Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness

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Novelists on this list have achieved a notability that exceeds merely having been published. The writers on the current list fall into one or more of the following categories:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. Main category: American novelists. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. James Baar born Sanora Babb — C. Cassill — , Dr. Cherryh born , Cyteen Charles W.

Connell born , Mrs. Henry Waugh, Prop. Davis — , Honey in the Horn L. Donaldson born , Lord Foul's Bane J. There's probably an assumption that you are based in London. How long have you been living here in Scotland? I came back to have kids, eleven years ago.

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We were wanting to get out of London, then it just so happened that a house came up for sale next door to my mum here in Portobello. My gran had recently just passed away, I was feeling a call to come home and everything just aligned. It was the best decision I have made because it is all about your quality of life, what you choose to let go and what you gain in return. I've got a fantastic network of pals, an amazing youth theatre, Cal and I are extremely happy here. We know that we don't always get the call, but if we had lived in London, there's no way we would have had three kids.

I would probably have stopped at one because I wouldn't have been able to afford to house all these children! So, it would be a different life, but not necessarily a happier one. And in addition to the youth theatre, you also now teach adults. Tell me about that… I run a course called Find your Voice and I run a company called If in Doubt, Shout, which are designed to help adults with public speaking skills.

Sometimes it's artists who just want to express their work and their emotions. I worked with a professor of genocide who wanted to bring a bit more comedy to his performance — I'm not joking, it was brilliant. It's about giving people the skills to bring creativity and commitment to what they are saying, to help them engage people. I can't teach confidence, but that will come gradually by getting a good response.

There must be an element of confidence building to the work you do with the kids too? I teach them skills in breaking down text, I teach them about body language, eye contact, how to do a talk at school if they need to. Also, it's their voice, and we teach them that what they think matters. A lot of my work with. I wonder how we get to a point in life where we are absolutely adamant about that. It's like that horrible feeling I used to get when I was young and asked to dance.

You were just trying to survive a moment. But when you were shown a few moves you could repeat, it was just fine. That's a really interesting question. I get a lot of women that lose confidence after having a baby. I certainly did. You almost forget how to talk. It's crazy. But I have helped a vast array of people from all walks of life and it is always really interesting because you are unlocking something for them. Obviously, I understand the psychological value of a new calendar year — and fresh start —when it comes to self-improvement but, Jesus and Mary Chain, January is a cruel month.

Often, our resolutions are just too demanding at a time when the notion of changing out of our pyjamas feels painfully ambitious. My most recent resolution failure relates to television. So, a few years ago I forced my husband to agree to no-TV Tuesdays. The first few weeks were interesting. I think we lasted a month. This year I have a bigger ambition, and it relates to my grimiest addiction: social media. I am disproportionately wound up by thirsty people posting too many selfies.

All I need to do is look away and not seek it out. We decide, after many days of gin-induced frivolity and chocolate comas, that this is definitely going to be the year we lose weight, nail down that promotion or give up our every nasty habit, with the ultimate, laudable, aim being to turn our lives around for the better. In fact, much of our over-indulgence comes backed by the promise the excuse? But, what if the December you was amazing enough already? What if you need no major life overhaul? My suggestion? How about, rather than give things up or restrict ourselves, we make a resolution to celebrate our achievements and focus on what makes us amazing right now?

In coaching, we often ask clients to list their top ten achievements. What are they proud of? What memorable achievements make them smile inside when they recall them? What makes them, them? At the top of my list, clearly, are my kids and my marriage. After all, we all know the challenges being a mother and wife can bring — just making it to the end of some days can feel like a real achievement.

But what about the successes that are just about me? I do wonder if I can fairly claim stopping smoking as one of my top ten given I achieved it 18 years ago. In truth, celebrating our own successes is uncomfortable and can make us feel very exposed. But we need to ask where this is coming from.

Personally, I think many of us were raised to not be boastful, but this has led to us being a generation of women who find it too difficult to articulate our strengths. Sure, taking out a billboard to announce your amazing achievements would be a step too far, but we ought to be able to internally recognise what makes us admirable and to be able to talk openly with close friends and family about the aspects of ourselves that we are pleased about. Want to get there?

