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Some airports are notorious for losing passengers' luggage. Heathrow has a poor reputation — most airports lose about two in every thousand bags, but Heathrow loses eighty per thousand, which means for every five hundred people who check in, forty won't get their bags or suitcases at the other end!

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This is mainly because the transport times between the terminal are so tight. When the airport is busy, which it always is, there is so much baggage being transported between the terminals and so little time to do it that a lot of the transferred luggage gets left behind. Wheelchairs are a big problem for us. Not only is there always a shortage of them for the people who really need them, but worse still, some of the people who request them often don't need them at all.

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I've lost count of the number of times I've pushed someone through the airport, taken them through customs and passport control, and got a porter to pick up their luggage, and then seen the person jump up in Arrivals and sprint towards their waiting relatives. One flight attendant I know gets so annoyed when this happens that as soon as the passenger gets out of the chair she shouts, 'Ladies and gentlemen!


I give you another miracle, courtesy of the airline industry! After decades in a chair, he walks again! Birds are one of the major problems for any airport when planes are taking off and landing. A swan or any large bird can easily cause an accident. It flies into the engine, totally destroying itself and the machinery. Smaller birds are less of a problem.

Heard the story about the First Class air hostess who got fired for sitting on the face of a passenger during a long haul flight?

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Heard about the amount of knickers and false teeth that are left behind in the body of the plane? Heard how pissed-off stewards put laxatives in your drinks? Heard about the pilot who ran out of runway? Heard of the disabled passengers who miraculously walk again?

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Then you haven't read Air Babylon. Do you know the best place to have sex on a plane?

Do you know how to dress for an upgrade? Do you know that one drink in the air equals three on the ground? Do you know who is checking you in?

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Who is checking you out? Do you know exactly what happens to your luggage once it leaves your sight? Is it secure?

Air Babylon Air Babylon
Air Babylon Air Babylon
Air Babylon Air Babylon
Air Babylon Air Babylon
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Air Babylon Air Babylon
Air Babylon Air Babylon

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