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Cousin Sam may be old, but he's not dead yet. His sudden love affair with a brand-new widow shows Annie that it's never too late to love, even though it might be safer not to try to relive the past. The disparate bits of Annie's life slowly come together, as Magda teaches her how to put pieces of fabric together into a pleasing quilt. While she watches Sam and Magda fall in love, she finds herself wondering if she might find a future with Dan, a handsome fireman. But before she can look too far ahead, there's the quilt show to get through. And that's a whole different complication.

In the original Anglo-Saxon, the same word is used to describe both of them. And why do white women vote for Trump? The book tackles both of those questions, and more. I expect to see it scooping awards. Where have I heard that before? Shattering ceiling after glass ceiling, she makes her rise up through the ranks look like a piece of cake.

However, her story is equal parts strategy and risk — and none of it was easy. Got a pic with BjoTrimble in our costumes. Epic arisia win. Logistics would like to thank everyone who helped us with what was probably our most difficult move-in ever. We tilted at elevators, bucket-brigaded thousands of pounds of stuff down 3 actually 5 flights of stairs, dealt with dead trucks, and survived the cold.

Arisia put these in the bathroom stalls. Yay for helping people reach out if they need it to irt pic. Tolkien and Frank Herbert were published. Congrats to all creators who made the Bram Stoker Awards preliminary ballot! I'm pleased to note that regardless of who advances to the final ballot, and who thereafter wins or loses, I will retain my title as the losingest loser — the Susan Lucci of HorrorWriters!

Yay, me! MagiCon, the 50th Worldcon, was held in Orlando, Florida in In this video, Rusty Hevelin interviews fan, editor and author Frank Robinson on his career, both fannish and professional and on the early days of science fiction. Frank talks about the war years, the fanzines he published, the Ray Palmer era in magazines, his time at Rogue Magazine and lots more. Using iron as a tracer, supernovae have been tracked to a time of mass extinction at the Pliocene-Pleistocene boundary 2. Girl Scouts of America is now offering girls as young as five a badge in cybersecurity.

An event in Silicon Valley gave scouts an opportunity to earn the first patch in the activity, with the help of some eggs. The road runs straight and black into the gloom of the snowy birch forest. My wife, Bee, had suggested a cheeky New Year break. Just the two of us, no kids. Companies are looking at mining the surface of the Moon for precious materials. So what rules are there on humans exploiting and claiming ownership? But this could change soon, with several companies expressing an interest in exploring and, possibly, mining its surface for resources including gold, platinum and the rare earth minerals widely used in electronics.

The bar is set by the Great Kanto Earthquake of This was a large earthquake — of magnitude 7. For earthquakes of a greater magnitude than this benchmark, preserving buildings perfectly is no longer the goal. Any damage that does not cause a human casualty is acceptable. It made us laugh to think of having her enter this world. Title credit goes to File contributing editor of the day Kip Williams. As of Friday at 11 p. Boston sff convention Arisia reported 2, members. Downtown Rutledge is getting a full makeover this week for the filming project, which will shoot on Friday, Jan 18 and run into the wee hours of Saturday, Jan The Verge spoke with Alexander about finding joy and connection online, preserving digital history, and seeing the mystical in the technological.

Victor LaValle and Julie C. Day entertained a huge audience with their readings. Victor read from a new novella and Julie read two of her short stories. I know how much she cared about all of you, and how much you all loved her. Quoting Jonathan Eller, Ph. Is it this ubiquitous one? Just me? Or is it an image of Poe in one of his many pop culture incarnations? After all, Poe pops up frequently in contemporary culture—somewhat more frequently than you might expect for someone who, during his lifetime, was mostly known as a caustic literary critic, even if he did turn out to be massively influential.

Where was the detective story until Poe breathed the breath of life into it? As the Ancient Ones seek entry to our world, one to two investigators or up to four with two Core Sets work to unravel arcane mysteries and conspiracies. Their efforts determine not only the course of your game, but carry forward throughout whole campaigns, challenging them to overcome their personal demons even as Arkham Horror: The Card Game blurs the distinction between the card game and roleplaying experiences.

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Sometimes dead is better…. In theatres April 5, When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall John Lithgow , setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences. Lewis, and Charles WIlliams eligible for the Retros this year. It begins with an illustration —. Though remembered now mostly for his Gormenghast novels, Peake was primarily an artist. He had in fact 3 illustrated books published in , and all three of them were arguably fantasy or sf. The thread starts here. On the strength of this great trio, those of you nominating for not-a-Hugo award might seriously consider Benedict for the Campbell.