Grab a cup of tea and spend ten minutes remembering how. What common themes do you see running through your thoughts when you do this? Are there themes to your achievements that jump out at you? Crucially, what sort of feeling is created when you think this way? I fall back on this feeling at times when I know the road ahead could be rocky, because the desire to be proud is greater than any fear could be.

Similarly, think about the way you set your goals. Connecting a goal with a positive feeling, rather than an objective, will increase your motivation and, consequently, your chances of success with any further changes you wish to make. Keep up the good work you start in January and month by month, you will see the impact — imagine how you could be feeling by the end of Let this year be the one in which you escape the negativity of failed resolutions and instead rejoice in your achievements while keeping on being uniquely you! Stephen is delighted to announce the launch of its stunning Glen Appin show home at the Copperfields development in Glenfarg.

This pictuesque village is nestled within the Ochil Hills, just 11 miles from Perth. Show home is open Thursday to Monday 1pm to 5pm. Stephen are also building beautiful homes in Internal images are from our Glen Appin showhome which include items not included as standard. Prices correct as at December Please consult with our sales staff for plot specific information.

Opinion expressed here is that of the author and does not constitute advice. Julie Mitchell is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Money matters Flummoxed by finance? In dread over debt? Julie Mitchell, an independent financial advisor with female money specialists Independent Women, tackles some of your most common cash concerns. Here, she argues in favour of a new year cash, not crash, diet…. Indeed, my alleged overindulgence during the festive period has prompted me to ponder the harsh reality that 50 per cent of my wardrobe now appears to be a size too small.

We are, however, quick to tip the scales back in our favour through exercise. Bringing in the bells offers the opportunity to wipe the slate clean, but according to research by the Money Advice Service, more than 28 per cent of UK adults are set to struggle with money this month as the expense of Christmas takes its toll. And while I would never be the one to promote the latest detox fad, that certainly suggests a new year financial cleanse would be in order to set us all on track for a prosperous Mindfulness when it comes to your money is a large component in becoming financially healthy, and a cash diet can be an excellent way to ensure you develop a deeper understanding of your money.

The diet itself involves leaving all credit and debit cards at home and substituting this for actual cash — budget your anticipated spending for the month and set the money aside for each week. But using cash helps to keep the brain engaged and is a great way to keep spending under control. Like most detoxes, the cash diet is not feasible over the long term, particularly in our increasingly cashless society, but it does force us to rewire our thinking and take back control.

Tracking your expenditure is vital during the cash diet. Jot down every pound spent — this can be done easily in the note section on your phone — and you will quickly identify patterns in spending that bring enjoyment and value, as well as those created more out of habit than necessity. Take this time to get other areas of your finances in shape too. Review all your insurances, from home, buildings, car and travel to personal, and note all the renewal dates.

It might seem unimportant, but people who renewed their home insurance policy over five years with the same provider pay an average of 70 per cent more than new customers, according to research by the Financial Conduct Authority — a rather glaring statistic that highlights the importance of comparing our policies. Loyalty in the insurance world counts for nothing. Address any debt on credit cards too, and check the rates of interest applicable — by switching to zero per cent credit cards you can stop paying interest on your debt and start reducing your outstanding balance.

This cheeky pencil-pot design uses innovative ceramic reeds disguised as stationery to diffuse the scented oil around your home, while the scent itself is perfect for creating a fresh, rejuvenating feel for the new year. Crafted in 18ct yellow gold and hand-set with treated brown diamonds, the textured stripes and gem-set wings of the bee are finished with an eye-catching black rhodium plating. Because not all of the best things come in pairs. Wear it three ways Real women need versatile pieces that work for real life, no matter what their day holds. We show you how to style a classic Breton top for every occasion….

Liverpudlian Claire, 37, is a mum of two and a full-time blogger who lives in Ratho. Follow her on Instagram thislittlehouse. Breton top, as before. Photography: Aleksandra Modrzejewska. Vitamin IVs are a celeb favourite — but can they really cure everything from a hangover to jetlag? Our beauty editor, Sara Hill, finds out…. Not him. Instead, he looked amazing — fresh-faced and energised.

His secret? Celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Madonna, Rihanna and Simon Cowell are reportedly massive fans, with many making the treatment a part of their Oscars red carpet beauty ritual.

