friends are dead, and she has no memory of anything that happened that night.

She has flashbacks, hallucinations, nightmares and ultimately her family moves to Miami, Florida to help her move on. But she's falling apart. The question is: how do you move on when you see your dead best friend when you look in the mirror? Or relive parts of that night every night? What is wrong with Mara? Is she going mad? She has no explanation, no one to turn to, and disaster seems to follow her. On top of everything, her father is defending a man accused of murdering a young girl.

This is a thrilling, keep you on the edge of your seat kind of book, more horror story than anything else. It twists and it turns and although you can guess at much of it, it still takes you by surprise The heroine is troubled, yes, but feisty and capable. This is by turns edgy, scary, and curl your toes romantic. There is a secret, well many secrets.

And there is Noah Shaw, a wonderful counterpoint to Mara. And oh, the ending. I can't tell you more but you need to read this. If you are looking for different, look no further than Au revoir Crazy European Chick. It is a book like no other. Start with a boy, Perry, who is working on his college applications, and is also in a band.

His mom wants him to take Gobi, the geeky foreign exchange student living in his house, to the prom on the same night as his band has their first real paid gig.

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He thinks his life can't get any worse than this. Cue the maniacal background laughter. Oh, the evening gets so much worse. It turns out Gobi is really an assassin, and she strong-arms Perry to be her chauffeur and aide - in his father's jaguar, in their prom clothes. Yes, this is a night in Manhattan Perry will remember for a long, long time - if he survives the night that is. This book was so much fun. It's brimming with action sequences, mobsters, car chases, bear fights, blood, family drama, and a standoff with an overpowering parent.

And the chapter openers - college application questions - are a stroke of genius. The Scorpio races bring crowds of people to Thisby every year to see if the riders can stay on their water horses and finish the race. It is a dangerous and wild race and some don't survive. Sean Kendrick has won the race for the last four years and plans to win again - especially as this year there is much more at stake. Puck Connelly hasn't raced before but decides to enter as a last ditch effort to keep her older brother on the island.

But will the other riders let a girl ride in this traditionally all male race? Will she ride a water horse or her own horse Dove? She has no idea if it's worth the risk but she knows what she can lose. This is a very different book for Maggie Stiefvater. Told in alternating voices, she builds quite a full mythology for these water horses, to the point where you almost believe - OK, want to believe - they are real. It is bloody and dramatic, yet achingly beautiful.

Another winner for the wonderful Maggie Stiefvater. Once Marina's name was simply, Seven. For 11 years, Marina's lived a school girl's life in a remote Spanish convent; the perfect hiding place. Marina's growing alarm is brushed off by her Cepan who seems perfectly settled into devout convent life. Now nighttime brings vivid, dreadful, death-dreams, urging her to flee.

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  7. Marina feels utterly alone, though she has a caring, earnest friend named Ella who wants nothing more than to help her. Marina and Ella make a desperate escape, barely evading deadly Mogadorians as they destroy the convent into rubble and death. Reviewed by Marilyn. Sixteen years old and destined to be married for the sake of the kingdom. Elisa, devout and a princess but not the pretty one , is however, the bearer of the Godstone.

    Thus begins the epic journey of a young girl into womanhood and the fulfillment of her destiny. But what must she do to get there? As she gradually learns about the powers bestowed upon her by being the "chosen one," Elisa doubts she will know what to do to prove her worth. Many others have tried and failed. However, through many twists of fate and love, she discovers her power and the meaning of the Godstone. Her journey takes her into the heart of a revolution-one that she must lead to victory or to her death.

    At times nail-biting and heart-wrenching, this book barrels towards an ending which presumes another beginning. I can not wait to read the second book in this new trilogy. The real journey has just begun. Tolstoy said that all happy families are alike, but Jack, Willa's stepdad, disagrees. He thinks all happy families come in their own shapes and varieties, the same as unhappy ones. Willa lives with her mom, stepdad, and two stepsisters.

    Her mom is back in school, one sister is a tennis player, the other plays lacrosse and competes in equestrian competitions, and Willa sings in the school choir. They are busy. But everything changes when they learn that her biological dad, who she hasn't seen in years, murdered his new wife and children and is on his way to her and her mother.

    This book is about what happens after such a tragedy. How people react around Willa, what she does, and what she finds out. She journeys back to her childhood, and finds out so much about herself, her mother, and what family really means. This is a leap from Life As We Knew It, certainly, but it is vivid, expertly written, and emotionally intense.

    I read this in one sitting, wanting to know how it would resolve. You will too. If you are a fan of the Vampire Academy series, you will have been anxiously awaiting this spin off series that takes place a little after the events of Last Sacrifice. Sydney Sage is now center stage, but mistrusted by the alchemists after helping Rose.

    We learn that Jill Dragomir has been attacked and is being sent to a human boarding school in Palm Springs to keep her hidden, and Sydney is sent along with Adrian and Eddie to keep her safe. And ah, Adrian, still the same, by far the most interesting character in the series, and still as funny. He's bitter about his breakup with Rose, but protective of Jill and trying to move on.

    Stefan Ahnhem

    Sydney is an interesting choice of character - bright, always eager to please, especially those in authority, and oh so socially awkward. We come to see how hard it is for her not to respond, and how much self-control she really has. And she's slowly getting over her revulsion to anything that hints of magic and vampires in general. Keeping Jill safe is harder than she thinks, especially with Jill's growing relationships with Michah and Lee, Clarence's insistence that there is a band of vampire hunters, and there's also those mysterious tattoos so many students are getting.

