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Realizing the effects her actions could potentially have on Equestria, Snowfall vows to change her ways and learns to appreciate the value of Hearth's Warming Eve. According to Applejack, the flag is traditionally raised by the youngest family member. In Pinkie Pie's family, the one who raises the flag is decided through a "flag finding mission", and they hide presents for their recipients to find.

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In My Little Pony Holiday Special , Flim and Flam arrive in Ponyville to sell their holiday-themed merchandise intending on extending Hearth's Warming throughout the entire winter season so they can make even more money. Twilight and Applejack manage to get the brothers to leave town, and are briefly shunned by their friends and family for doing so. But their friends and family ultimately apologize, and they all spend the holiday together. In Gameloft's mobile game, seasonal quests themed around Hearth's Warming were made available during holiday updates in December , December , and December Whooves has opened a portal to the past, to observe the Hearth's Warming Eve legend.

But things went awry and he accidentally released the Windigos! Only Bon Bon and Lyra can come to the rescue and send back the Windigos before they ruin the holidays for everypony! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For the episode with a similar name, see Hearth's Warming Eve. Hearth's Warming is an annual holiday in Equestria that celebrates its founding. It is similar to the real-world and also in-universe holiday of Christmas [note 1] in that it is celebrated during winter and has similar traditions including decorating trees and exchanging gifts. Contents [ show ].

I liked this collection of Holiday love stories They were hopeful and romantic My only gripe is that I wish they were longer Specifically the first story I really wanted to knowabout the heroine Ivy and what she went through I hope there I love this book so muchJust amazing love storiesBut it seems that we may seefrom these couples and I sure do hope so.

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Linda ChristianiI enjoyed each story so much I would encourage all romance lovers to read this and believe that true love does exist. And what a pleasant one. Welcome home. Thanks, Ruth. He leaned over the counter, kissed her cheek, and gave her a hug. She set the bag beside him and placed a hand along the side of his face.

Too long. Have you gone home? Ruth moved to get him some coffee. The door opened, and he turned when Ruth said, There you are, dear. Wondered where you were. Her smooth mocha skin flushed with cold. A knitted cap rested up on a mass of black whorls. A smile curved up her full lips, making him think seductive thoughts. He gripped his hand into a fist so not to reach out and caress her.

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Tristan wanted her to look at him. Wanted her eyes focused on him. He stared unabashedly as she walked to the counter and reached for the bag, her body moving with some near invisible stiffness but no less enticing. Ivy, this here is Tristan Blade. Tristan, meet Ivy. A pleasure, he said, stretching out a hand to her. Tristan got the feeling she only shook his hand because he initiated it. Not because she wished to make his acquaintance.

Honor Holly

He realized he was faced with a woman who kept to herself a lot. Tristan sat there and watched her pay Ruth and give the older lady a kind smile. She turned around and left without giving him a second glance. The moment the door closed behind her, Tristan spun on the stool and met the observant eyes of Ruth Wiggins. You just leave her alone, Tristan, Ruth commanded, shaking a finger at him.

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  4. He took a sip of his coffee and held the assessing blue gaze of Ruth. Is she married? A frown marred her face. Drinking more coffee, Tristan remained silent. What is it about this woman that makes Ruth so protective? Yeah, good job, Tristan. Lie to her about how quickly your thoughts dropped to the bedroom the moment you laid eyes on Ivy. Tristan drained the rest of his drink and stood. He dropped some money on the counter and headed for the door. He opened the door and stopped, looking back at her. Ruth just waved and turned her attention back to the task before her.

    Getting ready for the morning rush. It was odd for him to have his parents living in the same town and yet divorced. But neither of them had wanted to leave; they just avoided one another. As he drove by the gas station, he swore the second his gaze landed upon Ivy. She was outside snow blowing the sidewalks. Tristan turned in, pulled up to a gas tank, and jumped out to fill up. He leaned against the side of his truck as the pump did its job and watched Ivy. Women were merely a distraction to him which he used when he wanted one.

    Aside from his mother and Jacey Blackjack Thompson, a woman he worked with, he really had no use for them. But Ivy was different. Tristan looked again and watched her disappear into the building.

    He grabbed his receipt from the pump and drove up to the door before getting out. Striding in through the door, he moved toward the candy aisle while his gaze honed in on Ivy. She stood behind the counter, stocking cigarettes. Grabbing two packs of gum, he headed for where she was and placed his items there.

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    This all? She ran her gaze over him, observing something only she could see. Honestly, it was a bit unnerving. Professional and yet distant. The moment the phrase was out, Tristan knew her attention had moved from him to something else. Hell, a first look even. Back in his truck, Tristan popped a piece of gum in his mouth and backed out of the parking spot. Ivy shook until long after Tristan Blade left her presence. It had taken an inordinate amount of control not to show him how being near him affected her.

    Never before had a man made her feel such things, especially at a first meeting. But this man Tristan Blade with his powerful body, sexy stubble, shoulder-length dark brunet hair, and thickly lashed blue eyes that belonged in a bedroom, along with a deep voice that seemed infused with sexual innuendo had accomplished precisely that very thing. Licking her lips, she readjusted her stance and got back to work.

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    Tristan Blade was not what she needed. Still, a few hours later, after the morning rush had subsided and she was nearing the end of her shift, Ivy found her thoughts back on that very man. She looked up and smiled at Matt when he entered.

    Hearth's Warming

    Same ole, same ole. He sent her a grateful smile. Thank you.

    Hearth, Holly, & Honor Hearth, Holly, & Honor
    Hearth, Holly, & Honor Hearth, Holly, & Honor
    Hearth, Holly, & Honor Hearth, Holly, & Honor
    Hearth, Holly, & Honor Hearth, Holly, & Honor
    Hearth, Holly, & Honor Hearth, Holly, & Honor
    Hearth, Holly, & Honor Hearth, Holly, & Honor

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