And kudos to fandsf for finding and, so far, mostly keeping! Collectors will swarm to Pasadena on February for this event —. Rare Books LA is a book fair that features more than leading specialists in rare books, fine prints, photography, ephemera, maps, and more from throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

This prestigious event takes place at the Pasadena Convention Center. Rare Books LA will compromise of numerous exhibitors. Expect to discover exhibitors who also showcase photography and fine prints. To view the list of exhibitors, click here. The fossils of Australopithecus sediba have fueled scientific debate since they were found at the Malapa Fossil Site in South Africa 10 years ago.

And now researchers have established that they are closely linked to the Homo genus, representing a bridging species between early humans and their predecessors, proving that early humans were still swinging from trees 2 million years ago. On the night of September 1, , the nearly full Moon appeared over the town of Canandaigua, New York. At P. Humphrey then exposed the light-sensitive plate to the shining Moon nine times, varying the length of exposure from 0.

John W. As part of a routine checkup , Curiosity snapped some new images of its wheels this week. If you left the theater in a haze, Looper wants to help you out:. Title credit goes to File contributing editor of the day Andrew.

PORTES OUVERTES 18 mars 2017

When Arisia, the controversy-plagued Boston convention, takes place this weekend they plan to face up to their troubles with a Reconciliation track of 15 program items —. These sessions will provide attendees opportunities to communicate about recent events involving the Arisia community, the convention itself, and Arisia, Inc. These methods range from silent work an attendee can do with trained facilitators, to town-hall discussions allowing community members to share their feelings, reactions and desire for change.

Arisia will be collecting all feedback given by attendees at the sessions listed below, and will attempt to address salient items at the State of Arisia Community Update on Monday. Arisia Leadership from both the Convention and Corporation will be in Feedback sessions to provide our community the opportunity to talk directly with them. It has links to ballots, shows due dates, links to RSR resources to help with voting such as longlists with story blurbs and scores and covers. Again and again, in M. Take the moment, late in the film, when a character heralds his return to super-form by finding a singular component of his old costume.

Everything about the shot is set up to punch our buttons: The figure stands in stark silhouette. The costume component in question unfurls with a dramatic snap and rustle painstakingly engineered by some hardworking Foley artist somewhere in Burbank, probably. The music swells to an insistent crescendo. And yet … nothing. No spoilers. In any other film, that moment would provide the proceedings with a sardonic punch. Influenced by Dr. Tolkien , the biopic about The Lord of the Rings author J. Tolkien starring Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins , has had everything lined up as fans continue to buzz about the upcoming Amazon series based on his Lord of the Rings series.

Space colonization stories are a subgenre of SF. Space colonization stories in which the Earth has become a backwater world, cut off from thriving colony planets, are a thriving sub-subgenre. At first glance, this seems odd. Earth is rich in resources and offers humans a shirt-sleeve environment.

He was When I left, Paul Stevens took over the group and did all sorts of enterprising things like renting proper cinemas so that 35 mm films could be shown and stuff like that. Then, some time later, when an enthusiast who happened to own a couple of 35 mm film projectors joined the club, they installed these in the clubroom and started showing classic old movies — some of them on nitrate film.

Mervyn Binns had complete confidence in the projectionist and the equipment. Admittedly nitrate film has one or two unfortunate characteristics like becoming unstable with age and being just plain highly inflammable and becoming downright explosive. Choose Your Black Hole Wisely. One of the most cherished science fiction scenarios is using a black hole as a portal to another dimension or time or universe. That fantasy may be closer to reality than previously imagined. More than types of coffee tree grow naturally in forests, including two used for the coffee we drink.

And then too written primarily for children, or to popularise science, as a vehicle for propaganda, and with a lot of translations of Russian books and influenced heavily by science fiction from the Soviet Union before the relationship soured. One might think that robots would have some measure of job security, especially when they work in a robot hotel. In trying to substitute robots for human workers, the hotel ended up creating more work for humans.

Nothing in the previous sentence was a joke. On the list for early retirement is Churi, a robot doll assistant that was placed in each room. So why is a small country in the Caucasus spending its resources on space wine? Via io9. Title credit goes to File contributing editor of the day Ken Richards.

In an Apology To The Arisia Community posted November 23, the corporation broadly apologized for a large number of enumerated failings, and also announced that it has banned three people and restricted the participation of eight others, with more action possible once other incident reports are fully processed. We, the Executive Board Eboard , apologize unreservedly on behalf of Arisia Incorporated to every individual who has come forward with mishandled incident reports, some of whom have asked not to be named, and to every individual who has had reason to hesitate in coming forward or has felt unsafe doing so.

