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Ian Brown : Solarized

Add Comment. Destiny or Circumstance 2. Happy Ever After 3. Home Is Where the Heart Is 4. Keep What Ya Got 5. Kiss Ya Lips 6.

Ian Brown - Keep What Ya Got

Kiss Ya Lips No I. Longsight M13 9. Lovebug One Way Ticket to Paradise Solarized The Sweet Fantastic Time Is My Everything Mix 2 Gravy Train N. Cheeeek that out dude. Lead RIFFs:. Bad selection. Save Cancel. Really delete this comment? Yes No. Destiny or Circumstance.

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Happy Ever After. Home Is Where the Heart Is. Kiss Ya Lips. They seem so far. Today they ain't so far away and almost seem a drag. Keep what yer got by giving it all away. Keep what yer got, hold it don't stop. Keep what yer got, by giving it all away. When your halo slips for good you'll have to wear your hood.

Good to feel the breeze of fear on all the cynics. And you mimic all you losers all abusers wasting all my precious energy. Remember where you came from.

Ian Brown - Keep What Ya Got Lyrics

Sister she told ya on a rainy day. It's said that heaven holds a place for all of those who pray. And if you don't believe in agony then you don't care anyway. Nobody or nothing's ever getting in your way.

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Even as you cradle on but don't think you'll be long. No-ones gonna notice if yer never right or wrong. And if you and your next neighbour, yeah you don't quite get along.

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No-ones gonna notice if your singing anyway. Those not coming with with the few well then they gotta pay. Keep What Ya Got song meanings.

LTW talk to Ian Brown as he re-releases vinyl version of Solarized

Add your thoughts 13 Comments. General Comment If Ian Brown and Noel Gallagher ever really formed a band together it would be one of the best bands ever. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. King of Some Island. General Comment I think the whole taking control of your life and moving on thing might be about how he's moved on from the stone roses.

Maybe aimed at John Squire? A few links to Stone Roses songs there "Now you're at the wheel, tell me how, how does it feel" - Waterfall; "heavens gates won't hold me, i sold those suckers down" - Breaking into heaven. Looks like Ian's still quite bitter about the whole incident.

General Comment i think this song is a slight on uk goverment's ridiculous inheritance tax policy, aka the death tax. Haha, that's the most ridiculous explanation of the song I've ever heard. Yes Ian Brown's very politically outspoken but I don't think he'd be so parochial as to sing about inheritence tax! Flag andypb on February 25, General Comment I don't know if it was intended this way, but I take the chorus to mean that you have to give everything away, in a material sense, so that you can hold onto what is really important, i.

I liked what bison libertine said.

Ian Brown : Solarized - NME

And what is interesting is that Jesus didn't just tell the rich young ruler to give up all his wealth, he said that anyone who wishes to be his disciple must do that as well. Pretty challenging words for anyone calling themselves a Christian! Erich Fromm does have a pretty good explanation about that thing with the material world and Christianity.

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Keep What Ya Got Keep What Ya Got
Keep What Ya Got Keep What Ya Got
Keep What Ya Got Keep What Ya Got
Keep What Ya Got Keep What Ya Got
Keep What Ya Got Keep What Ya Got
Keep What Ya Got Keep What Ya Got
Keep What Ya Got Keep What Ya Got

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