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In the dialogue below, two friends are discussing the significant other that one of them has. Keanu: Well, you know that I love Ria to pieces, but she is so messy! She never cleans anything up!

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In this example, one friend is discussing a problem he has with his pet dog. Jonah: She keeps destroying things around my house when I go to work.

If she keeps up this behavior, I might have to get rid of her. Tatiana: If you really love her, you should try doggie daycare.

What Does Love Them to Pieces Mean? - Writing Explained

This excerpt is from an advice column. The second example is also from an advice column.

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A man is considering leaving his wife, although he loves her very much. What the Rapture have returned with is a sound less concerned with retaining the raw, gritty punk half of the equation: From the fade-in harmonies and discrete four notes of bass-synth that announce the album, it's clear the group is going for a cleaner sound, surely helped by Paul Epworth and Ewan Pearson, who man the boards for eight of 10 tracks.

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While nothing on Pieces reaches the velveteen club-readiness of "I Need Your Love", the band's previous muddy immediacy is replaced by a more meticulous approach: the keyboards polished to a glossy sheen, the guitars eased back into a supporting role, percussion real and programmed blended seamlessly. It's impressive then, that even with this newfound attention to detail, the Rapture still maintain a flailing energy and enthusiasm that most of the other dancepunk bands could only fake. The idea that one can, you know, actually dance to the Rapture is sometimes mocked, but tracks such as the sharp, sax-supplemented "Get Myself Into It" and the delirious Afro-funk guitar vs.

The Talking Heads were, suspiciously, largely absent as an influence upon the dancepunk boom of , but here the Rapture are avid pupils of their teachings, specifically mimicking the punk-to-funk transition period. I'll leave it to the caretakers of music propriety to hem and haw; the Rapture do the tribute thing well, most noticeably on "W.

However, what ultimately makes Pieces a step or three down from Echoes is a drop off in consistency, reflecting a higher percentage of songs that fail to ignite.

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Two of these are the tracks produced by Danger Mouse the Cee-Lo-guesting title track and "Calling Me" , which are content to coast along on fairly pedestrian beats. Even though the group sticks mostly to what they know read: songs about dancing and they've stopped drawing inspiration from "The Ladybug Picnic", the Rapture still sometimes trip on the untied shoelaces of their lyrics; for instance, the incessant groove of "First Gear" would eventually win listeners over if not for Matt Safer endlessly stuttering with irritating dyslexia "my-my-my Muh-Muh-Mustang Ford.

These missteps aren't deal-breakers, though, and for lovers of schaudenfreude expecting a Hindenburg of hype, Pieces of People We Lov e will be a disappointment. Team or Cansei De Ser Sexy.

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But Pieces nevertheless makes a statement on behalf of the Rapture alone, that they're a group with the exuberance, the right producer rolodex, and the right ear for influences to string together multiple albums that will persist long after their newsworthiness fades.

Pieces of Love Pieces of Love
Pieces of Love Pieces of Love
Pieces of Love Pieces of Love
Pieces of Love Pieces of Love
Pieces of Love Pieces of Love
Pieces of Love Pieces of Love
Pieces of Love Pieces of Love
Pieces of Love Pieces of Love
Pieces of Love

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