Bargello Beauty Rainbow Quilt - The Midnight Quilt Show Turns 2! 🎉

As an organization, Arisia has failed you. We must do better by everyone who seeks our aid. Prior to posting this statement, we extended private apologies to multiple individuals. As time passes, and we as a board develop a better understanding of the mistakes we have made, we expect to extend further apologies. We also apologize without condition to the entire Arisia community. You trusted us as an organization to prioritize community safety. Many of you have brought forward incident reports, trusting in the process to see justice done and safety concerns addressed. Some of you, in the face of inaction or errors in judgment, have turned your back on Arisia entirely.

In all of these ways, we failed you as well. We do not expect these apologies to be accepted as a matter of course. We are not owed the forgiveness of those we have wronged. We cannot demand the trust of those who have seen that trust broken. We hold no ill will toward anyone who has had to step back from Arisia as a result of these events. All we can do is acknowledge the harm that we have done, make amends to the best of our ability, and strive to do better. We must earn your trust back through actions, not words. As an Executive Board, we have been working to determine and articulate our actions going forward.

The public process of acknowledging our errors, making apologies, and making amends begins now. Over a span of years, we as an organization have mishandled multiple incident reports, putting the safety of the entire community into question, and causing grave harm to several individuals. Whatever mistakes have been made by individual officers or staff, the wider problem stems from failures in our process and our culture.

Recent accounts have brought some of these errors to light. In the wake of these revelations our community — including attendees as well as volunteers, staff, and corporate members — has been widely hurt and justifiably angry. On November 11th, following the resignation of five members of the Eboard, the membership of Arisia, Inc elected new officers. That same day saw the induction of over new voting corporate members, more than tripling the overall size of the corporate body. The current members of the Eboard have the specific mandate to drive this change. In accordance with this mandate, we have taken multiple actions, with a particular focus on community safety at Arisia A brief note: when we speak of banning someone from Arisia, this means that they are banned from the convention as well as Arisia, Inc.

One of these individuals has been the subject of multiple incident reports, both new and reopened. Due to the nature of the reports and the information we have received so far, we have decided that we will not allow these individuals to attend, staff, or volunteer with Arisia , to allow time for further investigation. These individuals will be restricted from participating in any capacity beyond that of a standard attendee, including staff or volunteering for the convention.

While we recognize that it may be difficult to trust Arisia as an organization with incident reports at this time, we ask that you report unwanted or unwelcome behavior at or outside of con — including but not limited to Code of Conduct violations — to incidents arisia. We will do our best to respond and investigate as swiftly as we can. Lastly, we can announce that the Convention Committee has created a dedicated programming track at Arisia that will provide opportunities for reconciliation, discussion, and community healing.

The Eboard is actively encouraging and consulting on this task under the leadership of the Arisia Programming Division. Edited by 2eLna Gray. Illustrated by Homer Colby. New pocket classics O on rewritten introd. Macmillan Co. The education of children. Translated by Eleanore and Friedrich Jensen. History of the Jews in London. I sit alone. Translated from the Norwegian by Charles Wharton Stork. John Deth, a metaphysical legend and other poems. Report of cases argued and determined in the Court of Appeals of Alabama.

SEE Alabama. Court of Appeals. Report of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Alabama. Supreme Court. Seat', reporter. By Noble H. Sesy, reporter. E1 sombrero de tree picoa. Wickersham Crawford. O 13May 0; A22R May W. Little pilgrim to Penn's woods. Illustrated by Esther Brann. O 4Jun30; AR. Time chart in ancient history. By Jennie B. Pope and Robert G. O lApr30; AA Albion A ; 23Dec57; R Time chart in modern European history, since Isaac Husik, translator. A; 25Apr3O, A Parmele and M. Blair Wailes. Comedie dramatique en 3 actes et comedie en 3 acts et 4 tableaux.

En collaboration avec Charles Lefaurie. Phil Hardy's triumph. Illustrated by Ernest N. C: 7May30; AR5. The book of bird life: a study of birds in their native haunts. With photos by the author. O lOMar30; A Arthur A. Tied in the ninth. Illustrated by Charles Lassell. Albert M. Denville, Virginia. In New republic, Jan. Lankea and his woodcuts.

