How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship

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2. Start small to get big.

Young entrepreneurs are among the largest segment of current entrepreneurs in the world. There are million early stage entrepreneurs, age 18 to 25, according to The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report. This large number of young entrepreneurs may reflect that most college-age entrepreneurs do not have children, spouses, mortgages, or other financial obligations to worry about.

In turn, university students have more room to experiment and navigate both the successes and failures of starting an early stage company. Some of the biggest disruptions in the tech industry were founded by college-aged entrepreneurs. Data indicates that more college-aged entrepreneurs are starting companies.

In , 16 percent of graduates went on to start companies after graduation compared to 5 percent in the early s, according the Association of Business Schools. We have seen more colleges direct more attention to entrepreneurial studies, but there can still be much improvement. Three-fourths of college students still indicate that they have no access to on-campus entrepreneurship resources, according to the Young Entrepreneurs Council. For universities to capitalize on helping student entrepreneurs and further improve the built in vehicle that promotes an ideal entrepreneurial climate, there needs to be a big push for:.

The series, which serves as the base for the show, is over.

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Skip Article Header. Skip to: Start of Article. Ambitious and Smart People College is by no means a prerequisite for starting a successful company, but there are a number of factors that allow it to give rise to startups. More Room for Risks University students also have a higher risk tolerance. ActiveCollab provides tools across the lifespan of work, ranging from task management and team collaboration to tracking and invoicing. For many small or startup businesses, the entrepreneur may be working overtime to ensure accounts are managed, invoices are paid, and hours are tracked.

These accounting programs manage these areas and more. As an online accounting platform, Xero users can access their accounts from any location or device. Freshbooks offers services including invoicing, expensive, time management, payment tracking, and reporting.

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Businesses looking to take advantage of search engine optimization can use this platform to gain insight on current rankings and find ways to improve them. This database style platform provides lists of targeted prospects and leads to help companies track their sales and marketing efforts. Rather than wasting your time sifting through unusable leads, why not use MatterMark to connect with relevant, high quality prospects?

Datafox helps entrepreneurs and sales teams manage the lifecycle of a sale to ensure prospective customers are being contacted at the right moments.

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Want to get a better sense of the parts of your website that appeal to customers the most? Use one of these website analytics platforms. Entrepreneurs looking to get a better sense of who is visiting their website and the most popular pages can easily install Google Analytics for their page. If your business offers a help desk or live chat function, these platforms are easily imbedded and provide a range of features.

For entrepreneurs with customer service platforms, Olark provides an online chat feature that can be imbedded directly in their website. Wondering what they think about your sales team? Create a survey on one of these digital platforms to find out. These highly customizable surveys allow business owners to create sleek questionnaires that can be taken on both computers and mobile devices. Unlike other analytics programs that only tell entrepreneurs what site visitors are doing, Qualaroo tells them why.

Young entrepreneurs are typically already strapped for cash while trying to pay for school and living expenses, and the idea of investing thousands of dollars into a start-up can seem impossible. Fortunately, there are many different scholarships and competitions available to college entrepreneurs. Some of the most popular options are highlighted below. NFIB sponsors the annual Young Entrepreneurship awards which provides varied funding for college entrepreneurs.

NTE offers a range of challenges and scholarships for emerging entrepreneurs looking to start their first businesses. This international organization provides the Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Program for business owners aged 21 to Spread over three different competitions, entrepreneurs at MIT and in the Greater Boston area receive money to start their ventures. The Burton D. Once a young entrepreneur has an idea and does their due diligence to ensure their venture has legs to stand on, the next step is to secure funding.

Whether planning to self-fund or seek out angel investors, this section helps entrepreneurs learn about different options available to them. Venture capitalists and investors are often on the minds of entrepreneurs, yet receiving funding from individuals and firms in this arena is a highly competitive process. Because the sector is so small, venture capitalists are often inundated with funding requests, and only truly unique, grounded, and innovative ideas receive a second glance. No longer relegated to Silicon Valley, business accelerator programs are perennially popular due to their ability to mature and solidify a business idea — while also providing funding — in a short amount of time.

