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These types of souls possess only the four bodies of sin physical, ethereal, astral, and mental bodies. Unfortunately, their triune immortal Spirit is no longer linked within them.

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They live in the physical world, yet internally they dwell within the abyss. The human being becomes a demon when the psychological "I" attains absolute control of the four bodies of sin physical, ethereal, astral and mental , then the Innermost the Spirit withdraws from him When somebody who has a physical body enters into the abyss, the Antakarana, which is the thread that connects the fourth and fifth human principles, is broken.

Those inferior quaternaries which are separated from the spiritual triad become demons. When a soul is very perverse, the Spirit abandons that soul. These people without Spirit are demons.

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Therefore, when the Spirit definitively abandons the body, the person passes through death, even though he may still be physically alive. Then, the name of this Spirit figures in the book of the deceased.

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It was likely they would be defeated by this heart demon and fall into obsession. This was the reason why so many martial artists that fervently cultivated the demonic path would so easily fall to obsession, it was because they indulged themselves too much on carnal instinct that they would lose reason.

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Almost every martial artist had a heart demon. This was a heart demon, all-pervasive and perpetual. As long as a human held desires or fear, they would inevitably have heart demons. The evolution of the soul was followed by the manifestation of these heart demons.

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So, in order to step onto the peak of martial arts , one had to strengthen their determination and their own beliefs. This was because when climbing upwards to the peak of martial arts, they would have to encounter endless difficulties to begin with. Those that cultivate martial arts must have their hearts clear of distractions.

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They do not like to owe debts to others because they do not wish to saturate themselves with further karma. They had to straighten out their karma in the world; it was impossible to cut it off. A family might not be a burden to a martial artist, but it was a sort of worry.

When still young, he gave up his office job and decided to live by his pen. Having joined a group of utopian socialists, he was imprisoned and sentences to death in for revolutionary activity, but had his death penalty commuted to hard labour in Siberia. His experiences in prison and the army strengthened his already profound connection with Orthodoxy.

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