Biography of Oliver Hudson (excerpt)

But just what are the benefits? My commonest drip is the immune booster, which contains argenine, glutamine, lysine and taurine, for people who feel run down and get frequent coughs and colds. We also do drips to help improve athletic performance in training and in the run up to events. Our customers are professional singers some pretty famous ones actually who come for a series of drips before they go on tour, we have high-powered businessmen and women who just need that extra boost of energy and we have athletes who want a bit of help getting themselves to peak performance.

Of course, we also have men and women who have just been partying too hard and need help getting back on their feet. The Restore Your Energy package includes a complete facial and a minute deep muscular massage, as well as a glass of bubbles and full use of the spa facilities. Dr Simon runs me through the full list of options so that we can decide which treatment is best for me.

In addition to the popular immunity IV, he also offers a mood support option, designed to relax the mind and aid concentration, a diet and detox drip that combines detoxifying nutrients with fat burning amino acids, and an energy boosting option containing a high dose of vitamin B and magnesium. Boasting a high dose of vitamin C, zinc and powerful antioxidants to maximise immune response, the treatment is also re-energising thanks to the presence of vitamin B — and after two nights out in a row I was definitely in need of that.

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I didn't feel the solution going in and the lovely staff made me feel really comfortable and at ease. But did it work? Tel: Just one session will restore energy levels, ease tired muscles and burn up to calories.

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Not so at Gleneagles, where the Time Ritual offering involves simply booking out two, three or four hours of therapy time and then consulting with your therapist about what combination of treatments will best suit your needs on the day. Personalised pampering? Sign us up. A technique created by Sara, yoga skin is make-up mixology at its best. To get the look, apply your skincare and primer as normal, before mixing up a blend of foundation, facial oil, illuminator and glow drops.

Poetic Remembering and Forgetting from Tennyson to Housman

Ready, steady, glow! Think your new fitness schedule comes at a cost to your beauty regime? Prep your hair with a cocktail of texturising and volumising sprays spritzed into dry hair, then blast with a hairdryer. Twist into a bun and secure with kirby grips, then finish the look by loosening some strands for a rough-luxe finish. Pull your hair into a side ponytail and tug your hair elastic halfway down the length. Twist and roll the ponytail in towards your head and secure with kirby grips tucked under the hair. Using a clean make-up brush, swirl over the hair in circular movements to create a softer, fluffy effect, then set with a mist of hairspray.

Laura Hudson makes a foodie pilgrimage to find out. But when searching for a place to dine during a recent visit, one name came up time and time again: Daisy Tasker. Head chef Stewart Macauley has overseen the creation of a sophisticated yet comforting menu, packed with seasonal, local produce and dishes that feel distinctly Scottish, but with an upscale twist.

The restaurant is still young, so the somewhat overly concise selection of dishes on offer on the Saturday we visited can be forgiven, but it did mean that for starters, I was stumped. But I was wrong to be pessimistic. Zingy, flavourful and wonderfully warming for a chilly winter evening, the softly-spiced broth, charred lime and flatbread was a welcome way to kick off proceedings.

Mains were far easier to choose, with two choices leaping out at us. Tucked away just off Union Street, this cosy restaurant offers a seasonal menu with locally-sourced ingredients, under the dappled light of a real braided fig tree. We also ordered what turned out to be a totally unnecessary side of red rooster fries with savoury bone marrow ketchup, the result of a somewhat vague menu that was curiously devoid of mention of carbs. With no sides mentioned on either of our dish descriptions, we felt compelled to order extras to top us up, especially when the staff admitted they were also unclear as to what would be on our plates.

Similarly, prices were missing from the menu and our waiting staff were unclear on those too. We decided to chalk it up to teething problems and set aside some fries so we had room for dessert. Here, the options seemed to perfectly sum up what Daisy Tasker is aiming to achieve: one choice very rooted in homegrown.

Oddly, for my taste, the dish was sprinkled with a smattering of tarragon that threatened to overshadow the delicate flavours elsewhere in the bowl. Once scraped to the side, however, this was a seriously sexy dessert to savour. Was it perfect? Not quite. But minor issues aside, this is a kitchen that shows the potential to become a real neighbourhood gem.

Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness
Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness
Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness
Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness
Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness
Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness
Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness Oliver Stewart and the mist of forgetfulness

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