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The Joy of Learning Club

Leave the baby in a diaper during the photo shoot. Despite such challenges, Eberle has made taking pictures of newborns and babies a successful part of her lifestyle photography business — successful enough that she won the Family Favorite Photographer category of the Family Favorites reader poll in Chippewa Valley Family magazine. You have to get all of those details right the first time, to capture the newness.

A three-month-old is decidedly different from a three-day-old, and new parents should act fast if they want to preserve that angelic look for posterity. Between 10 and 12 days after they are born, babies and their parents are home and have ideally settled into some sort of routine. Eberle became a professional lifestyle photographer in a roundabout way.

Michelle GD – writing and photography and tiny moments

She shot her first wedding a dozen years ago as a favor for a friend. Soon after, she relocated from Madison to Eau Claire and gradually added other kinds of photography — including newborn portraiture — to her portfolio. She learned to use her camera in part by photographing her own children, year-old Caden and 8-year-old Emma. A few years ago she made the leap from her job at a credit union to become a full-time photographer.

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Learn more at lacieberlephotography. Baby-centric articles, listings and resources. Family living in the Chippewa Valley, including: food, health, maternity, child care, finance and parenting. Humming along since , Volume One is a magazine, a website, an event production company, and a retail store based in Eau Claire, WI.

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21 Tiny Moments Of Pure Joy You Can Only Experience In A Happy, Healthy Relationship

Music Kids Stage. Now that is something to smile about. Our fave are the silver Hoop Earrings adorned with cubic zirconia, because what's better than a bit of sparkle? There are so many happy moments in this scenario: walking into a shop and finding something you like - winning. It actually fitting properly?

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Double win. Being willing to pay full price then finding out it's half price at the till? You're practically saving money — your bank balance will thank you later. You've been visualising a seat since you arrived at the platform five minutes ago. People are queuing around you, but you know exactly where the doors are going to open.

How to experience tiny moments of nerdy joy

When it arrives, you strategically let people off the train to block your fellow commuters. The feeling of glory when you snag the last sweet, sweet seat is unparalleled. Lunch is a tin of own-brand tomato soup and a pitta bread until you check the date and go from broke to billionaire in less than ten seconds if by billionaire you mean out of your overdraft.

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Is it acceptable to order Deliveroo to your desk? Kicking off your heels after a night out is one thing, but the pure pleasure of unhooking your bra and sliding off the straps through the sleeves of your t-shirt of course feels pretty damn amazing after a long day of boulder-holding. Comfort is key. When was the last time you got a compliment from someone other than your mum?

How to experience tiny moments of nerdy joy

It's a vicious cycle. You hate being home alone, get bored and make long-overdue catch up plans with your BFFs. When the day finally rolls around, you're too tired after watching one too many Netflix episodes last night. You can't cancel because that would be flakey, until you get that "I'm so sorry" text like…. To be specific, pouring AND drinking your first wine of the week. Whether you need saving from the inevitable Monday blues or are pre-weekend drinking at the pub on a Thursday night, that sweet Sauvignon feels SO good.

Tiny Moments Tiny Moments
Tiny Moments Tiny Moments
Tiny Moments Tiny Moments
Tiny Moments Tiny Moments
Tiny Moments Tiny Moments

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