Entrepreneurs are exposed to investors after building their pitch skills and receive seed money in exchange for equity stake in the company. While accelerators are typically found outside academic, PSU provides this innovative program for students to be mentored and receive funding while still in college. Whereas business accelerators are typically geared more toward giving startups the final push to maturation, incubators are focused on emerging ideas and new ventures. Their structures vary significantly, and entrepreneurs may find them offered as a physical space or a virtual program.

Because startups that go through incubators have a 90 percent success rate, entrepreneurs are drawn to them for good reasons. In addition to coaching, mentorship, and sharing of common resources between other incubating ventures, these programs often include the opportunity to work with investors and gain seed money in exchange for equity stake. InBIA has more than 2, members across the world and specializes in furthering business incubation and entrepreneurship.

5 Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Have

UBI Global provides this global benchmark report on the universities with the best incubation programs for young entrepreneurs. This innovative platform allows entrepreneurs to sell their ideas to potential clients in exchange for funding. Other businesses may elect to offer equity stake in exchange for money, depending on the funding level.

While other crowdfunding sites may be used for a variety of different funding reasons, EquityNet is exclusively focused on entrepreneurs.


Whether seeking a microloan or a large sum, small business loans are another option for entrepreneurs who need money to get their idea of the ground. Be warned, however, that this process can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming as banks are not in the business of high-risk investing. Also commonly referred to as bootstrapping, college entrepreneurs who are focused and disciplined often choose to self-fund their first ventures. Rather than answering to an investor or being required to expand the business in specific ways, boot-strappers can focus on organic, sustainable growth.

Because every penny being spent on the business comes from their own pockets, self-funded entrepreneurs also quickly learn the value of money and are motivated to move from red to black more quickly. In these instances, many young entrepreneurs turn to their friends and family for financial assistance. Entrepreneur Magazine has a comprehensive list of questions to consider before reaching out to pals or relatives for seed money. Megan Tsui, founder of women-focused business consulting company UnleaSHEd, offers her expertise on business ownership in college.

at Houston Baptist University

College is a terrific time to start a business because everyone wants to help you! I remember when my psychology professor taught me statistics, empowering me to analyze my store inventory and sales. They are all experts in their field, and having access to them is amazing when you need guidance.

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People also want to help you succeed! Alumni are typically very excited to work with students, and they can open doors that students could never even imagine. One of the biggest keys to success when starting a business in college is time management. Students already involved in numerous activities may find it unrealistic to also start a business alongside their academics. Additional keys to success include finding and working with mentors that have real-world experience. I also received a grant from St. Olaf through their Entrepreneurship Center to expand my business.

Many schools have endowments for entrepreneurship, and many have contests students can enter. National incubator and accelerator programs such as YCombinator are available for students to participate. Many college entrepreneurs have ideas for businesses but still need mentorship and guidance to get those ideas off the ground. Numerous colleges — including the University of Pennsylvania —have business incubators to help students bring ideas to fruition.

The incubation program at the Wharton School of Business is competitive, requiring student entrepreneurs to apply and interview before being accepted. The organization is active on a number of college campuses and is creating new chapters regularly. Depending on the type of business a student hopes to create, lots of entrepreneurship departments are able to offer students free space to get their ideas of the ground. The Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation at Michigan State University is an excellent example of university administration thinking outside the box in terms of entrepreneurial ventures.

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Since , the foundation has provided seed money to students in STEM disciplines who are focused on building those skills yet also have solid concepts for a startup venture. The Stanford Entrepreneurship Network is comprised of programs, student groups, and faculty members working to explore the field through various learning tools. Entrepreneurial and business-minded students at MIT have access to top faculty, world-class resources, and a range of pioneering programs to help them and their businesses succeed.

Students may elect to take part in a number of competitions or compete for prizes ; apply for the business accelerator ; take advantage of coaching from the Entrepreneurs in Residence; or join one of the numerous student groups devoted to entrepreneurship. Student entrepreneurs enrolled at NYU are immersed in a campus-wide environment fostering innovation and creativity, allowing them to take advantage of professional resources to help them grow a business.

Other resources include the 6, square food Leslie Entrepreneur Lab and the annual Entrepreneurs Festival. Stay up-to-date with Affordable Colleges Online. There are many Federal, State, Local, and Corporate initiatives that offer money to female entrepreneurs , in order to work toward fixing the gender gap and promoting equality in business —especially in STEM fields, but beyond them as well. Although a lot of this money goes to overseas businesses, some is reserved for women-owned businesses in the US.