In Virginia quarterly review ,. Look out, brown man. In Nation, Nov. O 12Nov30; A Life sentence. By Rebecca West, pseud. In The Saturday evening post, Oct. Wilderness ways. Ill us. A slave of Catiline. Illustrated by Norman L. Mary G. An9eraon ti1 ; 21Feb5R; R The country weekly. In Forum, Apr. Aristophanes' Iysistrata; a new version by Gilbert Seldes. O 9Jun30; A Men dislike women. Sabbatai Zevi.

O 6Mar30; AR. Directory of teachers in member schools, O 5Nov30; A West Pub. The sophisticates. Procession of the gods. Helen Atkins, Robert H. Atkins C ; 24Jan5R; R Permanent ed. National Reporter System. State series O West Pub. PWH v. O 30Mar31; A O 29Jan Stepdaughters of war, by Helen Zenna Smith, pseud. O lApr3O; A The earth and its peoc le. Hook 4: The United States among the nations. O 29Aug30 A Harriet B. Atwood W ; 23Dec57; R Vies des hommes illustres, no. The American rhythm. New and enl. Kenneth M. Chapman de Mary C.

Catalog com. The soul and its mechanism. Sun gold. With illus. O 3Rep A2R05R. The boy ranchers in Terror Canyon; or, Diamond X winning out. O 15Tun30; A24R PWH ; 23May5o; R The story of Roland. Illustrator: Peter Hurd. Law dictionary with pronunciations. C 12Ncv30; A PWH ; 23apr5R; R Beautiful goose girl. In Ladies' home journal, Mar. Behind the times. Cent a point. In Saturday evening post, Mar. Gentlemen on guard. In College humor, Jan. Love letter. In Redbook, Apr. Mixed marriage, anonymous. On the wagon.

Candidate for the line. O 15Aug30; A Hedwig M. The French primitives and their forms, from their origin to the end of the fifteenth century, by Albert C. Wind in the grass, by Christy M3cKaye. Peter Pan ed. E Vol. The little white bird. Margaret Ogilvy and others. Courage; Peter and Wendy. Peter Pan and other plays. Peter Pan in Kensington gardens.

Retold by May Byron for little people. Pictures by Arthur Rackham. My rhyme and picture book. Art: Roy Best. Illustrated by Lynd Ward. Paul R. Hanna A ; 19Feb5R; R2o9o Christian conquests. The search for Peggy Ann; or, A mystery of the flood. Big fellow at work. Illustrated by Berta and Elmer Hader.

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Selected poems. Edited by Marion Pelton Guild. George S. Bates ; 22May53; R Prayers for general use and special occasions. O RNov30; A Eden Pub. Black pearls. Joe D. Canady E ; 25Feb5R; R The critical year: a study of Andrew Johnson and reconstruction. CV 22May30, AR4. Howard K. Beale A ; 9Apr5R; R The rise of American civilization. One volume ed. By Charles A.

Beard and Mary R. Decorations by Wilfred Jones. Mary R. Beard A ; 3Jan5R; R Grimod de la Reyniere. Vie des hommes illustres, no. Music in the junior high school, by John W. John W. The agreeable finish. In Saturday evening post, June 21, o 19Jun30 R Alice B. The black kind. In Saturday evening post, Oct. He had another apple. In Saturday evening post, July 19, 0 17Ju R In Saturday evening post, Nov. One never does. In Saturday evening post, Jan. Rose Plaster. Black face. Drawings by Corydon Bell. Believe it or not. The man who made gold. New cautionary tales.

Pictures by N. The treasurer's report, and other aspects of community singing. Drawings by Gluyas Williams. Gertrude Ben4hley W ; 31'ar5R; R The hedgehog In St. Nicholas, June 0 20May3l; B11R Laura Benet A ; 24Dec57; R A life at Angelo's. Trannmutation, by C. Zain, pseud. Spiritual alchemy, no. Maria Benjamine W ; 20Jan5R; R Stroke of luck. With Morgan on the Main. With 4 new illus. O on new illus. PWH ; 31Dec57; R General style chart for jewelry and silver engraving. O 1OFeb31; AA Bergling C ; 29May5R; R Cases and materials in the law of corporation finance. O 13Apr31; AF The ghost enas.

In St. Nicholas, Jan. Herbert Beat A ; 24Dec57; R The lizard totem. Pictures by Wilfrid S. O 15Apr30; A21R The cat who went to heaven, by Elizabeth Coatsworth. Pictures by Lynd Ward. O 26Aug30; A Swansdown the kitten. By Elizabeth Coatsworth. In The Saturday review of literature, Oct. The old planters of Beverly in Massachusetts and the thousand acre grant of Foundations of mental health.