    With a snappy voice and thorough coverage of personal safety measures, this book is for all teenage girls and young women. Author, Kathleen Baty, the Safety Chick, uses whip-smart language while covering every aspect of life: Online networking, social media sites, parties, dating, trusting friends, roommates, traveling, identity theft, and more.

    With humor and relevance to today's society and our own neglect of using personal intuition, Baty delivers sharp advice that is vital to a young woman's day-to-day life. Having lived as a stalking victim for over eight years, Baty had to take power of her situation. When surprised and held at knifepoint, she took control of her fear and has now become an activist for all girls and women.

    She lobbied and led the way in passing the first national anti-stalking law, she has appeared on prominent TV shows like Good Morning America, the Today show, and Larry King Live, and she speaks regularly to groups of girls and women. Believe me Reviewed by Lisa.

    Emerson Cole thinks she is crazy -- committed crazy -- sees dead people crazy. And she's running out of options. She's also quite a social outcast at this point, especially after that incident in the cafeteria. Meet Michael Weaver, consultant for the Hourglass, and not the counselor Emerson was expecting.

    He and Em have an immediate connection -- he understands her the way no one has before. But he knows more than he should and has quite a few secrets. Can Emerson trust him enough to find out who and what she really is? Sparks fly in this time-bending thriller where romance and intrigue keep you turning the pages hour after hour. When you reach the age of 16, you are tested to see where you are best suited and then given a choice. That choice will affect everything from where you live, what you believe, and whom you befriend.

    If you don't pass the test once you've picked your faction, you become factionless, living without community. And you might not live through the initiation process. Beatrice grows up in Abnegation but chooses Dauntless. She has no idea how dangerous that choice is for her, especially as she has tested Divergent - showing traits of more than one faction. She is a wild card. And wild cards are dangerous. Can Tris keep her true nature a secret?

    Can she protect her family and her new faction? This fast-paced, all-action page turner held me captive from beginning to end. It is violent and dangerous, political and thoughtful, provocative and scary. And it is very, very good. I can't recommend it highly enough. Sam and Riddle have been on their own for a long time. Sure, they lived with their dad, in dozens and dozens of towns, always just one step ahead of the law, but he didn't take care of them, let alone enroll them in school.

    The important thing was that they got by, even as they faded into the background and were left alone. Which is why it is so startling to have the girl in the front of this church look right at him while she sings. It doesn't make any sense. Emily had a perfectly fine life: a lovely home, caring parents, no major bumps in the road.

    She takes interest in other people and believes in destiny. So during her church solo on Sunday, she sings to the boy in the back row and it all makes sense. I loved this book! I loved the characters - their voices, their honesty. Rich in humor, subtlety, and suspense, I'll Be There is certainly a book worth falling for. Here's the basic pitch: a plane full of beauty queens gets stranded on a desert island. They have two options: give up and die, or use everything at their disposal to stay alive.

    Sound dire and depressing? Let me tell you, this book is one of the effing funniest books I've read all year. Lesser writers would make the girls completely shallow and without skill, but Bray gives us innovative, fascinating girls who don't balk at learning to build, create, and support each other. And these aren't Little Miss Perfects. They deal with their own prejudices and come out stronger for it. Every time I thought I felt a standard trope coming on the humorless feminist, the ditzy blonde, the overly religious girl Libba Bray would neatly side-step and subvert it.

    What I find most impressive is that Bray has written a book that takes on major issues, but it doesn't read like an "issue" book. I would cheerfully recommend it to everyone, if for no other reason than that it's a damn good and delightfully fun read. Reviewed by Sarah L. Skip to main content. Our Favorite Teen Books. I Hunt Killers Hardcover. By Barry Lyga. Insurgent Divergent Series 2 Hardcover.

    By Veronica Roth. Published: Katherine Tegen Books - May By Julie Kagawa. Published: Harlequin Teen - April 24th, By Patrick Ness. Bitterblue Hardcover. By Kristin Cashore. The Disenchantments Hardcover. By Nina Lacour. Losers in Space Hardcover. By John Barnes. Immortal City: First Edition Hardcover. By Scott Speer. Above Hardcover. By Leah Bobet. Published: Arthur A. Levine Books - April The Book of Blood and Shadow Hardcover. By Robin Wasserman. Fear Gone 5 Hardcover. By Michael Grant. Published: Katherine Tegen Books - April 3rd, Plague Gone 4 Paperback. Published: Katherine Tegen Books - April 8th, Slide Hardcover.

    By Jill Hathaway. By Lauren DeStefano. By Suzanne Collins. Published: Scholastic Inc. Born Wicked Hardcover.

    The Landing (THE KEPLER TRILOGY Book 1) The Landing (THE KEPLER TRILOGY Book 1)
    The Landing (THE KEPLER TRILOGY Book 1) The Landing (THE KEPLER TRILOGY Book 1)
    The Landing (THE KEPLER TRILOGY Book 1) The Landing (THE KEPLER TRILOGY Book 1)
    The Landing (THE KEPLER TRILOGY Book 1) The Landing (THE KEPLER TRILOGY Book 1)
    The Landing (THE KEPLER TRILOGY Book 1) The Landing (THE KEPLER TRILOGY Book 1)
    The Landing (THE KEPLER TRILOGY Book 1) The Landing (THE KEPLER TRILOGY Book 1)

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