Some centers give out small business grants themselves, while others will simply help you find local corporations or foundations that do so. Either way, make sure to check yours out. The projects should also aid racial, gender, and economic justice. This funding opportunity is for business owners who make and sell jewelry. Although open to men, women tend to be much more active in this industry.

Again, men are free to apply for this grant, but most of the former winners have been women. Many governmental grant programs focus on businesses owned by individuals who belong to a Federally-recognized Native American tribe. This Department of the Interiors grant provides funding to both tribes and individual mineral owners seeking to make use of those resources on Indian lands. If you own a health-related small business, you can use this grant to spread information and awareness of health and healthcare for minorities. President Obama began the Partnerships for Opportunity, Workforce, and Economic Revitalization Initiative to help communities hurt by the changing power industry.

Available to small businesses, the RBEG program offers funds for rural development—including, by not limited to, infrastructural development, working capital for startup businesses, purchasing equipment, and real estate development. Federally recognized Indian tribes are among the eligible applicants.

Indian tribes are also a major target demographic for these programs. Though not explicitly targeted towards small businesses, this grant initiative —like many others—includes Federally-recognized tribes among its eligible applicants. The MBDA has regular grant competitions for minority business owners, alongside a long list of other resources for you to learn from. However, to qualify you must already have programs in place supporting this goal. The program is limited to those initiatives that support Native American artists in Minnesota, North Dakota, south Dakota, and Wisconsin.

This program gives federally recognized tribes more resources to improve the economic influence of energy development in their areas. Finally, veteran-owned businesses are eligible to receive certain small business grants from the government, nonprofits, and some corporations as well.

These initiatives seek to give back to our troops for their service and dedication, and to support their entrepreneurial contributions. The Program , run by the Department of Agriculture, gives small business grants—as well as education, training, outreach, and other forms of support—to veterans and minorities looking to begin or expand their agricultural operations. The UPS Store ranked as the top participant of the Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative program in , and has a large number of its locations run by veteran entrepreneurs.

Similar to UPS and a number of other companies, 7-Eleven offers special benefits to veteran franchisees. Many small business grants are open only to businesses that have been operating for a few years and have an established product or service. Here are a few grants to start a business. To win, fill out an application, get 3 family reviews, and boost your odds with votes from customers! Apply today to get that easy capital. Here are some entrepreneurs, representing a range of industries, who received grants for their small businesses.

Our mission is to drive innovation and investment in the clean energy economy and empower consumers. The funding is enabling us to develop a revolutionary, peer to peer transactive energy platform. Using blockchain technology, this platform enables consumers, prosumers those that both produce and consume energy , and energy producers to trade and share energy, contributing to the clean energy future.

Bittylab is a baby product manufacturer based in Westchester, NY. Bare helps initiate, reinstate, and extend breastfeeding while supplementing. To see all the menus go to www. We used the money to promote our Sizzle Southwest Florida Restaurant Week event to people who live in cities surrounding ours. We mainly purchased radio air time. The goal of Restaurant Week is to encourage people to visit the best local restaurants during a normally slow time of year and help expose the people of Collier, Lee, and the surrounding counties to our amazing SWFL restaurants!

I own an event special occasion babysitting company and used the money to buy nursery pagers and create a promotional video. Additionally, I used the money to purchase toy inventory and pay for marketing. After receiving the grant four years ago, I am still reaping the benefits! A loan has to be paid back with interest, which can be tough on new businesses and businesses with cash flow struggles. Many of the same organizations which provide grants, such nonprofits and government organizations, also provide microloans.

All you have to do is create an account, pitch your product or service, and wait for people to donate to your organization. If you do crowdfunding, make sure to carefully read the rules because the platform usually takes a small cut of your money. The federal government guarantees SBA loans and works with banks to get these loans in the hands of small business owners. Just be sure to use them wisely, and try not to carry a big balance month to month. See Your Business Loan Options. Other financing options can work within your budget.

The majority of businesses launch and grow with traditional financing. Give us a call. Type below and hit Enter To search.

How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship
How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship
How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship
How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship
How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship
How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship
How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship

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