Authorized translation by G. With an introd. Some royalties and a prime minister. O 25ppr30; A22R The Book of Ruth, a translation and commentary for schools and colleges. SEE Grirmnelsnn Henry J. New empires, the newspaper and the radio. Karl A. Bickel A ; 23May5R; R William A. How to interview. Bishop instructional tests in plane geometry, first half year. Bishop instructional tests in plane geometry, second half year.

Modern chord method for plectrum or Spanish guitar. Selected and arranged by DeWitt G. Emerson, pseud. New girls for old, by Phyllis Blanchard and Carlyn Marasses. Destin du theatre. O 20SepN; AF Offl,ande a la musique. Red wine. In Adventure June 15, 0 29May3o; B Lawrence G. Brigit, by Mrs. George Norman, pseud. God's jester, by Mrs. Textbook of materia medica. James M. Leigh Hunt and his circle. Saba visite Salomon, par Helene Lliat, pseud.

Economic history of the American people. Sonnet: When we that wore the myrtle wear the dust. In Harper's magazine, Jan. Twc sonnets: Love me no more, now let the god depart; The heart once broken is a heart no more. In Harper's magazine, Apr. Applied bLcteriology for nurses. Charles F. Bolduan W ; 10Mar5R; R Bread of heaven. Mother Coxon, translator. Catalogued research, by Luraetta Elsinore, pseud. Nineteenth century French plays. Elizabeth G. Borgerhoff W ; 12Jun5R; R The conversations of Dr. Selected from the Llfe. Edited by R. Shrimps for tea, by Josephine Blumenfeld, pseud.

La femme a 1'ombrelle. O ct30; AF Program choruses; complete choral material for every occasion. Glory place. SEE Healy, William. In Saturday evening post, Feb.

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Charles Brackett A ; 31Dec57; R Big rich. Ladies change. In Saturday evening poat Tune 7, 0 5Jua30; B Men are such brutes. In Collier's, Oct. Charles Brackett tA ; 31Dec57; R What have yeu? SEE Brecht,. Racine et Valery, notes our 'initiation poetique. Horse flesh. In Saturday evening post, Sept. Magazine article writing, by Ernest Brenriecke, Jr. Ernest Brennecke, Jr. Clark A ; 3Jan5R; R La vie d'Alaric.

Visa den hommes illuatres, no. O 26Sep SEE Heal y, William. Private letters, pagan and Christian. Foreword by Robert Saudek. Brown as a boomer railroad man. Charles P. Work and play cards for the pathway to reading. First reader. By Clyde A. Brown and Gertrude H. Clyde A. The Hammersmith murders, by David Frome,. The prime minister is dead. With introd. Lippincott's classics O on introd. Speaking of Farnsworth. In Colliers, Mar. Spring is not far behind. A turn in luck. Blond widow. Thomas S. There are too many women. In College humor, Feb. The children's book of religious pictures.

O 26Sep30; A27R The avenging ikon, by Charles Barry, pseud. Castle Gay. Bacteriology for students in general and household science. By Estelle D. Buchanan and Robert Earle Buchanan 3d ed. O 15Ju; ARR. Estelle D. Buchanan A ; 16Apr5R; R Lost courts of Europe.

Edited and translated by Oakley Williams. Death in a deck chair, by Milward Kennedy, pseud. The tomte of Kalmostrand.

Women and Material Culture, 1660–1830

In John Martin's book, Apr. Short akirte, by Rob Eden, pseud. O 13Feb30; A1R the Willamina Quilt Show (Sophies Kin & Quilt Book 2) the Willamina Quilt Show (Sophies Kin & Quilt Book 2) the Willamina Quilt Show (Sophies Kin & Quilt Book 2) the Willamina Quilt Show (Sophies Kin & Quilt Book 2) the Willamina Quilt Show (Sophies Kin & Quilt Book 2) the Willamina Quilt Show (Sophies Kin & Quilt Book 2) the Willamina Quilt Show (Sophies Kin & Quilt Book 2) the Willamina Quilt Show (Sophies Kin & Quilt Book 2) the Willamina Quilt Show (Sophies Kin & Quilt Book 2) the Willamina Quilt Show (Sophies Kin & Quilt Book 2) the Willamina Quilt Show (Sophies Kin & Quilt Book 2) the Willamina Quilt Show (Sophies Kin & Quilt Book 2) the Willamina Quilt Show (Sophies Kin & Quilt Book 2) the Willamina Quilt Show (Sophies Kin & Quilt Book 2)

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